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Property Tax Freeze in PA

by Andrew Mangione – Thanks to the vigilant efforts of an AMAC member in Pennsylvania, AMAC leadership was alerted to a significant legislative battle taking place in the Pennsylvania State Senate that stands to impact seniors and AMAC members.

The “Senior Citizens Property Tax Freeze Act,” introduced by state Senator Robert M. Tomlinson, orders a freeze on real estate taxes for Pennsylvania citizens over the age of 65. If enacted, this bill would “freeze the amount of property tax paid by the claimant either in the tax year beginning on January 1, 2011, or in the first tax year during which the claimant first becomes eligible, whichever occurs later.” With already high property taxes on the rise, this legislation gives Pennsylvanians an opportunity to pay their property taxes at the current, lower level by simply applying for the freeze with the state’s taxing authorities. A recent poll on AMAC’s website showed that 57% of respondents favored a freeze on property taxes for homeowners who are 65+ regardless of their income, while 29% favored a freeze for just low-income homeowners who are age 65+.

Protecting seniors from the rising costs associated with owning property is a critical concern. While AMAC members in Pennsylvania take note of the events unfolding in their state legislature, we urge our members across the country to explore whether similar bills have been introduced in your states and to keep track of any legislation at the state level that stands to impact mature Americans and retirees. As an organization firmly committed to defending the interests of our members, we appreciate your continued awareness to the critical issues at the National level as well as the legislative actions taking place in your states.

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Raise the sales tax ano do away with school taxes. That would be more fair. If you are renting or owning, no matter, when you spend money you will pay a higher sales tax. At least that way you don’t have to come up with hundreds of dollars all at once. Then people who rent and have children in school would be paying the same as everyone else. Definitely the way it is now is not fair to seniors.

How do I apply for a tax freeze?

A freeze on Seniors is great for seniors but that is going to make it necessary to increase the taxes for the remaining property owners many of whom are also struggling to make ends meet. That will drastically impact the working lower middle incomes ability to stay in their homes. It’s time we stop playing around with the most inequitable form of taxation there is and do something about replacing it was a tax that is equitable. We have enough abandoned and blighted properties in our cities because of taxes that forced people out of their homes. Support HB/SB 76. Watch this simple video and look at a plan that has the support of 79 grassroots groups, 21 Senators and 69 House members. HB/SB 76: http://youtu.be/qle06alZcFA

How about cutting the taxes in half then freezing at that number since at age 65 we have all paid too much already

So rather than concentrating on lowering tax rates across the board for everyone, which would have nearly universal support from those of us that actually pay taxes, this bill seeks to create another “us versus them” situation pitting those home owners 65 and over against those under the age of 65. Is this really the best way we can go about uniting our country around the notion of broadening the tax base and lowering the tax rates? Age warfare is just as bad as class warfare. Both end up dividing the country against itself, while the politicians sit back and enjoy the ride. AMAC needs to re-think its support for this type of divisive tax reform agenda. All laws, including tax laws, are supposed to be imposed equally across all citizens. That’s what the Constitution of the United States is all about. When you start creating special classes of people… Read more »

I don’t know about other states, other than the little I see in the various columns/blogs. However, that said, Texas already freezes property taxes on homeowners age 65 and over, and has for quite a long time. Having known about this literally for decades, I never researched it’s history inTexas, never realizing it was not the “norm” everywhere. Now I will. Just another reason to stay here….. :-)

Terry Supports-HBSB76

Why hasn’t Senator Tomlinson made the seniors of PA aware of House and Senate Bill 76, The Property Tax Independence Act??? HB/SB 76 is pending votes in the House and Senate(ONLY 5 VOTES FROM SENATE PASSAGE RIGHT NOW:) This tax replacement bill will share the school funding load across all PA consumers and those working, NOT JUST PROPERTY OWNERS! The devastating PA school property taxes will forever be eliminated in exchange for a 7% sales tax on most things we buy and an Earned Income Tax of 4.34%. And for seniors, they only pay sales tax on what they buy. For business and home property owners, for the first time in PA history, they get to keep their homes from the big, bad school property tax wolves. HB/SB 76 is the people’s bill with no hidden strings! Learn more and get involved today at http://www.PTCC.us .

Senator Tomlinson knows better than to insult seniors with this lame crumb. HB/SB76 eliminates the school property tax for every property owner, uniting all Pennsylvanians in our struggle to recover within our own lifetimes.
Senator Tomlinson should be ashamed of himself for wasting what little legislative session time remains in 2013 with this slap in the face of any property owner with a brain and a high school education.

Another band-aid won’t resolve high taxes destroying senior’s retirement. HB/SB76 unties every property owner, young and old in Pennsylvania. HB/SB76 eliminates school property taxes for everyone in Pennsylvania.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…This is a good start. Kudos to those involved in making the changes. Hopefully more changes to help us keep our homes will follow.

If enacted, this bill would “freeze the amount of property tax paid by the claimant either in the tax year beginning on January 1, 2011, or in the first tax year during which the claimant first becomes eligible, whichever occurs later.”


How about no taxes after age 65, now that would be true liberty. Freedom to own the home you worked hard for. How many have had to sell the home they love because of taxes? Taxes that pay for government workers sweetheart pensions.

It should be across the board or not at all.

better than nothing. Much better would be to lower across the board or rescind

HB/SB76 eliminates the most debilitating of all property taxes. HB/SB76 eliminates the school property tax, not just for one group or another.

There is no true ownership of any thing as long as the government can take it away from you for not paying a tax on it.
There should not be any property tax.

Cheryl, that was perfectly stated. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The property tax is a burden on everyone who owns property in the state. What good does a property tax freeze do for those who are struggling to keep their homes at the current tax rate? HB 76/SB 76 are bills that already have a lot if bipartisan support and they would eliminate property taxes for all property owners. This would help to end the ridiculously unfair taxation that goes on in this state. I’m always told that we all need to pay our fair share. Lets practice what we preach and take the tax burden off the property owners and spread it around evenly to all PA residents. It will keep a lot of people in their homes that they have worked so hard to own.