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How Proper Lighting Can Increase the Value of Your Home!

proper lighting in a homeReal estate studies have shown that homes that are lighter and brighter sell quicker than those that are extremely dark.

The brighter house has more visual appeal, whereas homes which are dark and dull appear dated and gloomy.  For this reason, most realtors will suggest light paint colors to clients who wish maximize profits by repainting before selling a home.

Wall color – think sunshine!

According to WebMD, “A little color psychology may be just what you need to create soothing and productive moods.” Using the psychology of color, it is determined that some colors are more stimulating than others, and the darker the hue, the more pronounced the effect can be. “Reds tend to increase blood pressure and heart rate and stimulate activity.” If darker colors intensify effects, then lighter colors are certain to lift the mood. To uplift your spirits, choose pale wall shades to brighten your décor. If you’re comfortable with energizing colors, consider a pale shade of yellow. Use yellow sparingly and go light. Too much of the pigment is thought to promote anxiety. Light shades of blue are often considered most relaxing and soft shades of white can give a room a cathartic effect.

Window treatments

Remove heavy ones which darken the room. These dust catchers can contribute to allergy problems by harboring dust mites. Heavy drapes are often hard to open and close. They can make a room appear to be as dark as night. Many studies point to additional benefits of sunlight exposure. The Sydney Myopia Studyfollowed over 1,700 children living in Australia and found that the more time the kids spent playing outdoors, the less likely they were to have short-sightedness. While it’s a possibility that other variables could be responsible for the positive outcome of the study, some suspect a rise in dopamine levels in the human body from sunlight exposure is responsible.

Dopamine is an organic chemical which plays important roles in the brain and body. Dopamine is a reward chemical which makes you feel good and provides a positive boost to your bodily system. Just as our bodies need sunlight, our eyes may benefit, too. Lace curtains and simple window treatments which open and shut are ideal to let the light indoors. This is especially beneficial during the winter months when it is often too cold to stay outdoors for long periods of time. To save money, consider valances as a less expensive alternative to curtains. Use in spaces where privacy is not an issue.


It’s amazing to see how lighting can make a difference in a room. Bulbs can produce a wide variety of lighting performance. Here are some popular types.

  • Fluorescent bulbs provide a flat and cold light. It’s a close equivalent to daylight with regard to brightness. Its preferred use is in truly dark spaces, such as outdoors, or in basement and attics.
  • Incandescent bulbs are the most common. These affordable bulbs emit a warm and inviting light, however they are not as energy efficient as other bulbs.
  • Halogen lighting gives off the feel of natural daylight. They are often used under cabinets and for recessed lighting where switches can be dimmed. They cost slightly more than incandescent bulbs and burn at a higher temperature. Handle with care and do not touch the bulb with bare hands because the heat from the light and the oil from your hands can cause the light to burst.
  • Tungsten is a type of incandescent lighting using a bulb with a filament made of metal tungsten.
  • LED or “light-emitting diode” is a technology which is energy efficient. However, most only provide one-directional lighting.
  • CFLs or “compact fluorescent bulbs” last long and can be used anywhere, though they contain trace amounts of mercury. Use special care when handling and be sure to recycle.

To choose between various types of lighting, consider your space and which tasks you wish to complete in that lighting. Think design wise about the overall impression you wish to make on your space. If your home style is traditional, choose similar lighting fixtures to match your style and to bring out the best of your space. The great thing about lighting is that you can cheer up any dark corner just by adding a simple table lamp. You can also add drama and brilliance to any space with the addition of a chandelier. Head to a discount lighting factory outlet to find the best deals, or shop at your local home improvement stores.

Look for lighting which is being discontinued to maximize savings!   

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