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Progressive Democrats are Lost – More Each Day

progressive democrats

Progressive Democrats seem to be lost – more each day.  Meantime traditional Democrats – like Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Carter and Clinton – are all but vanquished.  Gone is the Democratic Party centered on America’s seminal values – individual liberty, personal dignity, free enterprise, due process, fidelity to moral conscience.  Republicans abide the values, but the Democratic Party is running from them.

Times are changing.  Progressive Democrats are yanking their party left, more each day.  If one doubts the shift in tectonic plates, the emerging reality, consult two dozen Democrat candidates for president – and their leftist platforms.  Headlines include suppressing individual religious, speech, property and commercial rights, taking control of production and distribution of medicine, energy, education, transportation, agriculture, water access, communication, and finance. 

They boldly propose federal seizure of health care, banning certain energy types (namely fossil fuels), rationing transportation (including air travel), payment for and federal control of post-secondary education (i.e. colleges), disallowing private control of key aspects of land, private streams and ponds, breaking up social media companies, dissolving major banks, and redistributing private wealth.   

They propose new taxes on income generated by the Trump economy, mandatory wage hikes for temporary employees (which raises unemployment and lowers mobility), curtailing Second Amendment rights (some argue “repeal it”), ending the Constitution’s Electoral College, reparations for crimes committed by people dead 150 years, legalization of illicit narcotics, seizing wealth from lifetime savers to fund those able but unwilling to work.  Their agenda leaves the average, hardworking American dumbfounded; it drifts toward Marxism. 

Worse, First Amendment guarantees fall fast in this Brave New World.  Already, progressive Democrats have been unmoved by violence against conservative speakers on college campuses, untroubled by state hostility to and suppression of religious freedoms, content to have national media push socialism (subverting journalistic independence), and always quick to take offense – dismissing dissent in emotional terms, like racist, sexist, bigoted, misogynist, or hateful. 

This week comes a new and remarkable turn.  The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, via their Congressional Progressive Caucus, issued a policy shift:  Anti-abortion Democrats are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party.  They will not be funded.   Pro-life Democrats are to be denied funding and will face pro-abortion primary opponents – funded by the party.  As Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) declared last Friday, “You can’t say you are a Democrat … if you’re against abortion.”  Well, that settles it, I guess.  The Progressive Caucus is pressing “strong primary challenges” against “pro-life” Democrats.  You might ask, with friends like that who needs enemies?  More seriously, what is happening to the Democratic Party? 

Look deep and you may see signs of the future.  Lockstep is now required – a scary turn.  With respect to abortion, traditional Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains or any other Americans of conscience who oppose abortion are unwelcome – and more, will be actively opposed by the Democratic Party.

The shift left is accelerating, strangely un-American and talismanic.  Ten years ago, such views would be judged extreme.  Progressive Democrats today nevertheless force a stark choice on those who would serve the nation – as Democrats:  Be who we say, or you are not a Democrat.  

So, here we are – in an Orwellian world where government control is pushed as the paramount good, socialism somehow sublime, conformity required, dissent disciplined, media subservient to ideology, individualism condemned, and those of conscience – who abide a moral code – told to check it at the door.  Deeply wrong, that is how all this strikes me.  

In a world dominated by Progressive Democrats – or oppressive autocrats – anyone with individual beliefs is an opponent of progress, apparently.  In the new Democratic Party, they are political roadkill, as means justify ends.  As 2020 rushes on, good luck Joe Biden.  Good luck to any Democrat with sensibilities like those of Truman, Kennedy, Carter or even Bill Clinton. 

The truth is sometimes hard to fathom, and arresting.  Progressive Democrats are lost, blindly convinced of their rightness, as socialism always is.   What they do not see, and may not until after 2020, is that America is here – not in the pucker-brush.  America is where we have always been, in the middle – after Trump, middle-right. 

One curious footnote:  Intolerant Democratic leaders might pause to note, according to recent national polling, more than 60 percent of Democrats still favor “considerable limits on abortion.”  How about that?  In the next cycle, they may have to be Republican.  Either way, Progressive Democrats are off track, their hard-left turn oddly out of sync with American history.  They seem sorely lost, and more each day.

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If the author views his list of past Democrat Presidents, with perhaps the exceptions of Kennedy and Truman, as good Presidents the Democrats should be looking to emulate, then unfortunately the author knows very little of history. As for today’s modern “Progressives”, their idols are Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Pol Pot and other luminaries of the socialist / communist movement. In order to defeat an enemy, you must first know the enemy and from at least this article, it is pretty clear the author does not. Does anyone really long for the days of Jimmy Carter and gasoline rationing, a depleted military and double-digit inflation? Does anyone really long for a needlessly dragged out and exasperated Great Depression, where the crisis was leveraged by FDR to greatly expand the power and reach of the federal government into all aspects of the economy at the time to stifle several economic recoveries… Read more »


I have watched over the years, worked with many lefties in HHS 35 yrs and saw the difference in how “business” was conducted depending who was in the WH. Actually what I observed over the years was controlling, degenerative, “we will do as we please” mentality; with the newer generation democrat, the instability is no longer hidden but right out in the open and we are seeing the disturbed verbal and physical actions condoned and pushed by Obama, the first Marxist/racist/antisemetic and very narcissistic president who showed his true colors once he got the WH podium to push his Marxist agenda. He gave permission to the DNC to bring their disturbed, hateful philosophy to the surface and we are seeing and experiencing it in its full glory….the “progressives” who are actually professing modern-2019 “communism”. Now they have exposed themselves, including ignorance in the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, et al,… Read more »

Paul W

It’s precisely this reason that we can no longer find common ground. Meeting “in the center” would now be way off to the left. No thank you. With very few exceptions, bipartisanship is completely off the table. Once again we are approaching arguably the most important election in our country’s history. Without control of the presidency, the House and the Senate, the possibilities go from bad to worse. A virtual stalemate, like we are currently experiencing (at least legislatively), or being overrun with socialism. Not one DNC candidate would do anything less than far bigger government and high taxes and crippling regulations. That would be their “centrist” candidates. The rest are just full blown communists. No other way to say it. We have to keep the presidency and the Senate and take back the House or we’re cooked. It’s just a matter of well-done or seared.

Brenda Blunt

Since the Democrats are feeling this way, perhaps they should move to Venezuela!

Richard Wildhirt

I’d like to grab those traditional Democrats and tell them to stand their ground. Don’t let the socialist crap that’s going on today sway them. The trouble is those traditional Democrats will not tell you they’re traditional Democrats. They’re hiding, and I don’t blame them. We need to encourage them to jump ship and come over to the conservative side.

Lauren R MacArthur

The so-called traditional Democrat politician never truly existed. They simply took great care to convince their constituents that they were the party that supported the values of “individual liberty, personal dignity, free enterprise, due process, (and) fidelity to moral conscience.” They are no longer putting on the pretense….they blatantly push for conformity, government control…and…no matter how they deny it…..socialism.


The uneducated are the pawns of the socialists and believe that socialism is good. Goodbye USA, we no longer recognize ye.

Carol L. Baril

Leftist have always been about conformity! Tyranny is social justice and fascism is socialism!

Stephen Russell

Todays Dems are Lost,No future,No Vision save Socialisim cure, & Govt Run everything, & Raise Your Taxes after Pres Trump kills tax rates? Do U want that?
Old Dems are ignored or go Conservatives

Bo Dalton

It is not OK for America to tolerate anyone in our society with the mindset of the extreme left socialist Democrats running for for President today. Our freedom is being eroded as tho the ChiComs have come ashore armed and attempting our extinction. We need to round them up “NOW” and drop them off in the middle of the night in China, so they can be reeducated!

Neal Christensen

Sixty percent of Democrats may not be pro-abortion, or may not like what the party is becoming, but come election time they will still vote for the candidates their party puts forward because they just won’t be able to vote Republican; they’re Democrats after all. And so, they will enable the slide of the party into socialism.


And then, there is the main-stream media!

Don D. B.

If not Stopped, the the DEMONRATS will soon totally destroy the United States through their Constant Lies (Hitler Tactic) and complete control of the main (Lame) stream media!!! Everything they do now is done solely to be re-elected AND never at their expense but by all tax paying American Citizens!

David Campbell

If you hate The United States of America, vote for democrats.

Earl "Rob" Roberts

Hello, My concern is that a huge percentage of our population is uninformed due to the fake news media. How can we overcome this obstacle? I think we should have a rally in Washington DC on the mall like has never been seen before. Millions of good thinking people getting together to show our purpose here in the best place to live on earth. They won’t be able to ignore us and some will join us. Let’s start our revival meeting to educate the masses. We as conservatives are “happy people” unlike the socialists who are either sad or mad. Let me know how I can help our cause. Thank you!


this comes as no surprise as Progressivism is little more than the lipstick on the pig of Socialism. The conflicts internal to the theory of Progressivism that it will perfect the government and the voters by those in command that are certainly not perfect and showing each day that they are in less touch with reality can only result in the Progressive movement collapsing on itself. The end has started with Black, Hispanic and various religious voters turning their backs on the Democratic Party do to a lack of making their collective lives better. The Dems should have remembered that ” BS walks ” and that’s exactly what’s happening,

General Patton

America citizens will teach these Cultural Marxists a lesson in November 2020

The OLD Warhorse

We have certainly allowed leftist professors and teachers down to the elementary level to warp the minds of our kids. So sad to see. This actually could be the last election held in this country unless ALL of us Americans get out and vote, AND encourage everybody we know that thinks like us to get out and vote too. IF Trump is not re-elected, I fear the election after that will have but one candidate; the lovely Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.

Bob L.

Truman was probably the only one called “traditional Democrat” in this article, all the others were Progressives to varying degrees with Kennedy maybe the least radical. Unlike now, they worked the agenda much quieter than those today, not wanting to stir up the public.


Please stop calling them “Progressive Democrats”. It’s time to be honest. They are the SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST Democrats. PC is for the lying media…