“We Are The Pro-Life Generation”: Reflections from the 41st Annual March for Life

By – Peter A. Finocchio

Yesterday, the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, tens of thousands gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and marched to the Supreme Court building to show their solidarity for the unborn and others impacted by abortion. The March for Life has been held each year on the anniversary of the landmark ruling since 1974, the year after the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. I had the opportunity to attend this year’s march. Two things struck me by surprise. The first was how massive the crowd was. Never had I seen a rally this large. The Mall was crowded, and whichever direction I looked, I could see nothing but a sea of pro-life demonstrators. It took over three hours for the entire crowd to walk to the Supreme Court. The second surprise was the youth of the movement. In the sea of protestors, the most common face was that of a teenager or young adult. The average age at the whole rally could not have been more than thirty, and the plurality of these were high school or college students. Hundreds held signs that bore the words “We are the Pro-Life Generation.” By the looks of the rally, they meant it.

AMAC member Carol Presler from northern Virginia told me that she too was impressed with both the size and the youth of the crowd. “This is my third time coming to the March for Life,” she said. “And the crowd is bigger and younger than ever. The energy I saw today has given me hope.”

At the end of the rally, dozens of men, women, and children gave personal testimonies about how they were affected by abortion. This was the most powerful part of the event. Among these were mothers who regretted their abortions, fathers who wept for their lost fatherhood, and former abortion-performing doctors who mourned for their victims. A doctor who had performed more than 1,200 abortions realized after the death of his own child that what he was doing wasn’t simply a medical procedure. A mother wept when she recalled telling her daughter on Mother’s Day that she had a sister, and asked for her daughter’s forgiveness. A man recalled going to Planned Parenthood with his girlfriend for actual parenting advice, only to be persuaded by them to abort the child. “You are too young,” the ‘specialist’ told them. Another woman had also had the decision forced upon her. “This wasn’t my choice!” she cried. A woman recalled being driven to the abortion clinic at age seventeen and crying. A week later she had attempted suicide. Another begged the doctor to stop the procedure, only to have been told it was too late. Mothers spoke along with their daughters and sons. Each of them had named their aborted child. Born and unborn, these were real people whose choice had impacted them in real, irreparable ways. They vowed to be silent no longer.

For decades, pro-choice advocates have slandered those who oppose abortion as “too extreme” on the issue. Once thought to be on the electorate’s fringe, now nearly a majority of the American people label themselves pro-life. A full 84 percent favor significant restrictions on abortion. Only 9 percent endorse “abortion on demand,” including only 17 percent of those who actually consider themselves pro-choice. Sixty-eight percent oppose the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions. Those who champion the cause of life have gained enormous ground and are continuing to do so. The youth and energy of yesterday’s rally has convinced me that this is indeed the pro-life generation.

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Becky Leighty
5 years ago

As has been mentioned in many of the other comments made on this subject of abortion in 2015, I am so heartened to see so much more support for the unborn now than there used to be. Several years ago I counseled at a prolife clinic. At that time, the choice of abortion was much more commonplace. Now, thankfully, the pendulum is swinging in the other direction and both young women and young men are finding the whole idea of ending the innocent life of a precious human being entirely dependent on its mother’s womb for its existence completely unacceptable… Read more »

5 years ago

I was at the March for Life 2 years ago and was also amazed at the crowds and the young people who participated. It was bitterly cold and snowy but that didn’t keep the marchers away. This march continues and will continue until Roe vs. Wade is abolished. We will not go away. We will fight for every person’s right to live and be born as God decreed. We will not stop!

Kevin Seitz
5 years ago

Maybe today’s young adults are realizing that preventing unwanted pregnancy is far better that killing babies.

5 years ago

1) It baffles me that people are trying to get legislation through for “PAIN-FREE EXECUTIONS” and yet they are hesitant to prohibit abortions which inflict pain on the fetus?!?

2) Can we wonder why our citizens looking to adopt a baby have to go to foreign countries and are subjected to outrageous fees and demands?!?

3) I also don’t understand why ‘intelligent’ people think that they have the right to take another life through abortion, and I wonder what their feelings are towards capital punishment?!?

Roger D
5 years ago

Isn’t it wonderful to see our young understand that love is better than hate and that life is better than death!
Perhaps there is hop for the future of our Nation.

5 years ago

Most women are responsible when it comes to becoming pregnant and are prepared well in advance for the new life they are carrying. That said, there are those women who become pregnant not by choice as in due to being raped, drugged and assaulted or by some other means where the woman has no choice. Should these women be forced to carry an unplanned fetus to term the end result being a child who very well may be unwanted, unloved and possibly even mistreated or worst case, killed? Then there are those women who have child after child all with… Read more »

5 years ago

While many far right folks are a million times better than the Muslim extremists in actions, they are real close in concept. “What I believe to be good and true, you must listen to, and obey. What I deem not good and evil, you must not be allowed to do. And, of course, the famous, “I speak for god”.. Anyone care to tell me the difference as a conceptual thing? If you feel abortion in any situation is wrong, then work just as hard to promote intelligent sexual behavior, provide money and time for adoptions, and get off your holier-than-thou… Read more »

5 years ago

To All of the pro-choice crowd. You are exactly right about having been given choice by your creator. It is also your right to exercise your choice in any manner you so chose. Here is where it gets sticky. After you make your choice, the consequences of your choice are no longer yours to choose. The more bad choices you make the less freedom to choose you end up with. As God gave you the freedom to choose he also will judge you on the choices you make. If God views abortion as murder (which i’m betting he does) I… Read more »

Richard Butler
5 years ago

I totally agree with Patrick Stafford’s comments. Additionally, of course this the “pro life” generation. They get all sorts of government dole to help raise these babies all at the expense of the tax payers. In Illinois single mothers are almost paid to breed. Governments have NO money until they take it from the taxpaying citizens first. Sorry if this offends anyone, but check it out.

Michael Diamond
5 years ago

Do you intend to give equal time to the Pro Choice movement, or have you just voiced your political opinion, as an organization with no chance for rebuttal, in the manner of Al Sharpton?

Father Deacon Michael Bishop
5 years ago

This was my first time attending the March and I also was overwhelmed by the number of young people. I was moved by many things, one of which was the elderly man who had a sign decrying the child that he lost through abortion. I was deeply impressed by the love shown to me by my fellow clergy and religious and by regular lay people. It was also wonderful hearing some of the familiar hymns from both the Orthodox and the Catholic traditions. What both Fr. Thomas and I found disturbing is the fact that we did not see any… Read more »

Robert Qualls
5 years ago

It’s way past time for the Supreme Court to reverse itself on Roe v. Wade and send the issue back to the states, where the lawmakers are still fairly close to the people, and in most cases, still part-time as the Framers envisioned and we have some chance of getting them to listen.. Obviously nothing real will ever get done on the Federal level, where even something as mild as banning abortion after 20 weeks (over halfway here and indisputably fully capable of feeling pain) is killed by RINOs before it can ever even be brought to a floor vote.… Read more »

Patrick Stafford
5 years ago

As a true conservative, I will never understand how anyone believes they have the right to tell a woman she must carry a child to term. This goes against every freedom bone in my body (not to mention the Constitution) that others dare to think they have the right to make decisions for someone else or that they will ever or even should have that right. This issue is no one’s business except that of the woman carrying a parasitic fetus. what she does with it is solely her choice. It is so presumptuous and preposterous for anyone to basically… Read more »

Gary A. Gahan
5 years ago

Life begins at the exact moment of conception when the sperm penetrates the egg and multiplication of cells begins and there has not to the best of my knowledge been any scientific evidence yet to refute that fact. There was a purpose in God’s greater plan that a woman would bear children. Of course being a man other than providing the germination of the “seed” (egg) in a woman I would be clueless as to the task of childbearing. However, I do not believe that God ever made it his intent to allow mankind to become the sole judge and… Read more »

Lauren Kermode
5 years ago

I am thrilled to hear so many young people are now part of the pro-life movement but if you have never seen this large gathering on the mall, you missed the 9/12 march that Glenn Beck organized several years ago. there were over a million people there as estimated by the Washington DC Park Service. We walked because we are pro-life, Pro-Constitution and anti-Obamacare. the marchers crossed th demographic and include many, many health care workers who marched in their scrubs.I am heartened by this continued show of support for our unborn.

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