Pro-Life Centers: Gov’t Is Forcing Us to Promote Abortion

pregnant pro-life promoteThe state of Hawaii has adopted a policy that essentially targets faith-based pregnancy centers. It says they must promote family planning services that the centers do not offer.

So-called limited service pregnancy centers — meaning clinics that do not perform abortions — must display written notices informing clients about contraceptive options and instructions on accessing a government website. While the law does not specifically mention abortion, it does require pregnancy centers to provide information about pregnancy-related services offered in the state.

“It should concern all of us that a state can force pro-life pregnancy centers to advocate for procedures that undermine their very reason for existing,” Sarah Kramer, a digital content specialist at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), wrote in a blog post. ADF is a conservative Christian nonprofit headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Lawyers at ADF filed a lawsuit this week on behalf of a Christian pregnancy center operated by Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor. ADF also represents a network of pregnancy care centers with five Hawaii affiliates.

“Americans should always have the freedom to think and speak without fear of unjust government punishment,” ADF legal counsel Elissa Graves said in a press release July 12.

Meanwhile, “Supporters of the bill say it is intended to protect women by providing them fair and complete information on pregnancy options,” Hawaii News Now reported.

The Hawaii state legislature approved Senate Bill 501 on May 4 — and the legislation became law July 12 after gubernatorial inaction.

“Hawaii has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services, including, but not limited to, all FDA-approved methods of contraception and pregnancy-related services for eligible women,” reads the notice centers are required to post.

In addition, centers must inform clients: “To apply online for medical insurance coverage that will cover the full range of family planning and prenatal services, go to mybenefits.hawaii.gov. Only ultrasounds performed by qualified health care professionals and read by licensed clinicians should be considered medically accurate.”

The religious liberty law firm assisting the Hawaii clinics has also filed suits against similar laws in California and Illinois.

In California, the law requires “a licensed covered facility … to disseminate a notice to all clients … that California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services, prenatal care, and abortion, for eligible women.”

In 2016, pro-abortion advocates with the group NARAL pushed to require two pro-life pregnancy centers in California to include information on abortion in their promotional material.

“The reproductive health of California women shouldn’t be subject to the whims of extremist anti-choice organizations and their rabid lawyers,” Amy Everitt, state director of NARAL Pro-Choice California, said in March 2016.

Christian crisis pregnancy centers in the Chicago area are fighting a similar battle.

“For years, the abortion lobby has preyed on women and girls to generate profits,” said ADF senior counsel Kevin Theriot.

From - FaithZette - by Leah Jessen

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The pregnancy centers are in the family planning business not the abortion clinics. And, by the way, why should I with my tax dollars pay for a choice that a woman and man has made in getting pregnant (out of wed lock) in the first place. You make the choice to sleep around you pay the consequences-not me.

I don’t blame you one bit!!!! These pro-choice centers are taking advantage of both the women and tax payers for money, not because they care about the woman and her unborn child…..it’s business as usual. That is so sad and sends the wrong message to young women who were not “thinking” when they became pregnant (out of wedlock) and don’t want the baby, and it;s only telling them, “it’s okay”, we’re here to get rid of it for you. They should teach WHY and HOW not to get pregnant and to take good care of their bodies instead of having an abortion that can cause physical and emotional damage to them. Also, how about the guilt the woman may carry with her after an abortion, because she got rid of a human being even before it could have a life. Who speaks for those unborn babies who might have felt… Read more »

Uh, the discussion here is about pro-life centers, not pro-choice.

Yes, but article is suppose to be making the point that pro-life is getting a hard time from the government, while anti-Parenthood clinics are not. The government is leaning more toward abortion and less toward pro-life. It is not a healthy cultural trend.

Now the government wants to take away our religious beliefs against abortion and make us advertise for business for their abortion clinics. If an organization is not receiving government funds and is not participating in illegal activities ( such as drug dealing, human trafficking,murder, prostitution, etc…) the government should not be involved in telling them what they can or cannot promote.

this is really disgusting and if upheld, our nation will no longer be a democracy.

Hate to burst your bubble, but the USA is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. Find a dictionary and look up the differences between the two.

Merriam webster: Definition of Democratic–Republican. : of or relating to a major American political party of the early 19th century favoring a strict interpretation of the Constitution to restrict the powers of the federal government and emphasizing states’ rights.

By 1792, opposition to the policies of the Federalist Party was growing. Led by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826), critics of the Federalists banded together to form the Republican Party . They were also called Democratic-Republicans or Jeffersonian Republicans.

Is there reciprocity,here? My question — as a matter of fairness — is do abortion clinics have to inform pregnant women of thire options for carrying the baby to term?


A very good question, Carissa, but I’m afraid we already know the answer. The good old American
double standard prevails, as usual.

It would seem to me once a woman is pregnant there are only two options, carry to term or not. Pro-choice clinics offer options on how not to get pregnant, pro-life clinics do not.

Using the licensing process to force faith based pregnancy centers to promote contraception and abortion is a violation of the 1st Amendment. Hopefully this terrible decision by the Hawaii state government is overturned in court!

Pro-choice clinics do not ‘advertise’ abortion. Instead they ‘educate’ on the pre-pregnancy ‘choices’ women have available to them. The pro-life clinics, on the other hand, offer only one choice, carry to term no matter the consequences to either the baby or the mother.

No generality is worth a damn… including this one.

Does this law mean that abortion clinics /Planned Parenthood facilities will have to post information on their websites about the availability/location of pregnancy crisis centers in the area? After all, if women have the “right” to know about all the options, isn’t having the baby a “choice” also.

Ever since Roe v Wade having or not having the baby has been a woman’s choice. Pro-life clinics don’t see it that way.

I am blown away with the State of Hawaii. Maybe because Obama was born there or not? If we do not value human life
in America we are no better than the UK whose government is ordering the killing of a baby that their socialized medicene
does not want to spend money on to help or let him come to the US for help. I understand women want to have rights but
where is the responsibility factor of not getting pregnant in the first place or being responsible if you do. Why does everyone else have to be responsible even if it is not their belief. I am tired of being told I have to support causes I do not want to be a
part of. Hogwash!!!!

Getting pregnant isn’t always a choice. If a woman is raped or a child sexually abused they are victims and should they become pregnant as a result it should be their choice and their’s alone to carry to term or not.

Speech is free in this country, but no one has to do something just because they hear about it. Because a person does not believe in an action does not mean that it can not be spoken about or written about. If the law is being stated as an option, so be it. We all pay for lots of things through out taxes in which we do not believe.

Since when is the government allowed to force religious organizations to violate their principles? ‘It is not the function of the government to keep the citizens from falling into error; it is the function of the citizens to keep the government from falling into error’ – Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

Right on! Now, how do we get the foxes out of the hen house? Can Trump drain the swamp?

Perhaps if pregnancy centers have to list abortion as an option, abortion clinics should have to list the fact that abortions carry risks – bleeding to death, sterility, depression, etc. Turn- about is fair play – they’d each have to list something they’d rather not!

Pro-Life Centers are just what they are-Pro-Life! They should remain Pro-Life! No one should make them offer abortions! That’s not what the Pro-Life movement is all about! I’d like to know just what part of gov’t is forcing this upon us. Who do we contact in order to stop this nonsense?

Everyone is entitled to know all their legal options. I am pro-choice for that very reason. Abortion is a very personal decision and there can be many many factors involved in that decision. But the final decision should be the patient’s decision.

Barb,. While I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in, I find it interesting that all your responses have been right down the abortionist list. The responsibility of pregnancy is on the two people having sex. If you are honest with the information, abortions are done as a form of contraception in most cases. There may be a very few done for cases of rape and incest. The point is, if you decide to have an abortion, you should pay for it, not the government. Honestly, do you think Planned Parenthood is offering people the option of carrying to term or adoption? Also, is abortion really family planning or is it more about being single?

That is a great point Deb. I am sure that would stir up some objections!!!!