privacy-wristbandThe recent invasion into our bathrooms and locker rooms by the Federal Government is a violation of our Human Rights!

Since people became civilized, our personal privacy has been cherished and guarded as one of our most important rights. Everyone knows this.

Except for President Barack H. Obama.

By directing the Department of Education to force schools to allow people of the opposite sex to use whichever bathroom or locker room they feel like using, he has overstepped his authority and has assumed dictatorial powers.

Congress enjoys only limited enumerated powers and the President has absolutely no ability, according to the Constitution, to pass laws by himself.

Yet his administration continues to issue edicts and regulations that fundamentally change our way of life and take away our individual liberty. Whether the issue is illegal immigration, religious freedom or the I.R.S., President Obama has completely ignored the Congress and the checks and balances that are part of our Constitution, and taken it upon himself to assume dictator-like powers.

This time he has gone too far!

And AMAC is going to do something about it.

We are leading a massive public display against this insane rule. To show our displeasure and to support those who feel the way we do, we are sending free wristbands that have the word PRIVACY imprinted on them to anyone that requests one.

By wearing this light blue band, you are standing up to the abuse of power by our government.

If we let the administration get away with this, it opens the door to even more control over our daily lives by an out of control bunch of government bureaucrats.

Display your disapproval of this abuse of government power – and specifically your support for privacy and safety.
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