Weingarten Report Ep 30: Democrats' Useful Myth of Moderate Merrick Garland

Posted on Monday, April 18, 2022
by AMAC, Ben Weingarten

In recent weeks the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats have seemed to turn up the heat on Attorney General Merrick Garland, livid over his purported softness on January 6th. What’s behind the long knives seemingly being out for the AG? Is the rhetorical assault on him rooted in genuine philosophical differences, and aimed at pressuring the supposed centrist to act? Or is this a ploy aimed at making Merrick Garland’s radical acts look moderate? Ben explores this issue in a new Weingarten Report.

URL : https://amac.us/newsline/society/weingarten-report-ep-30-democrats-useful-myth-of-moderate-merrick-garland/