UFO Update: “Something Far More Profound” - UAPs

Posted on Monday, June 14, 2021
by AMAC Newsline

As AMAC Newsline has reported recently, the U.S. government is slated to produce a highly anticipated report in the coming weeks detailing what it knows about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAPs), or what is more commonly referred to as UFOs. Now, in a new interview with the Washington Post, the former director of the Pentagon’s UAP identification unit, Luis Elizondo, is offering a preview into what details might be revealed.

 Elizondo outlined three possibilities: The UAPs are either (1) secret American technology; (2) foreign adversarial technology; or (3), in his words, “a different paradigm completely.”

 Elizondo says the Pentagon’s report will definitively state the observed phenomena are not American technology. This seemingly puts to bed a variety of “conspiracy theories” that there have been secret departments in the government that have withheld the existence of these technologies from other parts of the government.

 Likewise, Elizondo eliminates the possibility of foreign adversarial technology. The only two plausible adversaries would be Russia and China.

 As many experts have pointed out, the observed objects are highly unlikely to be Russian technology. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States and Russia shared a brief “honeymoon” period where they shared a great deal of intelligence. It turns out the Soviets had been observing the exact same phenomena Americans had. Moreover, Russia’s military is mostly Cold War-era hardware. It is difficult to imagine that Russia could possess technology not just more advanced, but in Elizondo’s words, possibly “a thousand years” more advanced than our own.

 It is similarly unlikely that the technology is Chinese. Communist China has engaged in technology theft from the West for decades, making it difficult to conceive how they could already possess technology so far beyond our own capacity. As Elizondo pointed out, China has also established its own UAP task force and is attempting to “lead this conversation at the United Nations.” And just the other day, former DNI Ratcliffe also confirmed that neither Russia nor China possess these technologies.

 That leaves the third possibility, what Elizondo characterized as “a different paradigm completely.” He confirmed something that many in the UFO community have long suspected—that UAPs seem to appear most often around nuclear facilities and large bodies of water. The Russians, he says, have observed the same.

 Elizondo described four “distinct unique observables” of UAPs.

 The first is hypersonic velocity, which means they can travel at Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound) and faster.

 The second is their ability to instantaneously change direction. According to Elizondo, the average human can withstand 9Gs of force (nine times the force of gravity that we experience at sea level), and some of our aircraft can operate at 16Gs of force. But, he said, some of these UAPs have been observed making sudden, instantaneous moves that would exert 300-600Gs in mid-flight. To give a sense of perspective, Elizondo used the famous SR-71 Blackbird. Traveling at 3,200 miles per hour, if that plane wants to make a right turn, that “takes roughly half the state of Ohio to do it.” In other words, being able to travel at hypersonic speeds and make instantaneous 90-degree turns is far beyond our technological capabilities.

 The third observable is what Elizondo called “cloaking,” and the Pentagon calls “low visibility.”

 Finally, the fourth observable is “trans-medium” travel, which means the objects can travel just as easily, without any apparent loss of function, through both air and water. They’ve been picked up not only by radar on aircraft but on submarine sonar as well.

 When it comes to the nature of the technology at work, Elizondo said that quantum physics had vastly expanded what we understand to be the possibilities of the universe. When it comes to UAPs’ incredible speed and velocity, he opined, “We know that the universe is full of shortcuts and loopholes.”

 Elizondo is convinced, he said, that the technology at play is “several generations ahead of what we consider…beyond next-generation technology. Something that could be anywhere from fifteen to a thousand years ahead of us.”

 Day by day, as the release of the government’s UAP report approaches, more and more strange details are emerging. Each one makes it more difficult to explain away the possibility that the phenomena observed are something truly out of this world.

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