Three DIY Easter Centerpieces

Posted on Thursday, April 1, 2021
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

There is nothing more welcoming for a table than a pretty Easter centerpiece. Forget buying boring and typical flower arrangements. Instead, let your creative juices flow by making your own one-of-a-kind colorful Easter table centerpiece.

Idea #1: A chocolate Easter egg arrangement:


Instructions: Take a clean pretty pot, decorated if desired, for a plant. Fill the inside with Styrofoam pieces. Meanwhile, brush the skewers with a green food coloring mixture. Let dry. Place the pointed skewer into the bottom of the chocolate egg and secure the opposite end of the skewer into the Styrofoam, using hot glue if needed to help secure it to the Styrofoam. Continue filling until it looks like a flower arrangement. Place it on the table and away from a heat source.

Idea #2: A Robin’s Nest table arrangement:


Instructions: Arrange pieces of hay on a pie plate in the shape of a bird’s nest. Then, lay the Easter eggs inside the nest. Place arrangement at the center of the table. For added drama, make several arrangements in varying heights. 

Idea #3: A fishbowl Easter display:


Instructions: Arrange the jellybeans in the bottom of the fishbowl. Make a little well in the center for the battery-operated candle, or place the ceramic bunny on top.

Many parts of these beautiful centerpieces, minus the chocolates and jellybeans, can be reused from year to year and are also cost-effective. Creating these special showpieces is an entertaining and rewarding way for you to put your own decorative spin on your holiday table. And, who knows? They may someday become valuable family heirlooms!