The Swamp Geniuses Overestimate Themselves, Again: Obama Visits the White House and Manages To Make Things Worse

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2022
by Tammy Bruce

AMAC Exclusive – By Tammy Bruce

This week the White House hosted former President Barack Obama for an event announcing what can only be described as an expansion of Obamacare. You have to hand it to him that the Democrats remain committed to slouching us into the disaster of Single Payer. But catastrophes are their specialty, and another story emerged from that event shining a klieg light on just how much trouble the Democrats are in, and why.

It’s no secret Barack Obama has never liked Joe Biden. Politico reported during the 2020 presidential primary that Obama told a fellow Democrat, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.” That has, unfortunately, become true. One thing is for sure, Obama’s presence in the White House for the event in the East Room was treated like the Beatles appearance on the Lawrence Welk show. Various congressional members and other invited guests were fanboys and girls. And he didn’t mind, not one bit.

But as guests swirled around Obama like water around a drain, something else became painfully apparent. No matter what you think of Joe Biden as president the treatment he endured at that event was not just appalling, but as the world watched, dangerous as well.

The Obama White House event ostensibly to promote Obamacare could easily be interpreted as a public Mean Girls-type of ambush. The geniuses that delivered the catastrophe of the Afghanistan withdrawal thought it would be a good idea to signal the world during a time of war and economic tumult that Joe Biden was no longer president, as decreed by Barack Obama. He was treated inconsequentially as a lost ghost on the grounds.

At one point as attendees were gathering around Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden was seen literally turning in circles looking for anyone with whom to speak. After throwing his hands up in clear confusion and frustration, he walked away perplexed at having been abandoned.

Things only got worse from there. After deciding to not wait to have someone include him, Mr. Biden then approached Mr. Obama as he was glad-handing a throng of fans. Kamala Harris had morphed into the Velcro Vice President, stuck to the (ex) president’s side. As she stood next to Mr. Obama, basking in his celebrity warmth, Mr. Biden gingerly approached from behind. Within earshot, the president could be seen saying (or pleading?) “Barack, Barack…” If they heard him (they did) no one turned around and no one acknowledged his presence.

Mr. Biden then dived in for the ‘can’t be ignored’ option of putting his hand on Mr. Obama’s shoulder. Alas, even that didn’t work. Obama paid no mind, as one would ignore a fly landing on your shoulder. Or nose.

Ms. Harris’ behavior was equally disgraceful. She never turned to acknowledge her boss as she continued to gaze up at Mr. Obama reminding an observer (me) of the looks girls would give Elvis in “Viva Las Vegas.”

Live news coverage and video clips shared around the globe displayed the astonishing and shameful images of the president of the United States being ignored and shunned in the White House. Politicians have their fights, but to have American leadership perform such a degrading spectacle in public is a sign of the wheels coming off the cart. To the detriment not of the swamp but of the American people.

Starting with the 2020 campaign, analysts and commentators noted that Joe Biden appeared cognitively incapable of not just being president but of engaging in any significant situation. And what’s not significant when you’re president?

Mr. Biden would not have been elevated to the presidency—by hook or by crook—if leadership including Mr. Obama had not signed onto the scheme. Knowing of the swamp’s narcissistic over-estimation of itself, it’s likely they were sure they could manage the presidency by committee and bureaucracy, faking it until the 2024 election.

But like everything else they’ve done, they were disastrously wrong.
Mr. Biden hasn’t suddenly turned into someone else. His basement campaign mode made it clear he was incapable of much. He’s the man the Democrats knew he was and is. And that’s exactly what suited their purposes. The Ron Klains, Susan Rices, and Barack Obamas of the world knew they would be in charge. The bureaucracy felt that it could run the country because that’s what they gloriously tell themselves they’ve always done.

Then the unthinkable happened. The Democratic Party’s feckless incompetence and their bizarre reliance on marginal leftist extremists for policy prescriptions coughed up international catastrophes and domestic disasters. Yet do not worry they assure themselves: Joe Biden is the problem, what else could it be?!
Mr. Obama walked through the East Room as though he was still the president, and was treated as such. At one point in his remarks, he referred to Joe Biden, the actual president, as the vice president. Pulling a Biden, he seemed confused at first when he noticed Ms. Harris, and then finally remembered what the plot was.

As we and the world burn, the Democrats did not think twice about an event at the White House confirming that the president of the United States is an inconsequential man to be ignored. We already know how Russia and the Taliban have responded to that. Now we wait to see just how inspired China, Iran and North Korea are.