Spring Cleaning 101

Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

The spring season is synonymous with rebirth and renewal; hence as we move out of winter, spring provides an opportunity for us to refresh and revitalize our homes. The term spring cleaning generally relates to the annual practice of clearing away clutter, deep cleaning, and organizing. Some claim that the desire to spring clean is simply an established ritual of westernized countries, while others believe they are moved to do it based on biological impulse. No matter what the motive, many people find it deeply satisfying to get their homes in order come springtime. There are three main hurdles involved in spring cleaning:

1) Do I like, need, want, or use this item?

2) Is it worth the space it’s taking up?

3) Does it take too much of my time and energy to maintain?

4) Is it valuable or sentimental?

5) Do I have doubles or triples that I’m not using?

Items that are not liked, needed, or wanted should be let go. The same rule applies to things that are not used or valuable, or sentimental. Items that are duplicates, those that take up too much space, or things that absorb too much energy to maintain should also be “released.” That means that those items should be sold, donated, regifted, discarded, or recycled. As many professional organizers explain, it is impossible to organize clutter. So be selective about what to keep. If your home is hard to clean because you own too many things, that is a big sign that you need to sort through things and let stuff go. Get the help of a professional if you have emotional attachments to non-sentimental items or face physical roadblocks.

Spring cleaning is a general term for getting one’s home decluttered, cleaned, and organized come springtime. It relates to the season of renewal and new life. Just as birds prepare their nests, humans also seek to get their own “nests” in order. The spring season is a time of awakening after a long winter. Increased hours of daylight provide newfound energy to get things done. Regardless of whether it’s rooted in nature or tradition, the impulse to clean seems to hit many of us who are hungry to get our homes in tip-top shape. For guidance, it’s a good idea to create a room-by-room to-do list or print a cleaning and organizing checklist already created on the internet. Lists provide order, help to establish a task timeline, and ensure that no details are forgotten. Happy spring cleaning!

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