Sara Carter - What the Biden Administration Did Was “Gut-Wrenching”

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2022
by AMAC, John Grimaldi
Sara Carter

“I’m certainly not going to let the crazies run the funny farm. I’m going to stand up, and I’m going to fight for my country, and I’m going to do it the way our Founding Fathers asked us to do it. That is by going out, going to the ballot box, speaking out, standing for truth, and not being afraid to stand up to those people that want to take it from us. Whether that’s China or Russia or whether that’s people within our own government who are changing those principles and trying to alter the future of this country. It’s going to be up to every one of us. If we don’t fight for it, nobody else will.”

That’s how veteran war correspondent, investigative reporter, and Fox News contributor, Sara Carter thinks we can restore our country. Carter sat down recently with Rebecca Weber – CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens – in a recent episode of Weber’s Better For America podcast to provide an inspiring take on how we can overcome the challenges that torment our nation today. 

Sara Carter was among the first newswomen to face the dangers of covering a shooting war serving for some seven years as a correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan. She shared her authentic notion on the wide-ranging Biden-borne predicaments America faces today. As she put it, “What I’ve seen happen to our media and what I’ve seen happening in our country…is frightening.”

For one thing, the president’s arbitrary withdrawal from Afghanistan was “gut-wrenching,” she told Weber. “It felt like somebody kicked me in the stomach,” considering that her husband is a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghan wars. 

Biden “turned over Kabul to the Taliban, and armed the Taliban with over $80 billion in US military equipment…We endangered the lives of our servicemen and women who were there. We endangered the lives of the Afghan people that stood by our side, some of them who fought. I watched Afghan men and women spill blood there to fight for the ideals and principles that our nation stands on.”

To be sure, Vladimir Putin and Communist China’s President Xi were watching and coming to a conclusion that “This is the time to seize power, to expand our power geopolitically across the board.” Certainly, she suggested, it emboldened Putin to attack Ukraine and Xi to expand China’s presence in the West.

Concerning our national crisis at the southern border, Carter reports she will soon be on her way there to cover the massive surge of illegal aliens seeking entry into the U.S. She specifies that it is “a direct threat” to our national security, not just because of their enormous numbers but because it provides cover for terrorists to infiltrate their ranks.    

“If you get a bunch of people from Syria or from some other part of the world, they’re considered special interest aliens. So, if I get a bunch of people coming across and I really don’t know where they’re from, I really don’t speak their language, they’re not carrying any identifiers on them, I can’t hold them, I can’t send them back because where am I going to send them to? Do you know what they do with them? They let them go with a report, a notice to appear.” In no time, they are hiding out with no intention of “appearing” any time soon.

As for the growing numbers of entry seekers, she explains that groups of 200 to as many as 700 illegal immigrants are crossing the border in Star County, TX alone. Carter said “I used to think, is this just terrible policy?  But now I’m like, no, they want this to happen. Yeah, they want it…It seems the Democratic Party and others want a big new voter base.”

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