Political Pundit Tim Young Says ‘Good Morning to Everyone Besides Liz Cheney’

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2022
by AMAC, John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 9 — Political commentators, for the most part, are born without a funny bone. Comedian Tim Young is a different story – he has the ability to make people laugh, think and make choices. As he put it some time ago, when discussing politics, “rather than explain it at the complex level many of these ideas are at, I can break it down with a couple of jokes. I think people are more likely not only to listen but to actually remember it.”

When introducing Tim on her Better For America podcast, Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, described him as “a voice of reason and persuasion, a columnist, and a thought leader.” Young is regularly read on the pages of the Washington Times and hosts his own high-profile show [called Let’s Drink Bourbon]. You may have also read one of his books that are laced with much-needed humor.  

Commenting on the audacity of Congresswoman Liz Cheney [R-WY], who recently compared herself to Abraham Lincoln, Young said, “I know your members are old, but they are not old enough to necessarily have lived through Abraham Lincoln. They are old enough to have had actual history classes and actually studied what happened in American history. And for someone [like Cheney], at this point in our history, to declare themselves similar to someone like Abraham Lincoln or even like George Washington is so insulting, honestly, to anyone with any bit of intelligence or knowledge about history.” Young also pointed out how Cheney had made this comparison after losing by 37 points, calling it “such an out-of-touch thing… I mean, how you can lose by 37 points and then come out and give a speech that you’re going to run for president [and] compare yourself to Abraham Lincoln. It is just insane, right?”

Young touched on the popular subject of President Trump declassifying and taking documents with him when he left office and the subsequent FBI raid on his Mar a Lago home. He stated that a president has the authority to declassify documents and “If he wants to go on TV and put the nuclear codes out there, he can.” Young learned this from policy and legal experts recently and although he knows Trump did not do this, he made note that he could simply take a box of classified documents out of the White House. “By implication, it’s declassified because he did it. He did not do it that way, though, and everything was under basically lock and key. I mean, he is secure there in Mar a Lago [where] he is protected by Secret Service. So, when you look at this, I’m not sure what is going on here other than, again, not to use Trump’s own words, but it really seems like just another witch hunt. There’s no justification for it.”

Young also expressed his own take on the controversial Critical Race Theory [CRT] and its dishonest progressive influence on the recall of American history. “When you talk about CRT, everyone, is a victim,” he said. He recalled a conversation with a friend about comics in the eighties and nineties. “Right off the bat, we were talking about prominent African American comics. The top three were Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, and then Arsenio Hall…They were in every movie, they starred on television. If you listen to the progressives, it never happened, we never had prominent African Americans in our society. That’s how the left [promotes] CRT among dumb people who don’t ask questions, dumb people who don’t move forward.”

In conclusion, take a peek at Tim’s most recent Twitter posts – an example of his humor and how he makes one think – both on the Left and on the Right:   

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