More Organizing Mishaps & How to Avoid Them

Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Organizing one’s household sounds easy, right? At times, it’s not. Here are three common organizing boo-boos that folks tend to make – and easy, clever fixes!

Scenario #1 – You go to a container store and buy lots of products to organize items. However, when you get home, you are utterly overwhelmed. You don’t know how to best use them or where things should go.

Answer: Generally, the more things we have, the harder it is to get and stay organized. Thus, it’s vital to weed out items that a) you don’t need b) you don’t want c) you don’t use. Always organize by space and start small (with one closet for example) before undertaking larger projects. Take inventory of what you have and what you want to organize. Always measure your space and research ways to contain items before purchasing organizing products.

Scenario #2 – You offer to host a holiday gathering, but your work schedule leaves little time to organize your slightly messy home. Now you regret your decision. What should you do?

Answer: When time is tight, ask for help from family members or close friends, or hire help if needed. Focus on the rooms in which you expect to entertain, rather than the entire house. Eliminate clutter by gathering up items that a) don’t belong in that space b) are not wanted or needed c) take up too much room. Do a quick deep cleaning, mainly focusing on surface areas such as floors and counter tops. And clean frequently used rooms such as the bathroom. If time is tight, consider ordering food or asking guests to bring dishes rather than preparing everything yourself to take a little pressure off.

Scenario #3 – You tend to oversleep, and mornings evolve in chaos. What to do?

Answer: It’s important to rule out medical causes for oversleeping. Perhaps there is an underlying condition, or physical or mental stress is at the root of the problem, thus seeing a doctor is key. However, in many cases, people oversleep because they are not getting the proper amount of sleep each night. Additionally, being off schedule or keeping late-night hours can interrupt circadian rhythm, the internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. If you tend to oversleep, it’s important to get adequate hours of rest, to go to bed the same time every night, and wake up the same time every morning. Organizing is also key. Do what you can the night ahead, such as laying out your clothes, showering, setting up the coffee maker, putting your briefcase by the door, and so forth.

Staying organized is within everyone’s reach. Weeding out non-useful items, putting thought into organizing design and products, asking for help, and organizing ahead are largely beneficial. These wise practices can ultimately save you money, time, and energy, and put you on the road to organizing success. Check back again next week for more top tools and tips!