Missing Presidential Seal Symbolic of America Under Biden

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022
by Matt Kane
Presidential Podium with out of service sign

Last night, Joe Biden delivered another fear-mongering speech directed at the majority of the American people. These days, the Democrat playbook revolves solely around deflecting attention from their disastrous government – of which they control two of the three branches of – while simultaneously attempting to connect and blame any form of strife or conflict on President Trump and his supporters, no matter how outrageous a reach it may be. The one visible difference between this speech from his others where he attempts to do much of the same, was the absence of the presidential seal on the podium he stood behind. While this may seem insignificant, it is yet another example of how out of the ordinary many aspects of this administration have been. But most importantly, the missing seal is symbolic, as it represents the United States of America missing a true President.

Surprisingly, determining truth when members of this administration (particularly Biden) speak is not all that complicated. The gaslighting conducted by this government is unlike anything ever experienced in American history. Narcissists get sloppy when they believe they have won. They are so infatuated with their ways that they truly believe that everybody will simply accept their words at face value. If you find yourself realizing that the accusations they place on groups other than themselves actually describe their actions, you are not crazy or imagining things. That is exactly what is happening.

Biden quickly attempted to tie the recent events at the Pelosi residence to January 6th. He attested that “an enraged mob was whipped up into a frenzy by a President” contesting the results of an election, repeating the almost 2-year-old buzz term “The Big Lie.”

The issue with this stance is that countless DEMOCRATS have contested election results in every election they have lost in the 21st century. Democrats had constitutional rights to object to those elections, just as Republicans had the same rights in 2020. In fact, Republicans had a far greater claim to object than Democrats had when they chose to do so. So, when “The Big Lie” is referenced, it is important to understand much evidence now exists that would prove the Democrat’s “Big Lie” is the actual big lie.

Biden stated that even before January 6th, people involved in the election process received death threats. But in the aftermath of the 2016 election, presidential electors lives were threatened when they did not cast their vote for Hillary Clinton, despite then President-Elect Trump’s victory.

He followed this claim by saying “The extreme MAGA element of the Republican party is the minority of that party.” Yet, Trump sports a nearly perfect endorsement record, while anti-Trump Republicans such as Liz Cheney lost their own primaries by historic margins, which contradicts Biden’s claim.

His rant concluded by chastising those who have not committed to blindly accepting the results of the midterm election. In doing so, he is attempting to intimidate MAGA candidates into accepting the results before one could even determine whether there are any instances of voter irregularities in an election not yet completed. Republicans do not demand this prior commitment from Democrats, because it is completely illogical.

As this article has outlined, Biden tends to speak outright lies and frame them as absolute truth. So that begs the question: Is Biden preparing a narrative that those who constitutionally question election results are threats to the nation, because he is aware of plans to make this election unclean? We will get the answer to that in a week (or longer according to Biden). It remains to be seen, but if history is any indicator, assuming there won’t be any Uniparty attempts to affect the outcome would be foolish.

Biden sounded afraid when giving this speech, but why? He was awarded the presidency during the last election, why is he so concerned with it, if his claims of an attempt to overthrow democracy failed? Perhaps he sees recent court decisions deeming many of the voting laws (which led to many of the irregularities in 2020) to be unconstitutional, potentially hindering plans the left had been banking on to deliver them a victory.

Maybe he fears the ensuing decision in the Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper could deem the way elections were held in 2020 as unconstitutional. It is impossible to read the mind of Biden, I think he would even tell you that. But what is clear is whenever he musters up the energy to give a prime-time address, he usually unsuccessfully attempts to hide the plans of the left behind the facade that Trump and his supporters are actively trying to ruin America, which is exactly what he and his group of swamp associates are doing.

In his inaugural address, Biden said he would be a uniter and has since become the greatest divider of any president in American history. Never has a president directly targeted a group of his political opponents as staunchly as Biden has towards Trump and his supporters. From his first moments as president, Biden has said one thing and done the opposite. America has not had a true example of a President since January 20th, 2021, at 12:00 PM, when Donald Trump’s term expired.

The presidential seal is a symbol of American pride, prestige, and exceptionalism. Since Biden has taken office, America’s border, economy, military, morale, and reputation have all been destroyed. The missing seal from Joe Biden’s podium was noticeable, but fitting because America is missing its president.  

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