Lighting up the Yard With Solar Lights

Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
solar lights

Solar lights take light from the sun or another source and produce electrical energy. They are made up of four basic components to include a photovoltaic solar panel, battery, control electronics, and the light fixture itself. Outdoor solar lights are a cost-effective lighting source as compared to traditional lights. Not only is the installation easy and less costly but they are also more economically efficient to run. Another great bonus is that they are environmentally friendly as compared to kerosene or candles and there is less risk of fire or burns.

The development of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights reduced the capacity needs for solar panels and batteries. This allows solar lights to be more compact and use less energy than other types of lighting. Outdoor solar lights are portable, often sold in sets of four or eight, and are great for lighting pathways. Some come with extra replacement bulbs or batteries. When solar lights receive the manufacturer’s recommended hours of sunlight, they generally work very well. In addition to sunlight conditions, consumers should check out the nightly run times as well and wintertime operational performance. Bear in mind that the easiest to install are self-contained and only need to be placed in a sunny location to work. Others have lights which are separate from the solar cell panel and may be less convenient.

Solar lights are excellent to use outdoors where access to electricity is limited. Outdoor solar lights, particularly landscape lights, can be staked into the ground. This waterproof lighting can be used to line patios, driveways, and walkways, or be placed in gardens to accent landscaping. Consider your brightness requirements, for example, whether the lighting is needed to illuminate a pathway or simply cast mood light. Different styles offer unique features such as adjustable designs, triple heads, auto on/off functions, or motion sensors. In addition, these budget-friendly lights are available in a variety of finishes to include stainless steel, black, or pewter, and more, and the glass can be clear, colored, frosted, and even cracked for special effects and aesthetics.