Inflation Reduction Act-A Boondoggle of a Bill

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2022
by AMAC, John Grimaldi

One thing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will not do is reduce inflation. According to Dr. Kevin Roberts, Ph.D., president of The Heritage Foundation, it is a “boondoggle of a bill” that will have a decidedly negative financial impact on seniors, working class, and middle-class families.

In an interview on the Better For America podcast with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, Dr. Roberts said that with endorsements from leftist organizations such as AARP, the effect of this new law will be terrible and long-lasting. It’s “a giveaway to so-called green companies, companies who might be engaged in energy sources that 40 or 50 years down the road are sweet-sounding and sort of fun, but they make our cost of living higher.”

He pointed out that in the days leading up to the passage of the bill, Democrats kept telling us that its purpose was to deal with the unprecedented inflation that came with the election of President Biden a year and a half ago. However, “since its passage, almost all that messaging has turned to how great this is for the environment, for so-called climate change, for the so-called Green New Deal. This is but a small down payment on AOC’s real price tag for her ideal Green New Deal, which she said would cost $10 trillion, basically over half of America’s gross domestic product … This bill is designed not to fight inflation. It’s not designed to help seniors or any Americans with their medication. It is designed to reorder America so that we simply don’t have access to reliable sources of energy. Why? Because it is the agenda of radical socialist members of Congress whose numbers are increasing to change the way we live.”

For that reason, in particular, he said it is important that we get out and vote so that, come November, we make sure conservative candidates are elected — men and women with a positive, ambitious governing agenda to actually deal with inflation. We need to take power and money from Washington, DC and return control to the American people.

“That’s what The Heritage Foundation exists to do every day. We love AMAC as partners because you have the same mindset. We must get back to common sense. I believe that we are going to galvanize public support against the legislation and against those who voted for it. It’s important that we not lose hope, if we can, in this election cycle and the next and put into office men and women who have fiscal common sense.” Dr. Roberts believes in his fight and the people. He believes that there is still time “to save this great republic.” He further thanked AMAC for the work we do for our great country and was grateful to be a part of Better For America. “I just want to encourage people not to despair. While our window of opportunity is narrow, it’s there. We just have to have the political courage to take advantage of it,” Dr. Roberts concluded.

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