In Georgia … Conservatives Must Vote

Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2020
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

These are the days that test our hearts.  America is at an exhausting political moment – one putting everyone who cares about the future ill at ease.  Against this backdrop, two Senate run-off races remain in Georgia. They are vital, yet voters are fatigued, untrusting of voting machines, skeptical about the electoral process.  That said, conservatives in Georgia – MUST vote.

As evidence mounts – in state after state – of electoral irregularities, lawsuits continue to be filed, with tight timeframes. A flurry of lower court dismissals, superseding complaints, proffers of new evidence, and stage-by-stage appeals is occurring.  The endgame is a Supreme Court ruling.  But people are tired.

Rightly so, as the onset of rabid anti-Trump sentiment – four years ago – was followed by 2020’s COVID hysteria, sudden economic dislocation, assignments of political blame, violent race riots, then “defund police” and socialist movements in streets, and finally an ocean of mail-in ballots – another first – generating higher levels of doubt in this presidential election’s outcome than any in memory.

After all this, Republican believers in the Constitution, electoral process, institutional preservation, and the role of the US Senate in stopping a runaway leftist Administration, House and Senate from remaking America overnight – are asking all Georgia conservatives, and anyone who believes in preserving a balance of power in the country, to vote.

For some, this is proving a hard sell.  Why should weary, overwrought, Georgia voters bother to turn out, again trusting their vote will count, when doubt surrounds the process?  Why should they think that, in a moment of great peril, they can stop the socialist juggernaut?

Answer:  Because their vote does count and will this time be properly counted – in view of the intense national scrutiny on this race, electoral process, machines, and those overseeing runoff elections.  More to the point, Georgia conservatives are America’s last real chance to stop an unchecked radical agenda.

For much of the country, this is a time to reflect on what matters, hope on truth, veracity, and timely disposition of the many cases before our courts – and perhaps a major ruling from the Supreme Court.  To be clear, these cases are not frivolous.  They are being filed under intense time pressure, reflecting difficulty in gathering, vetting, and presenting evidence to fully support charges of mis, mal- and non-feasance before constitutional deadlines pass, to allow the Supreme Court a shot at this case.

For Georgia voters, however, the target is more clear – more well-defined, and in some ways as important as the presidential stakes.  These two Georgia Senate races will determine whether America’s checks and balances work – in a critical historic moment – or whether we will tire of trust, lose the stamina to defend liberty, fail to preserve the power balance that blocks socialism and court packing.

All concerned American eyes are on Georgia now, and this appeal is for patriots in Georgia to rally, trust that your vote counts, fortify each other, remember what is at stake, remember that no amount of regret will ever balance the scale if it tips hard left.

Vitally, this the time to believe – to believe in the American Constitution, sanctity of the electoral process, significance of your vote, and power to change the future, or preserve it against radical change.  Leading constitutionalists agree and are making this appeal. See, e.g.,

Remember:  One of the tools socialists use is fear and disillusionment.  They work – through propaganda and ceaseless false prophesies, to depress voters, convince them to sit down, stay home, give up, shut up, and resolve themselves to the inevitability of socialism’s repression.  That is how it works in China, worked in the Soviet Union, Soviet dominated Eastern Bloc, today in Cuba, Venezuela, and other “socialist paradises.”  Our mission is to be Americans, never quitting, never failing to believe in our Constitution – and never failing to step up for the rights enshrined in that document.

So, if you are looking on from afar, encourage those you know not to lose hope, heart, or determination.  If you are in Georgia, redouble that conviction and try to convince others to do the same.  Rarely has so much depended on so few.

When this runoff is done in January, may we all look back and thank the steadfast, undeterred, fearless, freedom-loving conservative voters of Georgia.  Then, in Winston Churchill’s immortal words, we may be able to look back and – for now – say “never was so much owed by so many to so few.”  Truly, these are the days that test our hearts.