How Technology Helps Dementia

Posted on Friday, August 4, 2023
by Jenna Picascio
How Technology Helps Dementia

You might be wondering how technology helps Dementia. Technology can play a major role in Dementia care. Many different technologies can aid in the life of someone who has Dementia. Between assistive technology and general technology, there are many ways to utilize it.

The simplest form of technology that most people have access to is a smartphone or tablet device. There are a plethora of apps already downloaded on your smartphone that can help to assist with memory problems and daily activities.

How Technology Helps Dementia: Automated Prompts and Reminders

There are many options available to you for automated prompts and reminders. Some can even include a voice recording made by one of your family members or friends.

  • Motion Detecting Devices – sensors or pressure mats that can play pre-recorded messages depending on where you place them in your home.
  • Reminder Setters – these play messages that are set to specific times, like reminding you to take your medication. The calendar app on most smart devices can also be used to set reminders.
  • Remote Access on Devices – You can grant shared access to loved ones and friends to your smart devices. That way they can set reminders for you on your behalf.


How Technology Helps Dementia: Clocks and Calendars 

A variety of clocks and calendars are available to assist you with knowing/remembering the date and time. Electronic clocks can display the date, time, day of the week, and whether it’s morning or evening. There are plenty of options for clocks on your smartphone or tablet, and they can be set up for your specific needs. There are even clocks that can talk to you!

How Technology Helps Dementia: Medication Aids

Remembering to take your medication at the right time is important, but when you have dementia, this simple task can require some assistance. Here are 2 ways that technology can assist you with taking your pills:

  • Traditional Pill Boxes
  • Automatic Pill Dispensers – These can be pre-filled by a family member or friend. Once it is prefilled, the container will lock. It will set off an alarm and dispense your medication at the proper time every day. That way, there is little chance that you forget to take your medication or take too much/too little.

How Technology Helps Dementia: Locator Devices

Many companies, such as Apple, have “tags” that are used to locate important items. They can be used to locate your car/house keys or even your wallet. These tags are either connected to an app on your smartphone or tablet device and can tell you where to locate your item. Some of these locator devices will even sound off an alarm to alert you as to where the item is.

You may not find a need for these devices at the onset of dementia, but as you progress, you will find them more and more helpful. Technology can be such a helpful tool in your everyday life, and I encourage you to find out how it can best suit you and your needs.  

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