Five Easy Steps to Refresh a Tired Wardrobe & Project Confidence

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Most people enjoy dressing smart and stylish. Women especially want to feel good about themselves and what they’re wearing but are often critical of themselves when looking in the mirror. This negative practice needs to stop. Rather than be critical, think positively and look for what works in your wardrobe. Is blue your best color? Do metallics make you feel happy? Do you like to layer clothing? Whatever it is, it’s important to accentuate what feels right. However, buying new clothes is not only expensive and time-consuming, but it is also challenging to find quality clothing made to last. Instead of shopping, try experimenting with what you already have and try wearing things in new ways. Here are some clever steps to make a fashion statement and project confidence wearing items you already own – without having to break the bank!

First – Shop your own closet and start with a solid base. Select your favorite top and bottom in matching or complementary colors – whether it be your favorite shade or neutral base. This will give you a solid blank canvas to begin with, and to build style upon.

Second – Add gusto to that base by using colorful accessories. Examples include adding a bright scarf, wearing bold vintage or statement pieces of jewelry, or incorporating your favorite crossbody bag to your wardrobe. The latter is a fun accessory that is made with one long strap that crosses the body, leaving the bag section resting at the front of the waist. Not only are crossbody bags useful for storing phones, wallets, keys, and lipstick, but they are a fun way to add style. Or, add a big belt to add interest.

Third – Think bottom to top. Consider what style of footwear works best with your outfit. If you’re preparing to walk long distances, trainers with a slight wedged heel can comfortably elevate your wardrobe. Or, if you’re going out to dinner, perhaps choose some heels with bling to make a dramatic statement. If it’s raining, consider wearing the shiny pair of galoshes you stashed in the back of your closet. The choices for footwear are endless. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, for example wearing trainers with a dress or boots with leggings. Also, lookup. Might a hat or headscarf you own add interest to your outfit? If so, go for it.

Fourth – Layer for the weather. You can easily change the look of your wardrobe by adding a vest, sweater, jacket, shawl, cape, or coat over your base outfit. The idea is to play around in front of the mirror to get the ideal look you seek. Dabble with fun and stylish materials such as lace, leather, faux fur, feathers, satin, silk, waterproof fabrics, and more. Consider adding protective elements for the outdoors, such as sunglasses and fashionable umbrellas that can enhance your look.

Fifth – Make sure your makeup is suitable for your wardrobe. Good makeup can make or break a look. If you are sporting bright colors, keep the makeup elegant yet toned down and natural. If you are wearing a solid color, such as all black or white, a statement lip, eye, or cheek can work magic. However, it’s best to play up one single facial feature rather than a bunch to avoid looking over-made up.

Women don’t need to go broke buying new clothes to exude style and confidence. Instead, refresh a tired wardrobe by mixing and matching things you already own to create new combinations. Then add fun and fashionable statement pieces, think head to toe for design, try layering with exciting materials, and finish your look with suitable makeup. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Being fearless, bold, and self-assured in one’s choices are important keys to elevating style.