"Don’t Say Disney!"

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022
by Tammy Bruce

AMAC Exclusive by: Tammy Bruce

Today’s far-left extremists are unabashedly undoing the monumental achievements of all of America’s civil rights movements. For those of us who identify with those legacy civil rights movements what we’re seeing from today’s Democrats and malignant left is shocking and unacceptable.

We are watching unfold in front of us, like a slow-speed train wreck, the destruction of 100 years of Americans working for and demanding genuine civil rights and equality for the disenfranchised: people of color, women, and homosexuals. We believe in the American dream, and we know its reality relies on every American being able to participate in this magnificent experiment of freedom and self-government.

Yet, today’s so-called progressives (they’re actually Marxists) desire, advocate and teach open racism. They advocate and promote the erasure of the very concept of what it means to be a woman. And after decades of the ignorant accusing gay men and lesbians of being interested only in sexualizing children, the far left is openly arguing the same thing by insisting Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law ending sexualized instruction and ensuring parental rights for little 5-8 year-olds in public schools, is somehow an anti-gay plot.

A few weeks ago I alerted you to the Democratic agenda, in which they were targeting the Florida law as an assault against gay people. This effort is now the perfect example of a hoax hate crime. The law has nothing to do with homosexuality, but the malignant narcissists on the left, they couldn’t help but make it about them. This explains so much about the destructive and inexplicable Democrat agenda.

First, Democrats and their allies fabricated a slogan to cast the bill as the “Don’t Say Gay!” bill and the compliant media went to town. Much as they did with Jussie Smollett’s hoax hate crime claims and the equally as false and absurd “This is MAGA country!” hate crime sloganeering, the lie became the point. Both scenarios are literally unbelievable, disprovable, and present as a frenzied fantasy in the mind of indoctrinated and burned-out leftist activists. And both are meant to manipulate the feelings of well-meaning people, exploit concerns about fairness, while promulgating misery and pain for Democrat and leftist financial and political gain.

Parents are the natural and legal moral arbiters for their children. To conflate the gay community as universally opposed to parental rights and strangely interested in discussing sex, gender, and sexuality with toddlers is an affront to everything the gay civil rights movement was about. All our civil rights movements were based on demands to stop government interference in our lives and to not be considered criminals because of who we are. Every civil rights movement was about being treated fairly and equally. As Americans first.

Now, this frenzy on the left has exposed an iconic American institution—Disney—as having fallen deep into the leftist rabbit hole of wokeism. As someone who grew up in Southern California and enjoyed being a yearly pass holder for the park, this devolution is heartbreaking. Disney has been a great company and for generations has been a significant part of American history, entertainment, and childhood. This is a company worth saving. But in order to do so, we must face what’s happening as well.

In the midst of the artificial gay outrage over the Florida law, Christopher Rufo, an investigative reporter who has made his name exposing the extent of critical race theory in schools and corporations, revealed he had obtained a video of an internal Disney meeting about the issue. He tweeted, “SCOOP: I’ve obtained video from inside Disney’s all-hands meeting about the Florida parental rights bill, in which executive producer Latoya Raveneau says her team has implemented a ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda’ and is regularly ‘adding queerness’ to children’s programming.”

The Federalist reported on the Rufo scoop: “President of Disney General Entertainment Karey Burke spoke just as openly about her plan to force her own sexual agenda on the eyes and ears of young children… In another apparent reference to Florida’s law protecting 5-year-olds from sexual grooming in schools, Burke added, ‘Perhaps had this moment not happened, I, as a leader and we, as my colleagues would not have focused on” inserting more LGBT characters into Disney stories.’”

The Federalist continued, “In another leaked Disney call, ‘activism partner’ Nadine Smith parroted wild conspiracy theories about the Florida law. ‘We’re reacting from the reality that, when they can erase you when they can criminalize your existence when they can demonize who you are, the next step is to criminalize you and take your kids,’ she said.”

This is a perfect example of malignant narcissism and projection. For these particular ‘leaders’ at Disney, whatever their personal lives, to believe it’s their responsibility to project their personal lives onto the screen to influence and indoctrinate everyone else’s children is classic projection, as they obsess on making everything be about them. This is the main problem plaguing the entire left, manifesting in actions and policy that is destructive, unthinking, that no one wants, and is being rightly rejected by parents and Americans in general everywhere.

The gay left also argues that teachers not being able to discuss their gay personal lives with children they teach “erases” them. Oh, come on. Firstly, the Florida law is about instruction, not conversations. But we don’t condone speaking with children about many things, including sex. Journalist and author Abigail Shrier put it perfectly, “There’s lots of things teachers shouldn’t discuss with K-3rd Grade kids — it doesn’t “erase” the existence of those things. It just means, schools shouldn’t introduce them to young children. “Ask your parents about that,” is a good answer.” What a concept.

Again, not everything is about us. Sometimes it is about what’s best for children.
It is equally imperative that every person in this country, especially parents, should know that supporting the Florida bill does not make you a homophobe. As a matter of fact, the homophobia is in the actions taken by the Democrats smearing gay lives in a cynical attempt for political advantage. All of us have a responsibility to stand against this modern sophistry which continues to do damage to the hard work we’ve all done to become a better nation.

A woman on Twitter whose bio says she’s an “LMHC specializing in reproductive mental health. CLE. CJR. Politically homeless,” puts all of our concern about our cultural crisis perfectly, “Perhaps the most disturbing cultural trend I have seen in the last 5 years is the destruction of childhood innocence in an attempt to validate adults.” Indeed.

It is time we say and demand hands-off, politically and otherwise. Let children be children.

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