Democrats' Mindset on Full Display as Crime Skyrockets, Assassination Attempt on Zeldin Dismissed

Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2022
by Tammy Bruce

AMAC Exclusive – By Tammy Bruce

The nation was shocked as we watched two obscenely violent events unfold in front of us in the past two weeks. Local and national Democrats issued a collective shrug when Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) who, while campaigning in his quest to become the Republican governor of New York, was brazenly attacked by a man holding a stabbing weapon. As the attempted assassination unfolded, the alleged perpetrator kept saying “you’re done, you’re done!”

As the attacker was aiming for Mr. Zeldin’s throat, the Congressman acted quickly and grabbed the wrist of his attacker gaining the seconds needed, allowing others to join in subduing the maniac. The assassination of a Republican politician was averted, and the alleged perpetrator was arrested. But then the madness enters the story. Courtesy of today’s Progressive Democrats and their no bail laws, the attempted assassin was quickly released from custody on his own recognizance within hours of being charged with second-degree attempted assault.  

Displayed in front of the entire world is the fact that Democrats are so bent on destroying civil society you can attempt to assassinate a sitting member of Congress and a man who may become the governor of New York and it doesn’t even merit being held in jail.

The rank absurdity of the situation doesn’t end there. In a display revealing that the establishment knows exactly how damaging their agenda is to the country, the New York Times stepped in with a story implying Mr. Zeldin is to blame for the release of the suspect as part of a conspiracy with other Republicans to bolster his anti-crime agenda.

That’s right—they went right to a ridiculous conspiracy theory blaming the victim in an effort to distract from the catastrophe of Democratic pro-crime and chaos policies. Deep into their fiction they sheepishly note there is no evidence to anything they were alleging.

Ultimately, the Federal government stepped in and arrested the suspect on federal charges. You know things are bad when the bar is so low that we’re thrilled that the suspect in an attempted assassination is actually arrested and held.

The New York Times’ mission to blame others for the Democrats’ pro-crime policies was destined to fail, considering the fact that there are multiple stories every week about the continuing collapse of civil society in New York. Just a few days after the Zeldin attack, a cell phone video of two teenagers brutally assaulting two transit police officers in the New York subway system went viral. Detained for fare evading, the teenagers attacked the officers viciously. One of the alleged perps repeatedly punched an officer and at one point put him into a chokehold.

Just like the alleged attempted assassin of Zeldin, the suspects were released without bail and were right back onto the street. CBS News reported, “With assaults on police officers skyrocketing – year-to-date through July 17 before this latest attack – 914 cops have been attacked, compared to 686 during the same period last year. The police union is also demanding action. ‘Every perp knows they can fight a cop and get away with it,’ said PBA president Pat Lynch. ‘No one is going to jail. We are releasing these criminals to the streets literally within hours, before the paperwork is processed. And we’re not being dramatic when we say it literally is a revolving door at this juncture.’”

They’re going to have to work pretty hard to blame this one on Lee Zeldin.  

Both of these instances show individuals behaving in a manner that is open, brazen, and murderous. Beyond violence, we are witnessing individuals committing extraordinarily violent acts but with an attitude as though they are heroes or doing the right thing.

It’s undeniable that the combination of the Democrats’ defund the police rhetoric, the constant denigration of the police by elected officials, and justice systems in blue cities appearing to protect and even understand the criminal element, send a message that crime is appropriate, violence is expected, and rewarded with no punishment.

If the Democrats expect us to become inured to increasing crime and violence and will accept this catastrophe as a new normal, they have another thing coming. Polls are showing quite dramatically that Americans are not happy with what is happening in this country.

The July 27th Real Clear Politics poll collection offers a picture of a very unhappy and disgusted electorate. The Politico/Morning Consult poll has Biden suffering a 59% disapproval rating. As for Congress, it’s even worse with the Economist/YouGov poll coming in with a 63% disapproval for our legislative branch. When it comes to the direction of the country a whopping 78% say the country is moving in the wrong direction according to Politico/Morning Consult.

These numbers are an indictment of everyone in government, of the Democrats who run all three branches federally, and those local Democrats who are responsible for implementing the same pro-crime policies embraced by the party as a whole.

One would think the cratering poll numbers would shock politicians into reversing course. But no. Instead, they’ve decided to point fingers, blame victims, release more violent offenders, and continue full steam ahead. Once again, we get the impression, for them, things are going completely as planned.