Cool iPhone Features Everyone Should Know

Posted on Friday, December 29, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
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iPhones are amazing devices. They deliver incredible portable technology. We can use them to communicate, take photos, Google information, make dinner reservations, use GPS, and much more! Modern-day phones that use the latest technology offer some outstanding features. Here are some examples:

  • Back tap technology – this phone feature allows folks to double or triple tap on the back of their iPhones to automatically turn on features such as the camera or flashlight. Open the Settings app, tap Accessibility, tap Touch, tap Back Tap, then choose Double tap or Triple tap to assign the function.
  • Scan documents into Notes – The iPhone’s camera can be used to convert physical text into digital. To scan text into the Notes app, open the app and tap the create a note icon. Tap the camera icon. Next, tap Scan Documents to scan the document into Notes. When done, hit Save.
  • Look up symbols – A warning light on a car’s dashboard can indicate a problem. Fortunately, the new iOS iteration has a feature which allows users to look up auto symbols. Simply take a photo of the warning light and swipe it up. A visual lookup tool can identify what the light means. The same can be done with laundry care tags. Take a photo of the laundry tag, swipe it up, and tap the Laundry Care It will explain ironing, line drying, bleaching, washing requirements and more.
  • Have Siri read articles to you – Simply open a web page (article) in Safari then tap on aA in the search bar. Then choose Listen to Page. To stop, tap on aA and hit End Listening. To listen again, tap on aA in the search bar and click on Resume Listening. It’s that easy!
  • Create grocery lists –Enable Reminders from iCloud first. This is done in the Settings app on the iPhone. Tap on your name, choose iCloud, and tap on Show All. Turn on the toggle for Reminders. Next, open the Reminders app, tap on Add List, set a name and icon for the list, tap on List Type, choose Groceries. Tap Done. Add the items to the list by tapping on New Item. Foods you add to your list will automatically be sorted into categories such as produce or meat. One may choose to set items to high priority and change or create shopping categories. Best of all, one can share shopping lists with others!

These cool iPhone features are now widely available on iOS 17.

We hope you make use of these cool iPhone features everyone should know! Luckily for us, as technology improves with time, iPhones keep making life easier. They can turn ordinary tasks into a breeze, delivering the utmost in convenience and efficiency with each touch of the keyboard or special voice command.

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