Biden’s Sinister, Demented Soul Revealed to All in His Soul of the Nation Address

Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2022
by Matt Kane
Photo Credit: Doug Mills

Last week was a rare occurrence for the Biden Administration. During Biden’s “Soul of the Nation” speech, on behalf of whoever is writing the speeches he regularly stumbles through, he spoke his view of TRUTH to the American people. The truthful statements in his “angry old man speech,” as Mike Huckabee referred to it shortly after its conclusion, were disappointingly (but unsurprisingly) aimed in the wrong direction.  

Here are Biden’s TRUTHFUL key points that stood out that highlight many of todays’ problems in America:

It was truly refreshing to hear, after nineteen painfully long months enduring the lies of this administration, words of truth in an uncharacteristically coherent way come from Joe Biden, but sadly they were not a confession of his own destructive leadership.

More characteristically, he was simply wrong to whom he was airing his phony grievances. Phony because if he were truly angered by any of these problems he would have resigned long ago since he has played a key role in causing them. This commentary provides an analysis into all the hypocrisy and contradictions littered throughout the entirety of his gaslighting and marginalization filled speech.

Let’s begin with this quote:

When a plethora of questions arose as soon as midnight on November 3rd, 2020, Biden’s understanding of a democracy clearly does not allow for genuine discourse, cross examination, and transparency to address the questions of many concerned Americans. Instead, he hurled attacks at anybody who simply used their First Amendment right to question the results after irregularities were brought forth. Another indicator of democracy being under assault would include the very COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates Biden himself forcefully implemented, which when not complied with resulted in termination of employment, preventing Americans he swore to serve in good faith from providing for their families. So, while he is correct that democracy in our republic is under assault, he should ask his cronies and himself why they are doing it.

Another very valid point, although he again misplaces what he sees as “not normal.” Have you ever seen a President consistently conduct meetings in a set of the White House with camera crews and light fixtures as opposed to the White House itself? Perhaps providing the leader of the free world with elementary level instructions for basic tasks is normal to Joe. And on a more serious note, it is completely abnormal for a president to use the Department of Justice as an arm of his authority against his political opponents. It is normal in third world countries, not in America.

Another truth, but this should have been aimed at his allied partisan operatives and “big media.” Unlike many of the other topics the Left takes exception to, any mention of election interference (aside from the Russia Hoax) is usually avoided at all costs, especially during a primetime television event. Their usual strategy of “don’t ask don’t tell” to avoid drawing any attention to the issue was surprisingly cast aside last week despite more evidence of wrongdoing in 2020 being revealed regularly. Perhaps they feel very few people tune in to listen to Biden? Unlikely. What is more likely is their desperate desire to control the narrative by framing issues before others beat them to the punch is what drove their decision making.

Working to undermine future elections, Joe? You mean by opposing voter ID, which irrefutably would be a major aid in preventing illegal votes that wrongfully influence elections? Does federalizing elections sound like something that may undermine an election? Would allowing the federal government that is currently in power to overrule what states determine to be the best course of action to conduct the fairest election possible undermine an election? I would say so. Unfortunately, Biden, with that sinister black and red backdrop, again lied to all of America, including the likely small crowd in attendance, that it is the “MAGA Republican Extremists” working overtime to undermine our next elections, despite actions he has already taken that have made this a potential reality.

THEY did- that is, his cohorts really did. And up to this point they have gotten away with it. Nullifying a vote involves the cancellation of true, legitimate votes from legally registered American citizens by certifying votes that count errors from machines, illegal ballot harvesting, unconstitutional altering of election laws not approved by the state legislatures, and ineligible voters voting in addition to many other examples in years past. So once again they did, but Biden’s understanding of who they are is the opposite of who they actually are. In this world of pronoun confusion perhaps that is where he lost his way in understanding reality, but these are mistakes the President of the United States simply cannot make.

Now that we have covered the contradictions, we can focus on the easier to understand portion, which essentially encapsulates the life of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr: the lies.

Prosperity is the condition of being successful or thriving especially: economic well-being.

Quite literally, 8.5% inflation directly contradicts economic well-being. Middle- and low-income Americans are suffering at the hands of Biden-caused inflation. Businesses large and small and sole proprietors, and workers for whom driving is critical to their livelihoods are really hurting. Consumers – families – of all goods are also paying a steep price for Biden’s feckless energy policies and reckless runaway government spending, which are directly causing inflation.

Economic opportunity and prosperity are essential to preserve freedom, liberty, opportunity and choice. The federal governments’ imposing of mask and vaccine mandates which proved to be an ineffective power grab eliminated any freedom of choice. Instead, forcing a “masked society” caused substantial harm to American school children.

Justice? The Biden Administrations’ sense of justice is “rules for thee, but not for me.” Colluding with “Big Tech” to silence conservative voices throughout mainstream and social media is not a “just” practice for a government. But Biden calls MAGA Republicans “extremists”- and says they threaten the republic? In other words, Biden is saying “do as I say not as I do,” and if you do not, you are engaged in an ongoing “insurrection.” This is reminiscent of the fascism we fought in WWII.

Following the MAGA blame, Biden further attempted to convince the country that the majority of the Republican party is not comprised of Trump supporters. If this were true, most Trump-endorsed candidates likely would not have won their primaries, many times convincingly. A simple search for CPAC Dallas’ recent straw poll would have showed Biden’s handlers Trump holding a 69% approval amongst attendees. Any demographic you look at certainly shows greater than 50% (often times significantly greater) support for Trump within the party.

Laughably, Biden said as President, he feels it is his “Duty to tell the truth.” He doesn’t have a track record that supports that claim. He has been misleading the public for decades, including during his first run for the oval office in 1987, where he admitted to plagiarism and lying about his class ranking. More recently he misled the public so greatly on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations that even CNN refuted his claims. He followed this with more falsehoods about how Americans would not cover the bill for student loan forgiveness, which forced another media ally to reveal research proving that claim to be false.

Shaping the Narrative. In sum, the tactic used in this speech is no different than the one that too many Leftists and Democrats have been using for ages: “Shape the narrative” and stifle or deflect debate on the hard questions.

You can hear it with his repetitive use of the new buzzword term “Extreme MAGA Republicans.” This is not limited only to Biden’s most recent speech, see “baseless claims of evidence.” Just days ago in a possible Freudian slip, Biden claimed that he will “Make sure nobody can steal an election again.” Clearly, he was insinuating Trump would try to steal a future election after unsuccessfully “stealing” the previous one and was projecting this onto the American public. In doing so, he drew many to analyze his own “election” and puts others into question – a matter the radical Left fights so hard to keep under wraps.

In trying to program the country by framing the future and referencing Trump supporters, Biden claimed “They refuse to accept the results of a free election, January 6th was a preparation for what they intend to do in 2022 and 2024.” This is clearly a desperate attempt in the face of all polling consistently indicating strong disapproval for his administration, including polls from Democratic voters who prefer he not even seek the oval office again.

Biden rambled on that “The will of the American people will not be overturned by wild conspiracy theories” that are “baseless and evidence free.” Such evidence, however, has continued to surface. Indeed, the real conspiracy theory is the intentional dismissal of facts and evidence that don’t fit their narrative.

For a president who claims to represent ALL Americans, Joe Biden sure has an odd way of showing it. Democrats have long placed the blame of divisiveness and alienation they caused on conservatives, Republicans and specifically – President Trump. But when looking beyond their messaging, is there any question who the true divider of the United States is, and always has been? Biden and his companions should look in the mirror. Thursday night’s “Soul of the Nation” address did not provide the country with an accurate view of the soul of the United States of America, but rather a crystal-clear look into the soul of Joe Biden, and it is a dark and sinister place.