Biden’s Blunders Are No Longer a Surprise

Posted on Friday, July 15, 2022
by Tammy Bruce

Is there an expiration date when the establishment and media stop feigning surprise when there is bad economic news, or when President Biden makes embarrassing and often dangerous remarks in front of the world?

It has been 18 months of Biden blundering his way through this country like a Tasmanian Devil behind the wheel of a monster truck. From day one his actions indicated a presidency based on revenge against the citizens not for just daring to elect Trump, but for thinking for ourselves and rejecting the garbage and destructive agenda of the Democrats.

Why is anyone surprised that a man so delusional and incompetent had to be hidden in a basement while running for the presidency, is also the front for an administration who is destroying the country economically and socially?

And yet like sleepwalkers, who are able to engage in conversations even when completely asleep, the establishment and legacy media keep reporting on the disasters unfolding around us as though they’re completely shocked by the not-so-surprising daily catastrophes.

“Surprised” and “unexpected” must be the most used words during the past 18 months. The latest was last Friday’s inflation data which Reuters reported on using the words “blistering” and “grim” in their title. Then predictably in the body of the coverage they framed it as ‘surprising’ news.

“A surprisingly hot inflation report for June is darkening the outlook for markets, as investors brace for more hawkishness from the Federal Reserve and continued volatility in stocks and bonds. Wall Street met the number, which showed consumer prices rising by a greater-than-expected 9.1% in June, with a collective groan. Analysts at Wells Fargo called the report “rotten to the core” while BofA Global Research strategists said it confirmed their recent call for a mild U.S. recession.”

This 9.1% figure is the highest since 1981, one of many grim aftermaths of the Carter disaster which Reagan had to clean up.

You won’t remember warnings about a recession because we never got one. And then inflation wasn’t happening, until it did. Everything for these people is so unexpected and surprising. And now what they’ve done to us has morphed into a grim thing for which we all must brace. Maybe the leprechauns in charge of monetary and all other policy have turned a jaundiced eye toward the American people. Or… it could be the old, tired, angry, and idiotic policies of the Marxists and Democrats designed to take this toll.

We all know the Hans Christian Anderson parable The Emperor’s New Clothes. The tale conveys the story of an emperor convinced by grifters that they could provide him with magnificent clothes affording him great power and insight. The problem was there were no clothes, just flattery, lies, and blind arrogance. In the midst of a society refusing to speak the truth about the emperor’s condition for fear of retribution, a child ultimately did so unaware there was a price to pay for honesty. In our case, all the tiny tyrants and little emperors are fully dressed in $5000 suits. Unfortunately for us their character, integrity, and decency are the important missing factors, and we face the same retribution should we dare speak of the hole where a soul should be.

New polls are making it clear that the American people have had enough of naked Joe Biden. Some polls and research indicate grassroots Democrats are beginning to understand they were lied to about Biden. One thing is for sure: Americans have learned that the Trump success wasn’t because of the system, it was despite it, and that leadership matters. Right now, Biden’s average approval rating via Real Clear Politics is 38.5 percent. Even more stunning are the results of two recent polls. The Washington Examiner reports, “A stunning 18% of voters want President Joe Biden to pursue reelection in 2024, marking the lowest figure to date as his approval rating continues to plunge, according to a new poll. Roughly 64% of recipients surveyed said Biden should step aside in 2024, and now, even a plurality of Democrats, 41%, say that the president should hand the baton off to someone new, eclipsing the 35% of Democrats who would like him to run again, Yahoo News/YouGov poll found.”

Moreover, a New York Times poll released on Monday found that 64% of Democratic Party voters want a different candidate to head the 2024 ticket. That may give you the impression the Democrats are turning on Biden because of the issues but hold on. The main narrative is that Biden is too old. The problem with that fantasy is that Democrats voted for Biden in 2020 knowing he was an older man, but what was kept from them was the extent of his cognitive decline. That cat is now out of the bag.

But the Democrat Party needed a man who would want the position but wouldn’t insist on actually doing the job, mostly because he simply couldn’t. It’s the perfect situation for a political bureaucracy that has always imagined itself as a collective president and, by golly, they were finally going to run the show. Too bad that show consists of pouring the last bit of gasoline on us and lighting a match.

The funny thing is, old man Biden isn’t making the decisions that are ripping this nation, our national security, and our economic stability to shreds; it’s a bunch of people considerably younger than he is. Just as they used Biden the “Mystery Man” in the basement as the one who would save everyone from Trump, the Ron Klains (Biden’s Chief of Staff) and Susan Rices (the Director of Biden’s Domestic Policy Council) of the Democrat Party will now throw Biden, the Old Man, under the bus to save themselves.
This new narrative about age is a convenient trope to use against Biden but it is meant to distract from the deliberate malevolence encased in their agenda and to strike at Trump as well. But like with everything else in life, things are relative. It’s not age that’s the issue, what matters is health, vitality, and ability. Some people at 50 should not be in charge of anything while some in their 80s continue to do remarkable work in their fields.

The Democrats know it’s not about age. If it was, Dr. Anthony Fauci would be out on his ear as he is older than both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden. Menaces like Fauci and Nancy Pelosi who continue to be lauded by Democrats, should be fired for what they have done, not because of how old they are. And the people, regardless of any sliver of their identities, who are using Biden’s age to escape responsibility about policy and incompetence, should be named and never allowed in any position of power again.