Biden Single-Handedly Brings U.S. Energy Independence to a Screeching Halt

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2022
by Tammy Bruce

AMAC Exclusive by: Tammy Bruce

For the past year, we have watched the Biden administration preside over the destruction of our energy sector, the collapse of our supply chain, and a return of soul-crushing inflation. They have responded with smug grins and patronizing suggestions that buying an electric car will solve our problems.

On that first day when Joe Biden was inaugurated, he signed a series of executive orders reversing virtually every important policy of President Trump. Within a week, Mr. Biden had reversed the policies that made America energy independent and a net exporter of crude and petroleum products.

All of that was deliberately shredded by a man, and the party was embarrassed that Mr. Trump was able to accomplish what the establishment had, and would not. The destruction of American energy production was a fit of pique from an incompetent and malevolent political party determined to punish Americans for daring to support Mr. Trump. Their destruction was wrapped up as faux concern for the climate, an ironic pretext for setting the nation on fire.

With inflation and gas prices, Americans are being reminded what the Carter years were like. We’re getting that disgusting smell of a government tiptoeing through the tulips as we still face empty shelves at the store, and those products they do carry, that we don’t want, are triple the usual price. We’re choosing lesser proteins for the family meal and rationing exactly how much of that protein we can afford to use. It’s now a choice between what food we can feed our children and how much gas we’ll have in the tank for a week.

Responding to the lackadaisical attitude by the White House about inflation and gas prices, GOP Communications Director Nathan Brand tweeted, “The pain at the pump is intentional. Democrats do not care that Americans are paying more for Joe Biden’s gas hike because it’s ultimately in line with their agenda.” We know they never want a good crisis to go to waste!

This explains why the Democrats keep telling you to buy an electric car. These grifters completely miss the point that if you can’t afford $5 a gallon gasoline, you can’t afford a $50,000 electric car.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm revealed her inner ghoul by telling a “solar summit” that the war in Ukraine “creates a moment,” an “urgent moment” to transition to “clean energy.”

During a Bloomberg interview on November 5th, when asked, “what is the Granholm plan to increase oil production in America,” Granholm laughed. Not a simple Kamala Harris cackle, but a buffoonish guffaw requiring her to throw her head back as though she was Gloria Swanson in “Sunset Blvd.” The only thing missing was the cigarette holder. Her answer? “That is hilarious! Would that I had the magic wand on this.” Said the energy secretary of the United States of America.

Ha ha ha. Seven months prior to Granholm’s embarrassing display, Russia had begun mobilizing what would ultimately be over 120,000 troops at the Ukrainian border. A short 16 weeks after that interview, Russia invaded Ukraine, throwing worldwide energy and economic markets off-kilter.

I grew up during the Carter years. I remember we food-rationed what we could eat each day to make sure what we had in the fridge lasted through the week. My mother relied on a food bank part of the time. And I, a truant, took a job at a car wash which also sold gas, to try to help us make ends meet.

In California, during the Carter-era gas-rationing, you were allowed to get gas on even or odd-numbered days, corresponding with the last number on your license plate. People would line up for miles on their day. Many were desperate enough to get in line even though it wasn’t their day. When a car wash employee would tell them they had to get out of the line, a fight would usually ensue.

So, they hired a kid to go into the line and deliver the bad news to those who were not allowed to get gas on that day. That girl was me. The car wash manager believed that no matter how upset someone got, they wouldn’t punch a little girl in the nose. I was happy he was correct.

My politics, in large part, were shaped from that very early experience of having to walk up to adults, usually men, to tell them they could not get gas. Many broke down weeping. Some tried to negotiate with me, explaining that without gas that day, they wouldn’t be able to get to work and would lose that job.

The goal of asking those people to leave was to forestall violence in general. If we didn’t solve the issue, others in line would do it themselves. I suppose this was the 1970s version of “Karens” with added fisticuffs, but everyone was desperate.

The Democrats have changed a bit since the 1970s—they have become more craven, more duplicitous, and more invested in the nightmare of Marxism. In 1980 I was grateful Ronald Reagan ran for president. Now in the 21st century, as we struggle with constant Democrat schemes and ordeals, I’m grateful Donald Trump has not abandoned his commitment to us and our great nation.

In an interview with Fox Business on the impact of gas prices and inflation, one small business owner summed things up this way: “Small businesses like mine went from being kicked in the teeth by COVID mandates, to held down by the supply chain and job market crisis, and now we’re being lectured by progressive elites that say we should be happy to pay $15 a gallon. The average cost of an electric vehicle is over $56,000, which is $30,000 more than your average compact car. The Biden administration and these Green New Deal initiatives are completely out of touch with reality. As we see one avoidable crisis evolve into another, as business leaders, we ask ourselves: ‘When does all of this end?’” 

It ends in November when we send an undeniable message to the entire establishment that we’re done being thrown into their political wish-fantasy volcanos.