Biden Reveals Fear of Trump With Debate Rules

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2024
by Tammy Bruce
Los Angeles - 22 October 2020: Man Watching Trump vs Biden Presidential Debate on a Smartphone, Close-up

Why does President Joe Biden need a nanny for debates with presidential race frontrunner President Donald Trump? Biden’s requirements for the debates caused a bit of a stir, as the only thing missing was a demand for Biden to use a body double pinch hitter. As of now, the debates will be held on June 27th on CNN, and September 10th on ABC.

Trump had been calling for debates for months, with nary a peep from Biden’s campaign team about being even remotely interested. Biden mentioned it briefly once in a Howard Stern interview that he would be willing to do it. When Trump was engaging 100,000 people at his extraordinary New Jersey rally, Biden was once again snoozing at the beach. Literally.

The timing of the Biden announcement itself speaks volumes—their May 15th debate proposal came just after the massive Trump rally in Wildwood, NJ on May 12th. Previously, Biden’s handlers decided the multiple polls putting Trump in the lead in a majority of swing states were wrong and would be ignored. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Then 100,000 people showed up for Trump on the Jersey Shore. Coincidence? Yeah, no.

Most of the chattering class took notice of the scope of President “Forgetful Guy’s” debate requirements. His team declared which outlets would be acceptable, and which would not, shutting out Fox News. Only CNN, CBS, ABC and Telemundo met their ‘requirements,’ telling you everything you need to know about what Biden and the Democrats expect from their legacy media wet nurse.

Also, there is to be no audience in the venue itself. This isn’t surprising coming from a man and a party that has clearly chosen to completely erase the average American from their plans for this country. One of the reasons why Joe Biden’s approval rating is the lowest of any president historically explains why he doesn’t want people in the debate audience – because he and the Democrats have complete contempt for Americans in general and don’t want us in their soup. The impact of his policies on the lives of Americans and the safety of this country speak to that malice.

President “My-Uncle-Was-Eaten-By-Cannibals” is also demanding that there be absolutely no interruptions between the candidates and no cross talk. In order to achieve this, microphones are to be cut off after an answer is provided to a question from the moderators.

Bottom line – Joe Biden doesn’t want to debate during a debate. The president of the United States is stating to the world with this rule that he is unable to engage in the fluidity of a conversation or negotiation or even yes, an argument. He is telegraphing weakness and confusion not just to the United States but to the world, being the first honest thing he’s done as president.Ultimately, the man who is supposed to be in charge of the free world is afraid of Donald Trump saying something to him.

Many of us wonder why the Democrats get away with manipulations like this, and why President Trump would agree to this situation. Trump did say that he would debate Biden at any time in any place. And he was serious. Biden needing to construct a crib for himself with thought guards protecting him speaks directly to why this country is a dumpster fire and the world is at war. Trump’s willingness and confidence to go into any environment to have a debate for the American people speaks directly to his nature and why he is leading Biden.

I learned a long time ago to not second-guess Trump. He knows a heck of a lot more about the system and the people running it then he did in 2015. With the persecution of him by the system, the weaponization of the so-called justice system in an effort to annihilate him, has not stopped him. Biden’s rules to protect himself from looking like the useful idiot that he is, is also not going to hurt Trump. Instead, every action of Biden reveals more of the malevolent fraud that he is.

Everything they’ve tried to do to stop Trump has backfired. Why? Because while overestimating themselves, they underestimate and loathe Trump representing their complete contempt for the American people. All of America’s enemies, from the British to the Japanese to the Nazis and to modern day Marxists, have all found, eventually, that underestimating the American people is a serious, serious mistake.

Meanwhile, Trump has said that he would like Biden to take a drug test prior to the debates. He explained this by noting what we’ve all noticed that during the State of the Union address and other high-profile events where Biden has the comfort of relying on a teleprompter and seems as Trump put it, “high as a kite.”

The collegial atmosphere in Washington and the lapdog legacy media in this country never directly mention this for some reason. Just like during COVID-19, we all knew that we were being lied to about various existential issues, we all knew that there was gaslighting and manipulation and the weapon of fear being used against us, but only now years later people are confessing to the lies and chaos informing the government’s disastrous response to COVID-19.

Part of our problem is a lack of a willingness to speak honestly about what is happening to us. Trump speaks honestly and that has been his greatest strength. It’s also why the bureaucratic system hates him so much.

While some wonder if these debates will even take place, it’s important that they do as some need to be reminded about the powerful authenticity of Trump’s commitment to our nation. Moreover, the absurd protection afforded to Biden in this process speaks volumes about his innate and dangerous weakness. Trump’s passion and willingness to do everything possible to inform the American people will, in fact, win the day and this election.

Tammy Bruce, an Independent Conservative, has traversed a unique political journey that reflects her commitment to principles rather than party affiliations. She joined Fox News in 2005 as a Political Contributor, hosting her show “Get Tammy Bruce” on Fox Nation and providing insightful commentary on various issues for the Association for Mature Americans (AMAC).

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