Biden and Harris – Remember Yogi Berra

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2020
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

Just a word of caution for Mr. Biden.  Unseemly, inappropriate, out of place, embarrassing, profoundly premature – is how he and Kamala Harris looked taking a victory lap, as states continue counting ballots, lawsuits are filed, election fraud averred, Supreme Court orders ballot sequestration, and Americans await Election 2020’s outcome.  Trying to gild the lily, force the issue, create expectations they hope are irreversible, is classless.  Asserting victory without victory is dishonest.

Just imagine if life worked that way.  Wannabe winners counted for winners.  Think on it.

Here we are, crowd shouting and on their feet at the 1980 Olympics, end of the second period, epic ice hockey game, Communist Soviets versus young, brash, take-no-prisoners American team.  At period break, Soviets hold a press conference – open champaign, declare victory.

Why not, scoreboard says 3-2 Soviets, they have media with them.  Then comes period three.  Red Army is shut down, cold, decisively – for good.  Americans score two – win the epic game 4-3.  Miracle on Ice, victory.  Oops.

Or maybe think route to World Series 2004, American League Championship, Red Sox versus the Yankees, one team clawing up by wildcard, other claiming to be best in baseball.  Think on it.  One team all heart, sweat, hope, fan base.  The other biggest payroll – most money shelled – doting media.

What happens?  Yankees all but run the table, 3-0 after three.  No team in baseball history has come back from a 3-0 deficit, not in playoffs – best of seven.  Red Sox might as well leave, Yankees have it.  Only no one tells the Red Sox they have no chance.  They think the series is on, until done.  With heart, they win four straight – advance to the World Series, run Cardinals off their feet in four.  Oops.

To quote the late, great Yankee catcher, Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over ‘til its over.”  Truer words were never spoken.  Ask someone like onetime mile record-holder, John Landy.  1956, mid-race, fellow runner Ron Clarke went down – Landy turns, helps him up, losing tens of yards.  Against all odds, with sheer determination, concern for others, will-to-win, Landy does the impossible – wins.  See the tape – because that spirit of never giving up, caring for others, and unbroken will-to-win matters. See,

So, here is the simple point.   No one with dignity, depth, honesty, humility, and respect for the democratic process – would declare themselves winner before process had run course, until the third period was over, last game played, last lap finished, review final, outcome certified, electoral votes cast and counted, and Supreme Court review over.

But that is not Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, apparently not their character, their style, or their level of respect for the democratic process, co-equal branches, judiciary’s role in assessing if election fraud happened.  These are candidates who stood quiet as cities were torn apart, why should rule of law, completion of the election process bother them now?  Better to gild the lily, spin supporters, force the issue, intimidate the courts, enliven the media, assume victory – by asserting it.

Here is the kicker – That is not how we do things in America, not in the America that is America.  We respect our Constitution and three branches, their roles, and full election process.  We do not game it.  We prefer honesty, trust in outcomes, elections with that invaluable stamp of legitimacy, not the reverse.  A claim of victory reversed in period three, final game, last lap – is no victory.  Just a word of caution – for Mr. Biden.  Check out Yogi Berra – he knew about these things.