AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update: Missouri Election Integrity Win

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2024
by AMAC Action
Navy Blue AMAC Action Weekly Update

April 12, 2024

AMAC Members Play Pivotal Role in Missouri Election Integrity Win

The Missouri Senate recently passed a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the use of ranked-choice voting and make sure that only citizens of the United States may vote in the state’s elections.

AMAC members in Missouri played a pivotal role in prompting the Senate to pass SJR 78. In response to an AMAC Action call-to-action, the membership in Missouri sent 460 messages directly to their Senators in support of this resolution.

This was a collaborative effort with AMAC Action working with the Election Transparency Initiative, the Liberty Alliance USA, and the Honest Elections Project.

SJR 78 places a referendum on the ballot that would allow voters in November to decide whether to amend the Missouri Constitution to include these important election integrity measures.

According to a press release from the Election Transparency Initiative, allowing only US citizens to vote in elections is “an overwhelmingly obvious and popular position with Missouri voters,” and this resolution ”further provides that voters shall have only a single vote and that under no circumstance shall he or she be permitted to cast a ballot in a manner that results in the ranking of candidates for a particular office.”

The dreadful ranked-choice voting method has been used in other states and is associated with what the Election Transparency Initiative describes as manufacturing “a majority winner by routinely ‘exhausting’—or throwing out—thousands of ballots so candidates need only win a majority of the remaining votes, not a majority of all votes cast.”

AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom issued this statement following the big win in Missouri:

“AMAC’s nearly 51,000 members in Missouri have made it very clear that they treasure their right to vote. The Ranked-Choice Voting scheme has been proven to confuse voters and skew election results in other states. This scheme coupled with the Left’s attempt to further corrupt the election process by providing a pathway to vote for people who are in this country illegally are nothing more than shameful tactics to ensure their power in perpetuity.

Kudos to the Senate for passing SJR 78 and making the strong statement that only U.S. citizens may vote in Missouri’s elections and that Ranked-Choice Voting has no place in the state’s election process. Now, the House must follow suit and allow Missouri’s voters to speak their mind on election integrity.”

Attention now shifts to the Missouri House where that body will take up the resolution for consideration. AMAC Action will continue tracking this important resolution and will activate the grassroots again in Missouri, if necessary.

Our Missouri members flooded the state Senate with hundreds of messages to help get this resolution passed. This resolution is a constitutional amendment banning ranked-choice voting and ensuring that only US citizens can vote in Missouri’s elections. The resolution is now in the House where it has been read twice. We will activate the membership again, if necessary, to push this across the finish line.


LD 2283 Threatens Mainers’ 2nd Amendment Rights!This California-style plan is to sneak a radical Democrat bill, LD 2283, through at the end of this legislative session, allowing the state to begin identifying, targeting, restricting access to, and formally confiscating guns if someone is viewed as “threatening” via words, social media, or physically. It goes well beyond Maine’s enacted “yellow flag laws,” to create a New Mexico-style “red flag law,” literally forcing Mainers to surrender firearms to law enforcement, as a consequence of a complaint that matches the legislature language. This legislation is irresponsible, unconstitutional, and has no place in Maine. If you live in Maine, contact your state representatives now and tell them to oppose LD 2283!

US CongressStop Non-Citizens from Voting in America’s Elections! The Biden Administration has allowed millions of people to enter the United States illegally and given them a pathway to vote in our elections. This orchestrated effort by the Biden Administration to corrupt our elections and install Democrats as a uniparty must be stopped. Please contact your Congressman or woman today and compel them to stop non-citizens from voting in America’s elections.

All-State Chapter Meeting

MI-11 Delegate Annette LeBaron hosted the Michigan virtual All-State Chapter meeting on April 10. AMAC members heard from Conservative State Board of Education member Nikki Snyder.  Nikki, who has held office since 2016, provided an update on current education issues and gave her insights on how Governor Whitmer’s newly created educational department is inserting itself directly into higher education policy and governance for the first time, which may be violating the Michigan Constitution.

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Quote of the Week

“Next to the right of liberty, the right of property is the most important individual right guaranteed by the Constitution and the one which, united with that of personal liberty, has contributed more to the growth of civilization than any other institution established by the human race.”

― William Howard Taft

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