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President Trump’s Priority to Care for America’s Seniors


  • The Trump Administration has provided technical assistance and support to nursing homes and States throughout the pandemic, including onsite visits to higher-risk nursing homes.
  • The Trump Administration provided funding for increased inspections and provided every Medicare-certified nursing home with multiple shipments of PPE.
  • President Trump’s “Opening Up America Again” guidelines encouraged States to take additional measures to protect the safety of senior citizens and other vulnerable populations.
  • President Trump signed historic legislation that provides funding and flexibility for emergency nutritional aid for vulnerable Americans, including senior citizens.


  • At President Trump’s direction, his Administration dramatically expanded Medicare telehealth coverage, allowing beneficiaries to receive healthcare services from the safety of their homes.
  • Since President Trump took office, average Medicare premiums have fallen by 34%, with some states enjoying over a 50% cut in prices.
  • Premiums for Medicare Part D are down 12% on average for seniors under President Trump.
  • President Trump has signed executive orders to strengthen Medicare and reduce drug prices for our nation’s seniors.
  • The President announced that his administration would be sending prescription drug discount cards to over 33 million seniors.
  • President Trump’s steadfast commitment to make Medicare more efficient has resulted in additional plans, improved benefits, and reduced costs for American seniors.
  • The number of Medicare Advantage plans available for seniors has surged to 4,800, a 77% increase since President Trump took office.
  • Seniors now have more options than ever to ensure that have access to a flexible plan that fits their needs.


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