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President Trump’s Appeal to America’s Seniors

President Trump relates his experience with the coronavirus and how quickly he felt better after taking medicines that he will make available to all seniors at no charge. He confirmed the safety of these medications and renewed his pledge to take care of America’s seniors.

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Bruce David
1 month ago

Most realize Trump stands AGAINST Socialism. Many of my generation have fought against this disease for decades [Vietnam, N Korea, etc.] amd it sickens me to see so many in this nation who support this crap-even traitorous members of Congress [they should be banned from undermining our nation from within].

1 month ago

Donald Trump is not perfect. I don’t always like his style, but he does get done what he says he will do. Many previous presidents have been reelected when they have done nothing but talk. Trump deserves 4 more years to continue his good work.

1 month ago

If you listen to the media you will find that the narrative is Trumps support among seniors is slipping. That is just more bovine excrement from the left. We clearly see we are and have been sold down the river by the democrats and biden is no good choice for us. Clearly being manipulated by his handlers and kamala is going to not govern but rule. Nasty nancy p is already laying the groundwork for the 25th to slide biden out and kamala in. Also consider why the 25th comes into play, they still want trump out so if he… Read more »

1 month ago

I say to our President Donald Trump keep up your good work for the patriotic American citizens, and I am so glad that your health is getting better with the COVID virus. Nancy Pelosi should be charged with TREASON for what she’s trying to do, which is a COUP, to remove the President Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment! Why is that lunatic Pelosi allowed to continue her hoaxes and her crap! She is being paid to serve the American people but she is not serving the American people with her nonsense! She is one individual who TERM… Read more »

1 month ago

Americans are strong people and the democrats think we are week. We the people have been fighting wars germs and even each other. We will not fall or give up to anybody not even the evil democrats.

1 month ago

Thank you President Trump for coming out on the lawn of the White House to address Seniors regarding your quick recovery of the attack of coronavirus and extend good news regarding cures for the virus through medicines soon to be distributed. So glad to see you looking rested and well again. God bless you and God bless America.

Dana Dixon
1 month ago

I’m so proud of you and all you have done. 4 MORE YEARS!!!!!

1 month ago

I really hope that we are able to get those drugs. So sad for 200,000 plus that died.

1 month ago

Thankyou !

Stephen Hill
1 month ago

To be sure, President Trumps record for these last almost 4 years has be awesome! He is building the Southern wall, he has taken care of American citizens as he said he would, he HAS A PLAN that he has been enacting since the corona virus hit, no matter what the liberals spin, he has helped ALL American citizens with a tax break, he is continuing to work on everything he said he would! He hires black, hispanic, asian and all peoples based on their kowledge of the job! What other democrat or Republican President has done that? Thank you… Read more »

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