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President Trump Is Standing Up For The USA, says AMAC Chief

United States America Trump USA‘I am not a shill for Donald Trump, but I am proud to say I love America’

WASHINGTON, DC – President Donald Trump is taking heat for condemning NFL players who are using America’s national anthem to protest so-called police brutality.  But, says AMAC president Dan Weber, “could it be that Mr. Trump really believes citizens should respect the symbols of our democracy?”

Weber, chief of the nation’s largest conservative senior advocacy organization, the Association of Mature American Citizens, thinks that the president, “like most patriotic Americans, says what he means and means what he says: ‘sports fans should never condone players that do not stand proud for their national anthem or their country.’  And, certainly, no matter what the anti-Trump protestors may say are the reasons behind their antics, refusing to stand for the Star Spangled Banner is not a protest against police brutality; it’s a protest against the America.”

Weber said, “Celebrities and those in positions of power should not let their anger at wrongdoing turn into hatred against our country, whether it be real or perceived.  Too many Americans of all races and creeds have died defending our America, our flag and our national anthem to disrespect their sacrifices.  Outspoken, reasonable dissent is a right of all citizens and has made our nation strong since its founding.  Stand up for causes in which you believe but stand up, too, for our homeland.”

Robert Tracinski, a senior writer at The Federalist, says the NFL player protests are part of a “resistance” movement against the president.  In an article published in the Federalist earlier this week, Tracinski wrote: “The whole idea of ‘taking the knee’ began, from what I can gather, as a way for a mid-grade quarterback to sulk about being benched.  Then it turned, supposedly, into a symbolic protest against the injustice of police gunning down innocent black men.  This was originally in response to the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ narrative about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri—a narrative that was comprehensively debunked by the Department of Justice civil-rights task force the Obama administration sent to Ferguson.”

But President Trump has been denigrated for his position.  Many individuals appearing on nationally televised news programs and quoted in major daily newspapers say his message is racist and that he is racist.  In an interview broadcast on CNN, for example, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) called the president an “abject liar” and “clearly racist.”  ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called him a “white supremacist.”  The New Yorker accused Trump of practicing “racial demagoguery.”  And, a Miami Herald, article authored by Jenee’ Osterheldt, labeled him “a president who stands for oppression.”

AMAC’s Weber argues that the president is not a racist and that he, Weber, is not a “shill” for Donald Trump.  “I am, however a person who loves the USA.  It saddened me when President Obama went on his worldwide ‘apology tour’ at the beginning of his first term in office and was widely applauded by the left for his gesture.  It gladdens me when President Trump, at the outset of his presidency, stands up for America with the approval of a very large segment of the population.  The plain and simple truth is that he saw the NFL protestors disgracing our national anthem and said something about it, much to the chagrin of his detractors.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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I just love how the Progressively Communist Democrats can scream “racist” whenever a “white” person criticizes a black person and I have personally had it with the Black Lives Matter movement. Don’t ALL LIVES MATTER? … These Progressively Communist Democrats just can’t seem to understand how Obama’s “hate America” policies were destroying the Middle Class and that Hillary “promised” to continue HIS policies! … Trump message of “Make America Great Again” resonated with Middle Class America! … Aren’t we all tired of “helping” the Whole World first before taking care of our own citizens? I’m getting into more arguments every day as I jump on these Liberal loonies when they criticize Trump. We all should have spoke up loudly and pointed out Obama’s “phony Christianity” early on and often. HIS Rev. Wright “filled” his so-called sermons with “hate whitey” rants, yet no one questioned how this impacted his hate for… Read more »

Vietnam Vet

Vietnam Vet !
In the sixties while coming back
from leave was spit on and called
A F—— baby killer by a long haired
hippie with an Small American flag
Sewed on his crotch and the top
part of an Amy uniform with a
Cpl stripe which he probably
picked up at the Army surplus.
The thing is how does a twenty
year old act in that situation?
How would you respond?
As far as standing up for the Flag
And Star Spangled Banner!
It means I show respect for my
departed Brothers And Sisters
And Vets who gave their all.
So the millionaires and the
political junkies it’s not for
you because someone treated
you wrong!
Why do you think you can speak out
in this country? Because someone
has fought for you to have those
previledges .
So stop dishonoring the

Jerry in Nebraska

But, says AMAC president Dan Weber, “could it be that Mr. Trump really believes citizens should respect the symbols of our democracy?” Well, that explains a lot. Weber thinks we live in a “democracy”. Remember in the pledge of allegiance? “…and to the *republic* for which it stands…” You’d think the proof reader would have caught that error. Glad I got that off my chest. Anyway, this whole NFL thing just disgusts me. Up until just recently I was thinking, well, hey, stand up, sit down, kneel, heck do jumping jacks, I don’t care. Then I found out that standing at attention during the national anthem is actually in their contract. Yeah, it is an offence that can draw a fine and if it continues, onecan be terminated for not doing it. The NFL has issued fines to players for other small infractions, but looks the other way on this?… Read more »


Please refrain from addressing President Trump as “Mr. Trump”. The Liberal Left, freely use the term, and it is derogatory! The President earned the title by being fairly elected as the POTUS!

James H. Rust

Great article. Show the NFL their actions are deplorable by boycotting watching TV and going to their games. This is a group of people with average salaries of $2 million per year and have an average arrest of one per week. On top of this we have taxpayers paying for their stadiums which cost in the billions.

The NFL hurts our economy because we concentrate wealth with a few who spend little. Money spent on NFL games means money not spent at restaurants, symphony orchestras, theater, etc.


I think before the NFL decides to take a knee during the Anthem, they should read the NFL “League Rule Book” pages A62-63, where all players are to stand at attention for the Anthem, holding helmet in their left hand, right hand over their heart. They will be reprimanded if they do not comply!!


Where are all the football players after the game? When the national stage with the cameras and spotlights are turned off. Are they out in the streets in the community trying to keep the lines of communication open? Or at the churches and community centers helping our youths through these trying times. Sadly I think not. They just go on about their lives “insulated” from it all. It’s one thing to protest on the stage and another to get in the trenches and help out.


The younger generation have not been taught to show the respect to the flag that it represents. Even some military have voiced they are okay with the NFL taking a knee in protest. This bothers me. America is on a slippery slope, Lord come quickly!

gwen scott

I served my country and would do it again. Proud to be an American.

Jim Darnt

Trump is correct in his anger toward the NFL. The flag nor the anthem is the place for political purposes. Plus the NFL has very direct and strict policies on standing for the anthem. The coaches and owners know this. No excuse to allow their actions to continue. As far as the tax break for middle class I would rather doubt it. We will see.

Rexford O Ames

An Opinion: What a lot of ( Pro Sports Fans) are unaware of. Is that they are the payers of all those Stadiums. They pay taxes so the Wealthy Owners are able to get the ” Fans” as part of their operation. Or so the illusion, Loyalty, goes by rooting for ” their” team and pay a huge price in all the memorabilia sold by those institutions, Pay for their very , very large stadiums and the taxpayer has no idea that the keep paying, and paying those taxes, for those stadiums with no return for their investment. That’s why they move so much. The cities cannot sustain their demands and convince the public that their city council is the culprit when in fact it is they who is the real culprit. It isn’t that their is a ” Big Secret” how the Franchises use Tax dollars do get their… Read more »


Our President is 100% right our Country our Flag and our Anthem, is not the Place to Spread Liberal Insanity, These Players have Many Options of Where they can Protest their Grievances this is pure Hatred against our Country as is most of the Lefts Agenda. Everyone I know will Boycott Football until we put a large dent in their Pockets and this BS stops along with ESPN for Racist Remarks against our President, and here is the Best Hypocrisy of all CNN has a Law Suite against them “for get this” 175 Black Employees filed Charges for Discrimination “Present and Former Employees” Again 175 Black Employees, Have you heard one word about this????? They have been hiding this for some time now like they hide many thing from their Audience. The Left Insanity has Destroyed the Democrats it is no longer a Party of the People it has become… Read more »

Sharon McGuire

I think Obama started this hatred of our national anthem when he said he didn’t really like the anthem, and thought it should be something like “I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” There’s nothing wrong with wanting to teach the world to sing, but there is something wrong with criticizing our national anthem. Someone the other day made fun of the line that says “…the home of the brave,” as if that means that all the brave people in the world live in America. It doesn’t mean that. It just means that we appreciate those brave people who risked their lives for our freedoms, and I think those who don’t appreciate those people or the flag or the anthem should just move to Russia and see how they like living under ccommunism before they try to turn America into a communist country. At least Madelyn… Read more »


Rik…. Emotional and point on. Me too.


Stop all funding of our tax dollars to anything connected to the NFL. If they have to stand on their own support, they will maybe see some salaries reduced! They are disrespecting our country, our anthem and our flag and thousands of military men & women and especially our beloved veterans. No more money from the U.S. citizens. We can use all of that money to help pay for the hurricane damages or use it to BUILD THE WALL! I just love President Trump and his way of running our great country! Go Trump Go….

Honorably retired police officer

It angers me that these overpaid prima donnas, who happen to have a talent for playing a game, think that the world stage they are on gives them the right to express their “opinion” on ANY topic. I could care less what any of them feel or think. I’m watching to see the game, not to see some mind-numbingly stupid punk disrespect the greatest nation on earth. It is NEVER the time to express anything other than pride, respect and support for this country during the playing of the National Anthem. They have the opinion that America is oppressive, or that police are brutal. I challenge all of them to go to any third world country and try those antics. They’d see oppression and brutality up close and personal. They profess police brutality yet at every game those hypocrites make certain that law enforcement is present in vast numbers, standing… Read more »

Roy in NC

My 70th birthday was yesterday. I’ve had a good life. To show you the degree of influence that the older people in our lives have on us as small children, I remember very well how when I was about 4 years old, I knew that God had blessed me by giving me the loving parents I had and by my being born in the USA, instead of the USSR. Pretty profound to a small child! I earned about 1.2-1.3 million dollars in my working life of about 48-49 years, having a skill that was always in short supply, so I never tasted a life of wretched excess, but contrast that against the lives of my 10 generations of ancestors who came here during the Puritan migration in 1638. God truly blessed America, over all the nations of the world and in all of recorded time and it is my fear… Read more »

Ol Roy

You know, I have to agree Dave. When the first thing I read is that Weber said ‘I am not a shill for Donald Trump, I got confused and thought maybe I had gone to the AARP site by mistake. After confirming AMAC I continued on to read a comment; But, says AMAC “President Dan Weber” I start thinking, something’s wrong here! This not the way the self proclaimed chief of the nation’s largest conservative senior advocacy organization should be addressing OUR PRESIDENT. Then as I continue on I’m reading word for word the so-called celebrities radical left wing comments that AMAC is giving more free press time to and I feel like here we go again. Is that a Trojan Horse I see full of left winged cancer seeds…again? Sorry Weber, but with all due respect, I joined AMAC because I was criticized for being Conservative, for having religion,… Read more »

Cecelia Henderson

It’s past time for tax reform. The plan sounds logical and sane, we just need to make sure that no one gets rich from the changes. All corporate charity should stop, a tax reduction from 35% to 20% should be enough, and financial institutions should be subject to heavy taxes on any “wind fall profits” that might have been over looked. We need to stop allowing tax returns (those with more returned than paid) from going to foreign countries. This money (our money) should stay in America. Everyone should benefit from the revisions, but with every large change, there are going to be loopholes and mistakes.


Please remember that we, the United States of America, are not a democracy! We are a constitutional republic that uses the democratic process to accomp.lish our goals, meet our objectives and conduct business