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President Trump Is Standing Up For The USA, says AMAC Chief

United States America Trump USA‘I am not a shill for Donald Trump, but I am proud to say I love America’

WASHINGTON, DC – President Donald Trump is taking heat for condemning NFL players who are using America’s national anthem to protest so-called police brutality.  But, says AMAC president Dan Weber, “could it be that Mr. Trump really believes citizens should respect the symbols of our democracy?”

Weber, chief of the nation’s largest conservative senior advocacy organization, the Association of Mature American Citizens, thinks that the president, “like most patriotic Americans, says what he means and means what he says: ‘sports fans should never condone players that do not stand proud for their national anthem or their country.’  And, certainly, no matter what the anti-Trump protestors may say are the reasons behind their antics, refusing to stand for the Star Spangled Banner is not a protest against police brutality; it’s a protest against the America.”

Weber said, “Celebrities and those in positions of power should not let their anger at wrongdoing turn into hatred against our country, whether it be real or perceived.  Too many Americans of all races and creeds have died defending our America, our flag and our national anthem to disrespect their sacrifices.  Outspoken, reasonable dissent is a right of all citizens and has made our nation strong since its founding.  Stand up for causes in which you believe but stand up, too, for our homeland.”

Robert Tracinski, a senior writer at The Federalist, says the NFL player protests are part of a “resistance” movement against the president.  In an article published in the Federalist earlier this week, Tracinski wrote: “The whole idea of ‘taking the knee’ began, from what I can gather, as a way for a mid-grade quarterback to sulk about being benched.  Then it turned, supposedly, into a symbolic protest against the injustice of police gunning down innocent black men.  This was originally in response to the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ narrative about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri—a narrative that was comprehensively debunked by the Department of Justice civil-rights task force the Obama administration sent to Ferguson.”

But President Trump has been denigrated for his position.  Many individuals appearing on nationally televised news programs and quoted in major daily newspapers say his message is racist and that he is racist.  In an interview broadcast on CNN, for example, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) called the president an “abject liar” and “clearly racist.”  ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called him a “white supremacist.”  The New Yorker accused Trump of practicing “racial demagoguery.”  And, a Miami Herald, article authored by Jenee’ Osterheldt, labeled him “a president who stands for oppression.”

AMAC’s Weber argues that the president is not a racist and that he, Weber, is not a “shill” for Donald Trump.  “I am, however a person who loves the USA.  It saddened me when President Obama went on his worldwide ‘apology tour’ at the beginning of his first term in office and was widely applauded by the left for his gesture.  It gladdens me when President Trump, at the outset of his presidency, stands up for America with the approval of a very large segment of the population.  The plain and simple truth is that he saw the NFL protestors disgracing our national anthem and said something about it, much to the chagrin of his detractors.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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5 years ago


How Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance

By Paul Sperry

September 23, 2017 | 11:27am

Article is worth reading. Who is funding the civil unrest and those trying to derail Trumps agenda for America and its people? NFL just an extension to derail OUR Presidents agenda? Draw your own conclusion upon reading the article.

President Donald J. Trump derailed the transformation of America and they are mad as hell that the 8 years was wasted. After all America is not exceptional, and how dare OUR 45th President prove otherwise? We finally have a problem solver who has uncovered the cesspool in Washington and it trying to fix the mess that has been created over the past 3 administrations.
America would not be in crisis mode If both parties placed America first and foremost,fulfilled their oath of office to the people and America, rather than being driven by what was best for their respective party.

5 years ago

Nancy Pelosi Had An Unbelievable Reaction To The NFL Anthem Protests

“Nancy Pelosi defended unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s “First Amendment” right to disrespect the American flag during the national anthem, even if she struggled to say his name.

“Colin Kaep— Kaep— Kaepernick, uh, doing what he did, says this flag enables me to do this. This national anthem enables me to do this,” she said, initially struggling to speak.

“This is about freedom of expression,” Pelosi said.

Trump supporters seethed at this hypocrisy. The players were the ones lying about America being racist.

It was the player protests that were based on fake news like “hands up, don’t shoot!” or the idea that police are brutalizing black men for sport.

They are the ones using football – which unites Americans of all races, genders and political persuasions for 3 hours every Sunday – to preach a message of left-wing social justice.

Kaepernick is an idiot!

Billionaire NFL owners sponging enormous amounts of money from taxpayers through crony capitalist schemes.

The fact is that a business that raked in $14 billion in revenue in 2016 is heavily subsidized by local, state, and federal money based on dubious claims about stimulating the economy. One report on Watchdog.org said that over the past 2 decades, the NFL has raked in about $7 billion of taxpayer money to spend on stadium renovation and building. Another study from the Brookings Institution showed that federal taxpayers have subsidized the construction of 36 stadiums at a cost of over $3.2 billion since 2000.

Since NFL billionaire owners have gone out of their way to accommodate millionaire players in standing down for the national anthem, perhaps taxpaying Americans should start withholding money from the privileged and let them all stand on their own 2 feet. Now may be the perfect time to finally do it.

Ken Nevel
5 years ago

I have been a STEELER fan all my life ( I will be 82 next month ) until they stayed in the locker room!!!!!! I will NOT watch them play again. They should be forced to join the military (working for peanuts ) instead of disrespecting the country that allows them to make 20 – 60 MILLION DOLLARS per year. I guess, just like OJ Simpson they feel they are the NFL and can do no wrong. I am a 26 year NAVY veteran. Why don’t they use some of their money and leave this “terrible” country. I can’t afford a one way ticket for them, but I am sure it could be arranged.

5 years ago

I stand behind President Trump 100%, he is everything that Obama and his gang was not. Yes, he has made mistakes, but he afar has changed his ways, but no one has been able to buy him, or push him to do something that he didn’t want to do. Now if congress would do some of the states business and quit the me business soon, maybe this country will start booming everywhere.

Dale Bruton
5 years ago

I think it is wrong to allow any platform to dishonor our flag our country or our President or our Vets.

Patrice Kelly
5 years ago

Anyone who does not respect America and what she stands for get the hell out and make your millions somewhere else. You will get no tears from me when you leave. This is how all Americans should see things, God, My Family and My Country. In that order exactly.

Bob Wiggans
5 years ago

President Trump is not a racist. The far left and the Washington swamp that includes members members of both parties are doing everything possible to not see our president succeed in the implementation of the promised changes he ran on. They are rightfully worried that if he succeeds in his programs, drains the swamp, and makes America great again it will set the socialist left back decades.

bruce wickstrom
5 years ago

From a disenchanted VietNam vet who just stopped watching pro football and the Patriots in particular, I hope these people are happy in their own little world of milk and honey. I was drafted in 1967 and gee guess what–I went to RVN. So I guess that gives me the right to salute my flag without taking a knee. Oh by the way, my uncle served 20 years in the Air Force and my late mom served in the wacs during WW2. So I guess you could say the President is correct in his criticizm of these snowflakes.

Ol Roy
5 years ago

Bruce, it is in support and honor of Veterans like yourself, including all those who have served, those serving now, those MIA and for those that made the ultimate sacrifice in ALL wars, lest we forget those lost during humanitarian missions and your families that We The People will not stand by and simply turn our heads as this un American cancer spreads. As many of us do, I too come from a long and rich lineage of military service. Still today, my brother, after two tours in Vietnam is still paying the price for freedom as he dies slowly and painfully dealing with symptoms from agent orange. For whatever the reason these folks are not seeing the hurt and anger they are causing. However, we know that this spoiled tantrum is simply another ‘fad’ that will come and go like wearing popular tennis shoes. What imo has lured these ignorant kids to jump on the bandwagon of disrespect is simply to get attention. Just the same Bruce, you can find comfort in knowing that true God fearing Americans are very well aware of what each color on OUR American flag represents. Just as NK has done, so have these President Trump hating “KNEELERS” by disrespecting our military, our flag and our country have ‘awoken a sleeping giant. The Lord (and the American people) giveth and the Lord shall taketh $$ away. Lucky for these soon to be ex football players Walmart is still hiring. America never lets anyone go hungry. I would be very curious to ask the kneelers, after this ridiculous, childish act of defiance is over, what is it you think you solved? Most of us understand this is just an attention getting publicity stunt gone bad. The unintended consequences of disrespecting everything American was obviously not thought out. ‘Their bad! With that said I/we want to say thanks to you Bruce and to all those who have served and to those currently serving honorably for your dedicated service to our country. Do not be disenchanted because we have your backs! God Bless America!

Sherri Rivers
5 years ago

Thank God that our President has the nerve to say what he believes and isn’t afraid if he offends anyone. The flag and the USA is more important than their feelings. Many people has died so they could kneel.

Johnny Eagle.
5 years ago

People forgot that the Democratic Was forged in the deep in the Southern State’s, After the War Between the (Northern and Southern) (Civil War) States. How soon they forget! But that is not Taught In schools anymore. If they did there would be a lot less of People of Colour and More White Supremacists in the Democratic Party.
The Fueling of the fires of Hate started after Obama Was elected President. That was a dark day in American History,( no pun intended either). This was a part of the Progressives to divide the Country and Its People Into Waring Faction, so the Government could have more Control. The same with Health care. Another wedge to drive into the fabric of this Nation. Their are some Ideas Of Our current President (Donald Trump) I don’t go a long with. But all in all he’s for the People of this country and Our Countries way of life. The Progressives are for a (One World Government) U.N. Control. H3LL they can’t even take care of there Own Countries. And they want the World. Make the People of the world 3rd World Countries, So they can live like Kings on our TAX DOLLARS. Like they do when they are here and Don’t Obey Our Laws because the Above our Laws. Come On people WAKE-UP. Stop this [email protected] And Give Thanks to this County and the Men & Women Who Served in Our (ARMED) Forces. For they gave everything, With Pride and Love for this Land of our for YOUR FREEDOM! STOP Taking a Knee during the National Anthem, There is no reason for it. That means you hate this country. So if you Don’t Love this Country then Leave it.

5 years ago

I’m glad to see our AMAC Chief standing up for the American right and in defense of our President Trump.
After reading many comments, of whom I agree, I would like to make a comment or two.
Within the pledge of allegiance to our flag are contained the following words; “and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God…..”
How soon we forget that, as was already mentioned, this nation is a republic which defines it is ruled by law, not a leftist Democratic Party ideology.
However, least we forget, “under God” as the very foundation of our constitution, laws, declarations, etc. were founded and based on biblical principles. Given that, recent generations have been “raised” far from these principles and we are seeing the consequences. It’s okay to accept the Muslim way and define the Christian way and God’s Word, which this GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS WAS FOUNDED UPON, as unacceptable.
One thing in closing found in God’s Word:
Ecclesiastes, chapter 10, verses 16, 17 and 18:
Woe to thee, O Land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning.
Blessed art thou, O Land, when thy king is the son of nobles, and thy princes eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness!
By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.
Paraphrase; Woe be unto the Land when it’s ruled by a child.
You be the judge, my American friends.

Honorably retired police officer
5 years ago

It angers me that these overpaid prima donnas, who happen to have a talent for playing a game, think that the world stage they are on gives them the right to express their “opinion” on ANY topic. I could care less what any of them feel or think. I’m watching to see the game, not to see some mind-numbingly stupid punk disrespect the greatest nation on earth. It is NEVER the time to express anything other than pride, respect and support for this country during the playing of the National Anthem. They have the opinion that America is oppressive, or that police are brutal. I challenge all of them to go to any third world country and try those antics. They’d see oppression and brutality up close and personal. They profess police brutality yet at every game those hypocrites make certain that law enforcement is present in vast numbers, standing side by side with the coaches, refs and in the crowd, inside and outside the stadium, protecting them while they make their “protests”. I’d like to see ALL law enforcement agencies nationwide refuse to provide any officers anywhere in or around every stadium for one week. Let’s see how that works out for the kneeling morons. That same week, I’d like to see all season ticket holders refuse to attend the games, that no tickets for open seats be purchased, and that no one turn on their TV’s to watch games. I’d also like for President Trump to refuse to allow any military flyovers or any other military performance, like a parachute drop by Rangers, for any home team whose entire team and coaches refuse to stand at attention for the National Anthem. The NFL itself is complicit and refuses to stop it because their leadership sides with the liberal left and their agenda. I could go on with other suggestions, none of which are likely to happen (except possibly a Presidential ban on flyovers, etc.) but until American’s stand up and shout “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore” this nonsense will continue. Hitting the players and the NFL in the pocketbook is the only effective way to stop this.

5 years ago

Even Muhammad Ali formerly Cassius Clay
Expressed appreciation for being born in the USA rather than on his ancestral land.

5 years ago
Reply to  Hen3ry

Don’t idolize Cassius Clay. He refused to go to Viet Nam because his religion forbade fighting.
It’s beyond me how anyone, especially any veteran, could worship and idolize Cassius Clay.

5 years ago

Please remember that we, the United States of America, are not a democracy! We are a constitutional republic that uses the democratic process to accomp.lish our goals, meet our objectives and conduct business

5 years ago

Stop all funding of our tax dollars to anything connected to the NFL. If they have to stand on their own support, they will maybe see some salaries reduced! They are disrespecting our country, our anthem and our flag and thousands of military men & women and especially our beloved veterans. No more money from the U.S. citizens. We can use all of that money to help pay for the hurricane damages or use it to BUILD THE WALL! I just love President Trump and his way of running our great country! Go Trump Go….

5 years ago

Stand proud during the National Anthem, while rich racists kneel and demean the country that provided them the opportunity to succeed.

Roy in NC
5 years ago

My 70th birthday was yesterday. I’ve had a good life. To show you the degree of influence that the older people in our lives have on us as small children, I remember very well how when I was about 4 years old, I knew that God had blessed me by giving me the loving parents I had and by my being born in the USA, instead of the USSR. Pretty profound to a small child! I earned about 1.2-1.3 million dollars in my working life of about 48-49 years, having a skill that was always in short supply, so I never tasted a life of wretched excess, but contrast that against the lives of my 10 generations of ancestors who came here during the Puritan migration in 1638. God truly blessed America, over all the nations of the world and in all of recorded time and it is my fear that we threw it away when real (and possibly too much) prosperity, blossomed in the land. We are watching the USA in serious decline, but take heart. God’s Kingdom is coming!

Cecelia Henderson
5 years ago

It’s past time for tax reform. The plan sounds logical and sane, we just need to make sure that no one gets rich from the changes. All corporate charity should stop, a tax reduction from 35% to 20% should be enough, and financial institutions should be subject to heavy taxes on any “wind fall profits” that might have been over looked. We need to stop allowing tax returns (those with more returned than paid) from going to foreign countries. This money (our money) should stay in America. Everyone should benefit from the revisions, but with every large change, there are going to be loopholes and mistakes.

gwen scott
5 years ago

I served my country and would do it again. Proud to be an American.

Sharon McGuire
5 years ago

I think Obama started this hatred of our national anthem when he said he didn’t really like the anthem, and thought it should be something like “I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” There’s nothing wrong with wanting to teach the world to sing, but there is something wrong with criticizing our national anthem. Someone the other day made fun of the line that says “…the home of the brave,” as if that means that all the brave people in the world live in America. It doesn’t mean that. It just means that we appreciate those brave people who risked their lives for our freedoms, and I think those who don’t appreciate those people or the flag or the anthem should just move to Russia and see how they like living under ccommunism before they try to turn America into a communist country. At least Madelyn Murry O’Hair actually tried living in Russia. As I recall, the Russians didn’t want her, so she HAD to come back to America, but maybe they would be more open to these left-wing people of today. I surely would like for them to go somewhere and let the patriotic Americans have more influence over the direction of this country. I’m tired of these people trying to ruin the country that I have loved my whole life.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sharon McGuire

Obama the great transformer on chief who preached that the USA was no more exceptional than any other place.

Daniel Carey
5 years ago

“no matter what the anti-Trump protestors may say are the reasons” > redefining the narrative on your own terms. Pffft.

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