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President Trump Issues Executive Order to Defend Free Speech

trumpPresident Trump is fighting back against the censorship of Americans online.

  • President Trump has issued an order to uphold free and open debate on online platforms.
  • The order calls for the start of a regulatory process to clarify the scope of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to ensure social media companies who claim to provide users a forum for free and open speech, but engage in deceptive or pretextual censorship, will not be allowed to entitled to immunity for such actions.
    • Social media companies should not receive liability protections when they act as editors of content on their platform or take down lawful speech based on politics.
  • It also instructs the Federal Trade Commission to consider prohibiting social media companies from engaging in any deceptive acts or practices affecting commerce.
  • Federal agencies will review policies and procedures regarding taxpayer dollars that are going to online platforms that inappropriately restrict free speech.
  • Furthermore, the order establishes a working group to develop model legislation that States could adopt.

The idea that large, powerful social media companies have the ability to censor opinions they disagree is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic.

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Joseph canna
1 year ago

They should be used for violating free speech or shut down

Joseph canna
1 year ago
Reply to  Joseph canna

Sued Not used

Patricia Hefferan
1 year ago

The states where violence broke out are all governed by Democrats. All of this was pre-planned just waiting for a crisis. I believe Communist China is behind this plus other dark forces. We need to meet violence with legal violent response. I am armed and I will shoot if necessary if my life or liberty or property is threatened.

Daniel A. Smith
1 year ago


Tacy West-Wells
1 year ago

After Trump gave away our economy and civil liberties when he put fouchi and side kick brix in charge of mandates this was a redeeming position and I thank him. Now disband the sars2 team and get back on honest and scientific movement forward.

1 year ago

Well, we’re certainly getting a great taste of “free speech” all across our major cities. Thousands of protesters angry for being born in such an oppressive country I guess.
Minneapolis is a hellhole!!! … Why is it that ALMOST ALL OF THE MAJOR CITIES that are rioting ARE REPRESENTED BY PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC MAYORS??? … Law and order is gone! I, for one, think it’s time for an iron fist! … “Free Speech”??? … These animals need to experience how a real Socialist/Communist government WOULD DEAL WITH THEIR RIOTING!!! … They wouldn’t tolerate any of these Jackasses!!! … And of course, the Jackass media and Progressively Communist Democrats will definitely blame President Trump as though He was responsible for all this! … I just want to crack their thick sculls with a tire iron. After all, I just want to express MY free speech rights too!

1 year ago

Public schools are pushing the liberal agenda. Evolution, God made people gay, were destroying the planet, transgender, Islam serves the same God as Christians and Jews, capitalism is evil, socialism will give you everything you need, being a stay at home Mom is from the dark ages, etc. American public schools are ranked in the bottom compared to other countries because of the garbage the liberals/socialists are force feeding OUR kids. I pray parents would pull THEIR kids from public schools!!!

1 year ago

I believe it’s a good executive order and a great start. There needs to be something similar in our primary schools and colleges…our children are being brain washed daily by liberal teachers and professors. I have had my own children when they were in college complain to me about professors who would give out failing grades to them or anyone else who did not agree with their point of view. My children told me that out of necessity they starting agreeing with their professors point’s of view just so they could get a passing grade. It’s SAD colleges are not teaching our children to think for themselves anymore, but rather to tow the party line, or else!

1 year ago

Well good luck!! I hope it can be done, but these sneaky underhanded left wing media platforms are pretty tough to monitor. They think they are the moral compass for our country, but actually they are a communist like regime, bent on removing any free and open opinions that do not agree with their opinions. Gosh, and we wonder why this country gave itself over to China? It’s the liberals aligning with “a like minded society” socialism/communism good,
Constitutionalism bad. I hope it can be reversed, as our young people live on those sites and are being brainwashed!!!!!! Help President Trump!! TRUMP 2020 !!

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