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President Trump is Leveraging the Resources and Innovation of the Private Sector to Help Combat the Coronavirus

trumpAn update provided by the White House.

President Trump is working with business leaders from across the country to bolster coronavirus response efforts.
The President announced that Hanes has agreed to use its manufacturing facilities to help produce medical masks.

  • PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Hanes – everybody knows Hanes, great company, great consumer cotton products – is retrofitting its manufacturing capabilities in large sections of their plants to produce masks. And they are in that process right now. At my direction the FDA has taken rapid steps to make these items available for medical use right now.”
  • HANES: “At Team Hanes, we are working to help by retrofitting some of our facilities to produce medical masks urgently needed in the U.S. to fight the spread of the virus.”

After speaking with the White House, Walmart agreed to allow their parking lots to be used as drive through coronavirus testing locations.

  • WALMART CEO DOUG MCMILLON: “When we got the call yesterday from the White House, we were eager to do our part to help serve the country.  And given what we’re facing, that’s certainly important to do.  We should all be doing that. So we’ve been asked to make portions of our parking lot available in select locations in the beginning, and scaling over time as supply increases, so that people can experience the drive-thru experience that the President described.”

After the President spoke with the Chairman of Carnival Corporation, the company offered to make ships available to help burdened hospitals.

  • PRESIDENT TRUMP: “One of the things that happened this morning: I spoke with Micky Arison of Carnival Cruise Lines, and he’s going to make ships available.”
  • CARNIVAL CORPORATION: “Carnival Corporation & plc the world’s largest leisure travel company, today announced that select cruise ships from the company’s global cruise line brands, including Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises Australia, will be made available to communities for use as temporary hospitals to help address the escalating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare systems around the world.”

Honeywell and 3M have assisted in efforts to build up needed medical supplies by increasing their production of industrial respiratory masks.

  • VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “We’re encouraged to see companies like Honeywell and 3M, that I visited a few short weeks ago, take advantage of the changes in the law last night that allow the sale of industrial masks directly to hospitals.  Those companies have now greatly increased, by the tens of millions, their production of so-called N-95 masks that will give our healthcare workers the protection that they need to minister to those that are dealing with the symptoms or the disease of coronavirus.”

General Motors have agreed to assist in increasing production of ventilators.

  • GM CHAIRMAN AND CEO MARY BARRA: “We are working closely with Ventec to rapidly scale up production of their critically important respiratory products to support our country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Diagnostic test providers like LabCorp and Quest Pharmaceuticals stepped up to rapidly expand testing.

  • LAB CORP CEO ADAM SCHECHTER: “Thank you, Mr. President.  At LabCorp, we’re working every second of every day to increase the number of tests that we can run.”
  • QUEST DIAGNOSTICS CEO STEPHEN RUSCKOWSKI: “We were called, with the leadership of the Vice President, last week to come together as an industry.  And we took advantage of that opportunity to work with the FDA, to work with the Center for Disease Control.  And we are up and running with tests in a number of our facilities.”

After speaking with the President, Target and Walgreens agreed to do their part to keep stores open and serve American consumers.

  • WALGREENS PRESIDENT RICHARD ASHWORTH: “We’re happy to stand in here and help in communities all across America.  Because a lot of times, when we have natural disasters, our stores are a beacon in the community, and this situation is no different.”
  • TARGET CEO BRIAN CORNELL: “In the near term, we’re all committed to making sure we’re keeping our stores open to serve the American consumer who is rapidly stocking up on household essentials, key food and beverage items that they need during this time; making sure we run safe stores; and creating an environment that’s safe for our team members, making sure that they feel supported during this very critical time.”

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2 years ago

This is what I love about America. When the need arises, patriots run toward the problem. Thank you, to all of those companies and individuals and government offices that have set their sights on solutions. And thank you, President Trump, for your leadership, your support, and your love for each and every one of us.

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