President Trump Becomes the First Sitting President to March for Life; Read HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s Statement on Trump’s Pro-Life Administration

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HHS Secretary Alex Azar released the following statement regarding the annual March for Life and the Trump Administration’s continued efforts to protect life and conscience:

“As thousands from across the country gather to march for life, I am proud to serve as part of the most pro-life administration in this country’s history, and I am immensely proud to join President Trump at the march as he becomes the first President to address this important gathering in person. President Trump believes that every life has inherent dignity and value, and it is an honor to lead a department that has demonstrated our full commitment to protecting the dignity of life from conception to natural death. HHS took numerous actions in 2019 to protect life by enforcing the laws on the books, like ensuring Title X dollars aren’t subsidizing the abortion industry. This past year, we took that fight to international organizations, where we stood up against the false claim that there is an international right to abortion. We’ve fought to protect the conscience rights of those who provide healthcare and participate in HHS-funded programs. Protecting conscience is our moral obligation as Americans and our legal obligation as faithful stewards of the law. We are proud to be ‘the Department of Life’ and will continue protecting life and lives while upholding the fundamental freedoms and inherent dignity of all Americans.”

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