President Obama Wants Us to Accept Four More Years of The Same?

It is simply illogical. President Obama asking the American people to vote for four more years of economic failure and bad policy just doesn’t make sense.

We’ve endured three straight years of an unemployment rate above 8 percent. Gasoline was $1.68 a gallon four years ago. Today, it is more than $4 a gallon. Today, 52 million are on food stamps under President Obama, a 45 percent increase. Some $716 billion has been taken from Medicare to support the Medicaid part of Obamacare, creating higher costs and less available care for seniors.

With no Canadian pipeline, thousands of potential jobs are lost, and the oil will go to China. Billions of dollars were given to Brazil so they can drill for oil. Why not here in our own country? We are assuming debt at $3 million a minute; $2.5 trillion is spent in entitlements; 49 percent of households are on some kind of government assistance, and $4 billion is added to our debt each day. Our debt is now at $16 trillion.

Four more years of the same simply means four more years of economic failure, ballooning national debt and lost opportunity. If we hope to return our contry to prosperity and sensible government policy,  logic must prevail as the American public goes to the polls this November.

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9 years ago

1.Gas prices have more than doubled since Obama took office.
2.This increase has pushed the price of food, heating, and goods up drastically.
3.Most Americans are not better off than they were 4 years ago.
4.Obama is a Socialist and has absolutely no intention of returning America as the world economic leader.
5.Our career servicemen are now being released into a jobless market.- What a way to honor their years of service!
6.He refuses to enforce US law and prosecutes those that do while Appointing Czars to regulate Americans.

I can not understand why voters elected a man with so very little experience in anything much less why they would entertain prolonging this reign of destruction.

We need to remove not only Obama but the Senators who have failed to produced a budget in 4 years.

9 years ago

Obama needs four more years, because he didn’t succeed in destroying the American economy and transforming this nation into a third-world backwater in his first term. VOTE ROMNEY or watch this country fade away.

Victoria Bill
9 years ago

Obama and Harry Reid will still find a way to lay it at George W’s feet. What befuddles me is if we had these statistics while President Bush were in office, we would never have a lack of stories about his ineptness! It’s nothing personal; it’s just business and Obama simply does not have the chops to get it done!

Victoria Bill
9 years ago

Obama and

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