‘President Has Taken Them To School’: Former ICE Chief Says Why Immigration Wasn’t A Subject In Democratic Debate


Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan guessed as to why the topic of immigration was not brought up during the Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate.

None of the six candidates on stage were asked or spoke about immigration throughout the two-hour debate in Iowa — despite it being one of the most prioritized issues within the Trump administration. Homan, who is a hawk on immigration enforcement and a supporter of the administration, surmised that the topic wasn’t discussed because President Donald Trump has “taken them to school” on border issues.

“I mean, what are they going to say?” Homan said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“They are going to say that they have been [beaten] by this president despite the resistance, despite every one of those candidates throwing out enticements of free medical care, a pathway to citizenship, [abolishing] ICE, getting rid of detention,” the former ICE acting director said. “Despite their enticements, this president – on his own – has gotten illegal crossing down 72% from the high in May.”

“What are they going to say? They have failed,” he continued. “The president has taken them to school without their help.”

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials conducted over 144,000 enforcement operations along the U.S.-Mexico border in May 2019, when the border crisis reached its peak. Apprehensions along the border have dropped considerably since that time, with December marking the seventh straight month of declines. Notably, December’s 40,620 enforcement actions equated to a 71% drop from May’s numbers.

Much of this decline follows several initiates the Trump administration launched, such as the “Remain in Mexico” program and asylum agreements reached with the Northern Triangle countries in Central America.

Homan is not the only one to credit the Trump administration for unilaterally stemming the border crisis. Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan directly contributed the drop to policies the Trump administration implemented when speaking to reporters Tuesday and said the accomplishments were made without help from Congress.

The former ICE director said the steep drop in border apprehensions leaves beneficial consequences that aren’t necessarily seen.

“And, look, when I talk about the 72% decline, what people aren’t talking about, Brian [Kilmeade], is how many women weren’t raped [following a] 72% decline in illegal immigration,” Homan said. “How many children haven’t died? How many millions of dollars did the cartels not make?”

“That’s something no one is talking about,” he said.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Jason Hopkins

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Jerry L
6 months ago

Yeah, what cracks me up is the dems crying about “election interference” by a hand full of Russians, but 20 million illegals voting in an election? No problem!

michael failla
6 months ago

To that i would add that the mexican government is slowing down the migrant caravans as well. You can thank our president for that as well. Now mexico is doing something as well. It in reality is better for mexico and certainly better for us. No thanks to the democrats for anything.

Paul C.
6 months ago

There is a lot that needs to be done to reform immigration laws. Law enforcement needs to work together and sanctuary areas should be seen as illegal with all who support them being charged with obstruction. On the other hand permission to enter this country needs to be reviewed and changes made to work visas, resident visas, education visas, etc.. Immigration is not a bad thing as long as it is being done in a manner to benefit the country. When students come to this country to learn science, medical, etc. in most cases it would benefit us for them… Read more »

Mike A
6 months ago

This immigration news should be headlines in every conservative news outlet in America to get the attention of liberals who hate the president and think socialism is the answer!!! GOD Bless him and give him courage to continue to lead in the battle.

Rick B.
6 months ago

Trump never got Mexico to pay for his wall, or even Congress for that matter. But private donations have poured in to “Build the Wall” and are being used to erect a steel barrier on private property along the US-Mexican border. To bring back an old Trump campaign expression, it’s having a H-u-u-u-uge impact at some high-risk locations.

Holly Struelens
6 months ago

Guests come through the front door. Bad guys use the window… Just saying. God bless president Trump. He has done more for all of us than the dems ever could hope. It’s so sad that the dems are so sixth grade, they simply cannot concede 2016 and move on and do their jobs.

Peter K
6 months ago

Why more people remain fixated on their hatred for the president rather than looking objectively what he has been able to accomplish with little help from those elected to govern is amazing to me. It makes no logical sense at all, however, that being said, when we consider the bias in the MSM and the corrupt educational system in our country, it is no wonder. The real problem we, the people, face is the corruption and cowardice of Congress which IS NOT limited to Democrats. We all know that Democrats do not even possess the backbone to vote independently as… Read more »

6 months ago

Can you even imagine how much money for social programs it would take for all of the people that were willing to “invade” our country in the caravans that were organized. I have no problem with immigrants becoming citizens if done correctly. We can’t afford to just provide all necessary services to anyone who wants to “cross the border” because they can’t get what we can offer in our country. Should we help other countries provide a better life for their citizens? Absolutely, as we can. Just not freebies.

6 months ago

Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen keep saying, “No one is above the law”. Evidently she can’t get it through her pea brain, illegal means just that and she is advocating illegal. She and her ilk have wasted too much time on impeachment and not enough time on what we pay them for. Making this country great.

6 months ago

Trump was elected on this issue. For how many years did our politicians ignore the elephant in the room. Much more needs to be done. What about meaningful immigration reform.

6 months ago

In my mind, the new trade deal with Mexico does pay for the wall. We need this wall and Mexico will pay for it. The president was absolutely correct
as he has always been. Lets get the facts straight. Trump has told Mexico, Canada, and China what we will do and what they will do. Do any of us
not understand that ?

Pat R
6 months ago

Gotta love news like this. It really makes me smile and puts hope in my heart for at least the immediate future. Thanks President Trump for your patriotism, love of America and its people, and your determination and drive to Make America Great Again.

6 months ago

Trump takes them “to school” almost every day. Not just on the wall but on deals such as the cancellation of the disastrous NAFTA debacle and the trade deal with China. Also, he elimaintes Salmonellei, the world’s # 1 devil. The swamp is beserk that our president has accomplished miracles while they love to give us BS excuses such as “we’re trying to bring the congress together” or ” we’re still studying the situation” or ” our allies are concerned about this”. We have heard these excuses for years. No wonder many rhinos, ie Paul Ryan, have, thankfully, announced that… Read more »

Tony E. Byrum
6 months ago

They need to come in Ottumwa and raid JBS. They’re using people SSN to hire illegals. The last time they threatened to do a raid over 2,000 illegals left in the middle of the night.

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