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President and Founder of AMAC, Dan Weber Appears on FOX to Talk Healthcare

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First we need to clarify something. We ARE NOT talking about health care, we are talking about health insurance, big difference! There is a reason ACA is failing: mandatory coverage requirement, medical coverage for services (medical procedures) that the insured don’t want or need, subsidised health insurance for those unable to afford it (Medicaid) that your State will have to pay for when Federal funds dry up. The American taxpayer is subsidizing the insurance industry with our tax dollars. The bottom line of the insurance companies participating in the exchanges is directly affecting coverage: no profit (that’s NOT a bad thing) we’re pulling out. There is absolutely no authority in the Constitution for the funding of private insurance or establishing requirements for the American citizen to buy and subsidise insurance. Think about this, those that cannot afford their health insurance are either covered carte blanche or subsidised. Those that can… Read more »

Extremely well articulated Len. Concise and on point across the board.

I agree #President Trump should remove ALL Federal Health Care mandates and “Refund all penalties collected” from the uninsured tax payer”. #President Trump Needs to Remove all Politicians Special benefits, especially Health care Politicians benefits, making everyone in America providing their health care needs all from the same insurance pool. INCLUDING all Politicians LIFE LONG BENEFITS. #President Trump please break down the INSURANCE COMPANIES CONTROL ON BOUNDARIES. Boundaries are like a Monopoly and should be illegal. TERM LIMITS Line item veto The Americans act should never help bale out companies. ESPECIALLY NO INSURANCE COMPANIES BALE OUT. the first bill to be voted on through both houses “REMOVAL OF ALL ‘BENEFITS’ FROM ALL POLITICIANS. MAKE IT ILLEGAL FOR ALL FEDERAL, STATE, LOCAL POLITICIANS TO ACCEPT ANY “GIFTS”, ANY THING besides the written or verbal words from ANYONE. Make It.illegal for any Lobbyist to gift, give. Anything besides using their written or… Read more »

Virtually everything on your wish list requires legislation from Congress in case you did not realize it. Trump can NOT issue executive orders to do any of this. These are ALL legislative actions. So the ball is firmly in the completely disfunctional and incompetent hands of Congress. Good luck on getting our RINO GOP Congress to do any of this. Nice list though.

Agreed. Why isn’t the PORK and tax creations and increases exposed in discussion of repeal and replace by our politicians or media pundits. Does any negotiations include repealing those tax creations and increases? Does the replace include all politicians participating on the same plan as their constituents. Other than my president, the entire DC should be flushed out – no one is for the little guy.

You are absolutely right Carroll Dodd!

Some people actually work. Want health insurance get a job. Want to maintain that insurance, keep working till you die. I’m not paying for your health insurance unless I can claim you as a dependent on my taxes.

This is a major aspect in the liberal socialist paradigm of divide & conquer. A great example of a huge win/loos game. Thousands of young, unemployed, brainwashed democrats are mobilized on social media, political activist, DEMANDING hard-working, tax paying conservatives pay for their healthcare. This is all by design. While on the other hand, I am a disabled conservative that has been supporting the r & r of ahca since it’s inception, because of it’s inherent corrupt system.

Well said.

True statement!

Why health insurance costs so much. lets take a look at these yearly bonuses these people make while they’re claiming their companies are failing. Leonard S. Schleifer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Tarrytown, N.Y.) — $47.46 million Jeffrey M. Leiden, Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Boston) — $28.09 million Larry J. Merlo, CVS Health (Woonsocket, R.I.) — $22.86 million Robert J. Hugin, Celgene (Summit, N.J.) — $22.47 million Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, N.J.) — $21.13 million Michael F. Neidorff, Centene (St. Louis) — $20.76 million Alan B. Miller, Universal Health Services (King of Prussia, Pa.) — $20.43 million Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck & Co. (Kenilworth, N.J.) — $19.89 million Miles D. White, Abbott Laboratories (Chicago) — $19.41 million John C. Martin, Gilead Sciences (Foster City, Calif.) — $18.76 Richard A. Gonzalez, AbbVie (North Chicago, Ill.) — $18.53 million Heather Bresch, Mylan (Canonsburg, Pa.) — $18.16 million David M. Cordani, Cigna (Bloomfield, Conn.) —… Read more »

Not all men are created equally. The individual mandate is involuntary servitude for some while others are getting exemptions ,subsidies or waivers. You can kiss the Constitution and Bill of Rights goodbye. or you can replace every politician and judge that forgot they took the oath of office to defend our Constitution. Repeal bozocare. Get rid of the age discriminatory medicaid recovery act or set the age to birth.

Instead of subsidizing the Insurance Companies give the money to the people in their Health Savings Accounts and let them decide !! IF the Senate really wants to give the American Citizens a choice put the money in their Health Savings and let them BUY the Insurance they want putting Health Care back into the competitive market where it belongs !! i believe that Doctors, Hospitals will have lower prices when there is no Government or Insurance interference, paperwork and rules !! To qualify you have to be an American Citizen and over 18 !!

I joined Amac so far it is great

Sure is.

One of the reasons, I didn’t buy a Medigap insurance as recommended, especially since my Medicare cost is not free. It would been as if I was paying twice for same lousy service.

I still firmly believe that the government has no business in health care or health insurance. The sooner everyone grasps this concept, the sooner it will go away.

Thank you..

Dan Weber didn’t offer any solution, but I liked what Cortes had to say. Republicans should do what he says! I believe some of them who introduced the “phony skinny bill” are being threatened or paid off by someone. Term limits for them is the answer to preventing this, as far as humanly possible, although the republicans controlling both houses plus Trump in the White House is God showing man that there is a God in Heaven who controls it all. If we depend on government, without appealing to God, we will ultimately fail – even a conservative government. As Trump himself said, “This is our last chance!”

Nobody can afford health coverage on the government is trying to subsidize it in so there goes the premiums of Medicare going through the roof.
I can’t even afford the cost of Medicare due to the healthcare act or whatever they call it.

did you know that the plan the republicans were trying to pass would hurt t he very ones that make up AMAC. it would cut payments to doctors and medical help. the cuts would be made annually and it is bad enough now with many doctors refusing to treat medicare patients.

The law called for more than $700,000,000,000.00 (billions) to be taken from Medicare to pay for what was called the affordable care act, which is anything but affordable. And starting in 2018 Medicare benefits that you paid into all of your life will be taxed as well, right along with the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich. The only exceptions are Congress and their staffers, and they refuse to repeal the theft and carnage caused by the law that had to be passed so that we could see what was in it.

Self insured people will not have the tax. Self insured people have the penalties.

Big insurance – pffft!