Pre-Midterm Trump Tally, Part 2

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Mainstream media sources continue to cast our president in a bad light, but the evidence of his success speaks for itself. This article is Part 2 of a three-part series outlining President Trump’s outstanding accomplishments since taking office.


Second Amendment

  • On his first day in office, President Trump revoked the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Director’s Order 219, which banned the use of nontoxic ammunition
  • Our president overturned an Obama-era ban that prohibited certain Social Security beneficiaries from acquiring firearms
  • President Trump has boldly defended the right to bear arms in the face of numerous anti-gun protests and ardent attacks from anti-Second Amendment activists
  • Trump is making sure American schools are as safe and secure as our airports and government buildings are, calling for his administration to assist states in training specially qualified school personnel
  • Trump addressed the NRA Leadership Forum, vowing to protect the right to bear arms and defend the interests of American gun owners

Freedom of Speech

  • Under President Trump’s leadership, the Department of Justice has defended the right to free speech for millions of American students whose “politically incorrect” views had been silenced on their college campuses
  • Trump has taken a stand against liberal tech giants’ censorship, calling for his administration to look into the shadow-banning of prominent conservative figures on networking platforms like Twitter
  • President Trump is resisting efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to impose Chinese political correctness and censorship on American businesses through the use of specific language in public, political content
  • Trump encouraged free speech and the uplifting of young conservative voices on college campuses in his speech at the Generation Next Summit Panel with Charlie Kirk

Religious Liberty

  • In May, President Trump signed an Executive Order to ensure that faith-based organizations have strong advocates in the White House and the federal government
  • Under the Trump administration, the Department of Justice issued 20 new principles of religious liberty to protect religious freedom in the United States
  • Our president publicly stands with people of faith, addressing the 2017 Values Voter Summit and the 2018 March for Life
  • Trump has ensured that faith-based organizations cannot be forced to violate their religious beliefs by complying with Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate
  • The Trump administration has fought for freedom of religion in the courts, supporting baker Jack Phillips’ right to operate his business in accordance with his religious beliefs
  • President Trump signed an Executive Order ensuring that religious institutions may freely exercise their right to support causes and candidates in line with their values


  • Within his first year in office, President Trump kept his promise to cut red tape, leading to a reenergizing of our country’s agriculture, infrastructure, and energy sectors
  • Trump signed an Executive Order reducing the time it takes to approve infrastructure projects from 10 years to two years
  • Trump has been responsible for unprecedented regulatory rollback: over 850 regulatory actions have been withdrawn or removed from active status since he assumed office

Welfare Reform

  • This year, President Trump signed an Executive Order encouraging federal and state agencies to promote economic mobility through work
  • Under the Trump administration, the House Committee on Agriculture released a new proposal of the 2018 Farm Bill, calling for an expansion of work requirements for able-bodied adults receiving assistance
  • This summer, Trump’s economic advisers published a report supporting work requirements for welfare recipients

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Jeanne Bates
4 years ago

The anti Trump media, playing right into President Trumps hands once again by making conservatives concerned enough to get out there and vote RED. Also the hate mongers are turning many Dems into RED voters!

4 years ago

He is amazing. We need to pray for him, the Vice President and their families every day.

John P
4 years ago

I do not see any mention of reducing the ever increasing property taxes.

4 years ago
Reply to  John P

That’s not a federal issue. Not something he can deal with.

Tom B
4 years ago
Reply to  John P

Property taxes are levied on the state level. Even more reason to get out there and vote RED for your state representitives.

Martin Steed
4 years ago
Reply to  John P

Yea John, they just keep going up and up. Probably because you live in a state controlled by Democrats, maybe California. I escaped from California almost three years ago. Just learned they want to give FREE (meaning its paid for by the tax payers) medical care to ALL illegal aliens. Imagine that. But, those illegals vote (even though they’re no supposed to) to keep all those Dems in office.

4 years ago

Vote Replican. Don’t let the left win anything. They want us US to become a socialist republic. Look a Venezuela. That’s what they want.

4 years ago

He is doing a wonderful job in every area protecting Americans and the Constitution now congress and the senate need to get behind him and arrest the communist in the country they should not have a voice in this republic !!!!!

Silas Longshot
4 years ago

All this and more accomplished while fighting 100% democrat obstruction, 92% negative media coverage (lies & propaganda) and a number of RINO never-Trump republicans sabotaging a lot of things. Imagine what could have been done with a more cooperative group of democrats, and some positive news (it does happen, but you’ll never know about it on CNN). Vote out every democrat running for reelection, for for every republican on the tickets, because if the democrats take over either the house or senate, all this comes to a halt and they start to destroy it all and impeach Trump.

Eileen Simonsen
4 years ago
Reply to  Silas Longshot

Silas, you are sooo right!

4 years ago

Despite all these accomplishments the left will never see President Trump as a good man. They are a bunch of socialist bullies, along with a George Soros backed media. He has done more for America in two years than Hussein Obama did in eight. Vote!!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Glenn

Great Post, we agree!!

Eileen Simonsen
4 years ago
Reply to  Glenn

I agree!

Tammy Byers
3 years ago
Reply to  Glenn

God Bless President Trump

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