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Powerful Pro-Life TV Ads…From Pampers

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WASHINGTON – The popular culture and the ad world haven’t forgotten how precious life is – not entirely anyway.

While Madison Avenue is paying close attention to the effectiveness of ads debuting on the Super Bowl, it’s also marveling at the appeal of a series of new commercials from the name that has become synonymous with disposable diapers – Pampers.

The Pampers people are launching ads celebrating babies – and doing it, so far, without controversy.

One ad on YouTube that debuted in the last month – “A Newborn Journey of Firsts” – has already racked up nearly 1 million views. And the commercials are enjoyed internationally – like one called “Mom’s First Birthday,” targeted at the Japanese market.

The ads show the first sonogram, the baby’s first word, the first detection of a heartbeat and the first tears of joy.

“From the first scan to the first cuddle, every first is significant no matter how small they seem. For both baby and mom, it’s a journey full of firsts,” explains one ad. “And there’s nothing more rewarding than experiencing each and every one together.”

One previous ad from Pampers called babies “miracles” who “deserve protection” and referred to a baby on an ultrasound screen as a “he” instead of an “it.”

Pampers has even created a new website companion to celebrate the first year in the life of babies.

Pampers has annual sales of $10 billion, according to industry sources.


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Carolyn Melton

What a beautiful ad! All life is precious.

Anita Johnson

My children and grandchildren are my treasures here on earth. Many years ago I felt abortion was a woman’s choice, but life experiences and God’s grace showed me it is NOT a choice. It is so good to see a company being positive about life. Babies are God’s greatest gifts and worth every sacrifice made to raise them.

Ree Giovannetti

I love the Pampers ads. Maybe, with God’s help, these messages will get thru to folks who have decided that they must have an abortion. Please keep them in your prayers, that God will show them the right way to go and they will heed Him.

Phil Briscoe

Babies are a gift from God. Sure there are going to be tuff times but the blessings far out weigh those times.

Pat Newby

Thank you. Life is precious. Beautifully done.


When I think of the MILLIONS of babies, NOT lumps of flesh or fetuses, that have been murdered in the past 42 years in the name of convenience, it is refreshing to see a company stand up for what is right!


Love this commercial. As a Mother of 3 sons and grandmother of 6 beautiful children, I treasure all those memories. We need more positive messages in our lives. This ad and the ones that show people being careful with their money and saving for retirement are going in the right direction.

j klis

My wife and I never had to change diapers.
We never had to get up for a feeding in the middle of the morning darkness.
My wife and I never had to worry about a ” Dad, I smashed the car a little” moment.

And all the other things that fit between and after:

Like puppy love.
First date.
and diapers again.

We could not bear children of our own,
And now we regret we did not try so much much harder
and when we were wanting to adopt a child.

Jim K.


I think that was beautiful.

Jim Reitz

How wonderful. Tell it like it is. The gift of life.