Potential 2012ers, There’s Still Time

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

I can’t seem to turn on the television these days without hearing some pundit, “expert,” former adviser to whomever, or analyst insist that it’s too late for potential 2012ers to enter the presidential race—or that they’re harming the party with their indecision.

You know what’s harming the party? Pundits who have elected themselves 2012 timetable managers and think it’s their job to tell potential candidates to fish or cut bait. Who’s to say that today must be the day to announce? Or tomorrow? Or any day short of the actual filing deadline?

I want the GOP primary packed. I want all candidates who are in it to win it making their case to the nation, laying out specific policy initiatives, holding others accountable for their records, highlighting the abomination that is our President’s record, and fighting the good fight for a spot to defeat Barack Obama in 2012. However, I haven’t put any timing deadlines on them. And I don’t plan to.

As much as I would love to think that primary debates offer a real chance to get to know candidates, the truth is that they typically don’t. Sure, we get to see a bit of the candidates’ debate skills and how they choose to defend—or not defend—aspects of their records. But what we hear for the most part—with some minor exceptions—are platitudes and ambiguity, intermixed with some bickering here and there.

If Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth around” 2008 encounter taught us anything, it is that we don’t discover the essence of candidates via staged debates, campaign videos, or rehearsed speeches. We discover it through honest, spontaneous moments at events, town halls, and the like.

So what have 2012ers arriving late to the scene actually missed thus far? Not much.

There will be plenty of debates for them to partake in. There will be plenty of time for them to acquaint voters with who they are, what they have accomplished, and what their vision for the country entails. There will be plenty of time for voters to assess their competence or lack thereof. And there will be plenty of time for us to decide who we would like to donate to and potentially volunteer for.

In short, there will be plenty of time for everything.

In fact, one could argue that it is smart for candidates to sit on the sidelines and observe the potential competition for awhile, assessing their strengths and weaknesses while digging deep within themselves to discover if their hearts are really in it and they are up for the challenge.

Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy on November 13, 1979. No harm, no foul, folks.

Potential 2012ers, speak up when it is the right time for you to do so. I, for one, hope as many of you hit the stage as possible. But I want you to do it on your timeline, not mine.

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Jo Taylor - "Mr. Memories"
9 years ago

Good advice for those who think for themselves.

8 years ago

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Kathy Raines
9 years ago

Google/contact the Dude Ranchers Association for a list of dude ranches. They use to rank them by amenities. I’ve gone to a couple ranches and find the Montana ranches the best. After all, that’s Big Sky country and I can promise you Montana has the biggest sky!

9 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Raines

Texas has the Biggest Sky that is inhabited! Alaska is larger by 2.5 times, but the sky is often not visible by any humans.Texas has hundreds of days a year that are clear all over its 262,000 square miles. Note that I am a lifelong Texan but I love every state of our great nation. My Christmas wish is for our nation to return to its former greatness and go beyond. Then spread our positive message worldwide!

9 years ago

I think Mitt Romney has explained his Romneycare very well. He is an honest, decent man which is something we need in the White House and do not have. I also think he can beat obama. What i can’t understand is why the Democrats don’t run someone against obama. There has to be quite a few that are embarrassed by this insidious man. And katt as far as Sarah pallin is concerned. She is so far above you and your stupidity. Please tell me you are not allowed to vote !!

9 years ago

I’m sick & tired of the media trying to think for me. The debates are a joke. Our two party system is a joke, it’s more like 1 party with 2 heads. Politicians say one thing and do the opposite when elected. I use the internet for my research of candidates. Originally liked Herman Cain; but, when I discovered he was the former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, was on the board for a small energy corporation that loss millions of dollars of employees’ retirement accounts, I say no way. Mitt Romney and Romeycare nope. Rick Perry with his stance on illegal immigration, Mexican cross-border trucking, nope. I like Newt Gingrich and could vote for him. I respect Ron Paul and agree with him 95% of the time. If Dr. Paul is on the ticket I will be voting for him.

9 years ago

If everyone will stop thinking Romney is the only one who is “electable” and study all candidates records and history, they will find Newt Gingrich is one of the most brilliant men in America. He is of “Founders” quality. Yes, he has some “baggage” that will be used against him if he wins the nomination (just like everyone else), but he is the last, best hope of returning America to it’s former greatness in its economy, military defense and adherence to our Constitution. We must all remain involved in any way we can, and pray for our country.

9 years ago

The reason the libs want all candidates to declare as early as possible is so that they can begin the character assassination that they hope will destroy any good candidates. They fail to realize that conservatives for the most part (not all) are usually fine upstanding members of society and want only the best for the country they love. RINOs need not apply!

You don't get it
9 years ago

Jedediah, you say, ” I want the GOP primary packed.”

Yes, we want it packed. But we want it packed on the OTHER side. We would like to see Guiliani and Christie join Huntsman and Johnson in challenging Romney.

Right now we have a handful of conservative candidates splitting their votes, thus allowing Romney to walk away with this thing.

We split our vote the same way in 2008 and allowed McCain to come out on top.

The fragmentation of the conservative vote does not help us in the primary. It hurts us.

Paula Wilson
9 years ago

Untill a few years ago, as most Americans, I did my thing and left the politics to the polititions. Folks, we have to wake up. Our country is in a mess and will do nothing but get worse if we don’t get the politions out of control. We have a Democratic machine and we have a Republician machine, both of which are more concerned about their party than our country. I think we have some good people running for president but it is hard to tell because most of them don’t talk specifics, they just make a lot of general promises, like BHO, and other politions do. I don’t think we need another polition. We need someone who knows how to get things done. From what I have seen so far that is Herman Caine. He may not have experience in goverement but from what he has accomplished I would say whatever he doesn’t know how to do, he knows how to surrond himself, with the people that do. (I don’t mean left wing zars) No matter what job you go into, you can’t know how to do everything but if you know how to choose the right people you don’t have to. He says what he is going to do and how he is going to do it and I think he will. He is not part of the political machine. I am not favoring him because of his race either. My family is southern and I wasn’t raised with a high respect for black people but I haved learned over the years, it is not the color of your skin, but what is in your head and your heart. I don’t care if Herman Caine is black, white, pink, purple, or blue, I think he is a very intelligent, honest man and I think right now he looks like the best choice to get our country out of this mess. Go Herman!!!

Jeff Ferguson
9 years ago

Actually, it may be a negative to already be in the race because it gives all those ‘brilliant’ pundits to label candidates as ‘stupid,’ etc

Nam 67
9 years ago


9 years ago



Have we learned nothing in th last 3 years? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Coffees brewed, eggs and toast are on the table! I’m squeezing you some OJ!!

I’d say shes right up there with Obama as far as EVERYTHING only difference is shes Republican and he’s Democratic!

Sorry folks but we don’t have time for anymore freshman antics. We need someone to pull us up and out and NOT be a puppet for the powers that be!

Sarah Palin…. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!

9 years ago

Thank you JB for the common sense article on the primary system. OK, we can now get by the Palin issue. She is not running for office and she is exactly right when she says she can have more influence on policies and candidates by staying on the outside. She’s pretty smart.

9 years ago

Gosh you’re beautiful!

9 years ago

Just found a great webpage called “OntheIssues.org”. It cites all the candidates positions on all or most current issues. Hope this is helpful to all of us who want to evaluate the candidates.

9 years ago

WOW. Thats areal mouth full Jack.

9 years ago

Agree! Not only are the pundits timing when & who to get in (& get out!), but also are deciding who are the frontrunners & featuring them in the debates, trying to engage them in a one on one. At this point the “polls” that they tout so highly measure little more than name recognition. We need a variety of opinions, perhaps from more candidates. Most of all we need to realize that we can’t make an intelligent choice just based on the debates, but need to do some serious research on who has kept their promises in the past and what their real record is, not just what they or the pundits say publicly.

Jack Pickard
9 years ago

Yes, I agree … after a careful assessment of all the candidates, I have determined that I have, as of yet, not seen anyone as conservative as I am. Modernized Strengthened Military – Strength equals peace not weakness (Reagan). 0 tolerance concerning abortions. 0 tolerance for obamacare. Grandfather all changes to Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid and any changes can have no adverse effects on current recipients. Leave Military retirement/health care alone for current recipients. Realize you will have to go back to the draft if you change the retirement system in the Military, because no one will take a cut in pay to work for Uncle Sam and return to the days of food stamps for active duty personnel. Cut every single tax federal/state/county/city including Income/Property/Franchise/Import/Export/Estate taxes and any other I have missed and go to one single consumption tax that takes care of all governmental needs(not wants). A mandatory balanced budget must be adhered to each year no exceptions. No money can be borrowed without a 2/3 majority vote in both house and senate. Delete all burecrats from all government agencies with regulation writing authority, the only laws that are enforceable or those written by legislatures and properly voted into law. Executive orders can be vetoed by legislatures with a majority vote, in both house and senate. Fed regulates everything between states and outside of US borders. State regulates everything within its borders. Counties unify all Schools within its boundaries and runs those public schools. Citys takes care of their utilities including water, gas, electricity, sewar and road/bridge/sanitation. A civilian panel shall determine yearly the fare split of taxes to all entities, a internal revenue audit will determin available funds and report same to the civilian panel on dates to be determined by joint congressional approval.

9 years ago

Good write. No need to decide yet.

9 years ago

@Canadian Voice…I believe the author wrote
exactly what she intended when she characterized the Obama tenure in the White House as an “abomination”. Yes, it is “a condemnation” and it certainly fits the description of “critical evaluation”. The word “abomination” is defined as “a vile, shameful, or detestable action”. Sounds accurate to me.

9 years ago

I echo and relate to the many on your site about Herman Cain and as a businessman I stand with him the message that comes from him and the best so far to defeat this socialist President.

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