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Polls Show Big Problems for Progressive Prosecutors and Soft-on-Crime Democrats

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn


Amid a surge in homicides and violent crime across the country, many Democrats are desperately trying to shed the “Defund the Police” mantra that they have embraced for the better part of two years. But polls suggest that voters aren’t buying it, and elected Democrats everywhere will be on the hook for their support for radical policing and criminal justice policies that are wreaking havoc on American communities.

According to a Rasmussen poll from late last month, two-thirds of voters say crime is worsening, while even more – 83% – say violent crime will be an important voting issue come November. In Gallup’s most recent polling, 72% say they are dissatisfied with the nation’s policies to reduce or control crime. Another recent Wall Street Journal poll shows that on the question of which party is best at handling crime, voters trust Republicans over Democrats 46% to 26%.

Those numbers mean that Americans recognize just how dire things are when it comes to crime. Last year, homicide rates spiked in 13 major cities, each Democrat-run. Following harsh anti-police rhetoric from elected Democrats in recent years, police officers have found themselves in the crosshairs as well; ambush-style attacks on law enforcement shot up 115% last year. So-called “low-level crimes” like carjackings have also surged in major cities. A mass exodus from major cities including Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles is ongoing as a result, but crime has even seeped into smaller towns and suburbs.

At the same time, progressive prosecutors have doubled down on woke policies meant to “remake” the criminal justice system in the name of “social justice” – in other words, putting criminals first and victims last. Among the worst offenders are Kim Foxx of Chicago, Larry Krasner of Philadelphia, Chesa Boudin of San Francisco, Kim Gardner of St. Louis, and Mike Schmidt of Portland, to name a few. Lenient policies they rigorously pushed range from eliminating cash bail and downgrading crimes from felonies to misdemeanors to outright refusal to prosecute brazen crimes like robbery, resisting arrest, and even engaging in a shootout with police.

Unsurprisingly, Chicago saw its deadliest year in a quarter-century last year. Philadelphia broke its 1990 crime record, with over 550 killings. In places like Washington, D.C., carjackings were up 18% last year, following a staggering 153% increase from 2019 to 2020. Concerningly, many of those crimes were committed by teenagers, some as young as 14.

But as crime has continued to skyrocket, so has public outrage at progressive prosecutors and woke soft-on-crime policies. According to a Siena Research Institute poll released on Monday, for example, 56% of New York voters say the city’s 2019 bail “reform” that eliminated cash bail for those facing misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges has been bad for New York, while 64% say it has led to an increase in crime. In a February Rasmussen poll asking voters about specific policies of big cities with progressive prosecutors, disapproval is widespread: 58% say Bragg’s policy in New York of not prosecuting those resisting arrest makes it more likely that people will resist arrest; 72% think Boudin’s policy in San Francisco of not prosecuting felons under California’s Three Strikes law makes it more likely felons will continue perpetrating crime in the city, and 69% think Gardner’s policy in St. Louis of reducing prosecutions by more than 30% while crime increases make the city less safe. Perhaps most notably, 58% of Americans believe a sweeping law permitting the removal of state attorneys from office for not prosecuting violent crimes would improve public safety.

In Oregon, Washington County District Attorney Kevin Barton recently admitted that “people are increasingly concerned about the rise in crime, especially as it spreads into Washington County from Portland.” A statewide poll commissioned by the Oregon District Attorney’s Office confirms this, with 55% of voters saying they feel less safe than they did two years ago and 62% saying jail and prison time for offenders is, in fact, the best way to protect the public.

Moreover, voters have taken the frustration measured in public polling and translated it into political action, launching several successful recall efforts against progressive prosecutors. Almost a year ago, William McSwain, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, predicted this, saying that Philadelphia could very well be a leading indicator of the failed far-left progressive prosecutor movement after DA Krasner failed to earn the endorsement of the Philadelphia Democrat Party, which as one insider noted is “really an extraordinary thing that almost never happens.”

Last November, Republican Ann Davison also beat a progressive candidate for Seattle City Attorney, the first time a Republican has won a city attorney position in over three decades in the extremely liberal city. Biden, for context, won Seattle by more than 50 points in 2020. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, recall efforts of their DAs are well underway. An EMC Research poll released on March 10 shows 68% of likely San Francisco voters will vote to recall Chesa Boudin.

Amid this clear rebuke from voters, a number of Democrat-led cities have tried to quietly rewrite history and refund their police departments after vigorously defunding them last year. The culmination of this effort has been Biden’s grand overture to fund the police in his latest budget proposal and similarly disingenuous promise to support law enforcement in his State of the Union Address. Even so, radical Democrats in Congress continue to push “Defund the Police,” with Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri saying earlier this month that Democrats “cannot be afraid to talk about what ‘Defund the Police’ means.” Even Biden has betrayed his true feelings on the issue, saying at a Gun Violence Prevention Task Force meeting last month that he wants “every major city to follow New York’s lead” – after DA Alvin Bragg had released his soft on crime memo.

With midterms just around the corner and a growing number of crises plaguing Democrats at every level of government, Republicans have a strong advantage on a host of issues. But on crime, Democrats can’t even seem to rally support from their own voters anymore. By selling out to a small cadre of radical criminal justice “reform” advocates, Democrats willingly abandoned law and order and left their constituents at the mercy of criminals. Now, just as their voters have paid the price for such action in the streets, Democrats are likely to pay the price at the ballot box.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch.   

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2 months ago

It’s critical that we keep Democrats bottled up in their crime-infested cesspools – we definitely do not want their fascist filth in our suburbs and towns.

Concentrate them in their camps, and let them eat each other.

2 months ago

It’s been great fun watching all the hysteria over demonRat caused crime! We’ve told them for decades….if you don’t want crime, PUNISH it.. If you want More of it, reward it.
Guess what the idiots chose?

Ashley Squishy
2 months ago

In what has to be the biggest misconception since “the late Abe Vigoda”: Ann Davison IS NOT a Republican! She is a common-sense Democrat, but a Democrat nonetheless. Still welcome in a city run by the loony left.

Henry Jongeman
2 months ago
Reply to  Ashley Squishy

Ann Davison is a Republican. She used to be a Democrat. Look it up.

Will Smith
3 months ago

When I see the Republicans get voted in, then I will belive it. Tired of the crap the democrackheads are causing and getting away with it , makes no since whats so ever.

3 months ago

All this is just rhetoric until the penal system is enforced.

Unslung Hero
3 months ago

Well……….New York could put George Soros in Guantanamo for a start!!!

Stephen T Hunt
3 months ago

Yes yes and more yes. Progressives forgot their is Original Sin in a fallen world.

Gary Lee
3 months ago

And Crime will continue to tailspin down, down, down getting ever closer to anarchy unless something is done to show these rogue , governors, legislators, and prosecutors the door.

Michael Davitt
3 months ago

Crime doesn’t matter. Borders don’t matter (unless it’s Ukraine). Senile, mentally incompetent presidents don’t matter. Baby’s lives don’t matter. Pronouns matter!

3 months ago

Democrats know that no cash bail, defund police, Soros DA’s and a laissez faire attitude to violent crime will cause more crime and more deaths. The citizens that reside in these blue cities and states are living in daily fear for their lives.   In these cities run by democrats have triple digit increases in rapes, carjacking, smash and grab robberies, home invasions, armed robberies and murders. Democrat leaders are not only OK with these sky high levels of violent crime; they just don’t care about all the people robbed or dying. The voters are starting to feel that if these democrats are not voted out they will be the next crime statistic.

3 months ago
Reply to  cupera1

59 million registered voters on welfare. Add those getting Earned Income Credit (the stealth federal welfare program disguised as IRS regulation) and net taxpayers are barely a majority. If WE don’t turn out 100%, we still lose, as the welfare class always votes democrat for the promise of more benefits. And now, they also get the out of work college graduates with a hundred thousand in college debt from the six years they spent getting a four year worthless degree, thanks to promises of debt forgiveness.

Joe M
3 months ago

EVERY Democrat should be voted out of office with the exception of Manchin and Seneca !!!

3 months ago
Reply to  Joe M

Also a pretty big list of RINOs need to go. And don’t put to much faith in Manchin and Seneca. Remember, a wolf is still a wolf, even if he hasn’t eaten your sheep.

2 months ago
Reply to  WilliamB

Brilliantly put, WilliamB. Democrats are fascists and racists – or fascists-in-waiting. There is no such thing as a “good” Democrat. That doesn’t mean they have a monopoly on evil, but you have to be evil to be a Democrat.

Nobody’s Business
3 months ago

The Civil War that is coming,because of Democrats, will take care of the foolish Democrats. Only when the idiots have to fear for their own lives will their thinking change about letting criminals go and prosecuting people for defending themselves. If they weren’t hypocrites they would let people steal from them, rape their loved ones and maime or kill their families. Right now they are isolated from crime and don’t care.

3 months ago

Almost ironically, letting criminals out or not even arresting them, has resulted in growth of another group the socialist democrats hate: private citizens with guns. Twenty million guns sold last year. Biggest group of first time gun owners? Women, including black women. Citizens now have 150 million armed citizens with 400 million guns and over a trillion rounds of ammo. 70 times as many guns as the U.S. military and ALL police forces combined. We are the Militia that Yamamoto feared in WW2.

That’s why if the democrats keep their House majority and gain one in the Senate, we’ll see early next year several bills under the heading of gun control, including confiscation. At that point, we may see anarchy, civil war, or revolution. I know here in East Texas, gun confiscator is likely to be the new most dangerous occupation in America!

2 months ago
Reply to  WilliamB

I love seeing Democrats die violently at the hands of other Democrats – Like Hitler fighting Stalin.

3 months ago

The biggest problem with these progressive Democrats is that they have loud voices over social media, which we know is not known for allowing conservative voices to be heard, plus these same progressives don’t listen to alternative compromise ideas. Even getting arrested or being sued, is turns them into a martyr for their ideals. But all is not lost, we simply have to let them fail, and let every known case of criminals released back out to the streets despite having a long criminal record be publicized along with exactly how they were arrested showing how much they failed to comply with the arresting officers. Plus publicize the act they committed especially if caught on video ( uncut and uncensored ). Let their defense councilors figure out how to avoid/lessen sentencing.

3 months ago
Reply to  MariaRose

Good idea, Maria, but how do we get it publicized? The print and TV press are owned by the left and will not report the truth. If we just allow the socialist democrats’ policies to fail, WE lose too! Look at the Supreme Court. We’re about to have a new justice who cannot define how a woman is different from a man and who thinks child pornographers shouldn’t be punished. We can’t afford to let them fail. We’ve got to stop them. Start by voting.

Owen Shrock
3 months ago

I’m not going to comment on this article…What I am going to say is that we’re being set up, and it seems like the entire US Government is in on it. I watched this morning on the news where Comrade Joey, or as I’ve started referring to him, Biffie, has released over 83 million barrels of oil from our national strategic reserve to ease the burden of high gasoline prices. The story went on to say that Biffie has ordered an additional one million barrels of oil to be released each and every month unil gas prices subside.

I also read online last night that the US Navy is planning on scrapping twenty four of it’s ships so they can meet Congressional budget requirements. This includes five Missile Cruisers, all eight of it’s newest Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ships, the newest one being only two years old. The Navy said the reason their going to scrap the Littoral Combat Ships is because the transmissions were not syncing up with the engines…REALLY? Then the contractors should be held accountable and required to fix the problem or return the money they’ve taken from the American taxpayers! 

I also read where in the past six months the US Air Force has lost in crashes over a dozen fighter aircraft, this includes four F22 Raptors, three F35’s, and host of F15’s and F16’s most, if not all due to maintenance issues of some sort or another. What gives, is the Air Force not training it’s personal anymore?

I read several months ago where the US Marine Corp had gotten rid of all it’s Tank Battalions’ and two of it’s Infantry Battalion’s, along with several of its Air Wings. All in an effort to make the Marine Corp a leaner and more lethal fighting force…Wow! I’m not a military expert, but I would think that downsizing and completely getting rid of all you’re Tanks would not make you a more lethal fighting force, especially when you should be preparing for an adversary such as China.

So let’s do a recap, Biffie has ordered millions of barrels of oil released from the National Strategic Reserve, instead of pumping more of our own oil. The Navy is scrapping twenty four ships, including eight of it’s newest ones, instead of building more and preparing for a conflict with China. The Air Force has dozens of planes literally falling out of the sky, and the Marine Corp is downsizing and becoming LESS lethal. Either I’m completely paranoid or a huge wack-a-doodle, or there’s something to it all. With the Biffie administration doing everything in its power to destroy our Constitution and our way of life, I would say it’s a safe bet that America is being sold down the drain.

How much longer can we continue down this road before we fall? The American people need to wake up before it’s too late!

God help the USA

3 months ago
Reply to  Owen Shrock

Excellent points, Owen. Generally speaking it’s what we’ve seen “between” wars forever. The Littoral ships, from what I’ve read, were a mistake and no doubt the result of some friendly deals over the last ten years, as our military has become more a social justice arm of the government than a true defense force.

Air crashes I might attribute the F22 and F35’s possibly to design bugs. Look at how many planes of the past got to the “F” and “G” models before they were really good and reliable. The current F15 is the “E”, though, and the F16 has been around since 1978, so i would think the bugs are fixed by now, so those two plane crashes sound like maintenance or, dare I say, pilot error? Equal opportunity has given way to equal placement. Period. I’ll bet the scariest place you can be these days is on the deck of an aircraft carrier recovering planes!

Biden and the socialists have taken us to the brink of war with Russia, all to cover the monumentally failed domestic polices, new laws, and total corruption of the DOJ, FBI, NSA, and CIA. As Louis Brandeis (Supreme Court Justice 1928) said: “Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

2 months ago
Reply to  Owen Shrock

You left out deliberately throwing open the southern border in a naked attempt to replace (what little remains of) the actual American people.

3 months ago

Democrats are soft on criminals, probably because most Democrats ARE pro criminal behavior!

3 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Given what we’ve seen from democrats in the House, plus the Biden family, they’re not just pro criminal behavior, they’re criminals!

3 months ago

PoIIs are worthless.

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