Cursive writing (“handwriting”) has been on the decline for over a decade, though 21 states still mandate it in their curriculums. Should it still be taught?

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10 days ago

It is important to have a good grasp on our history so that we do not make the same mistakes. Many of our founding documents are in cursive. If today’s student do not learn cursive, how will they be able to read our founding documents and understand our history?

16 days ago

To Jeff
My mom was mostly left handed but she also did a couple things right handed. I’d love to send you a sample of her beautiful handwriting and see if you can nail whether she wrote in cursive left handed or right. She was born in 1925 and passed 10 years ago and was still writing out checks to pay her bills which is what people her age did (not bill paying on line) and her signature was not at all shaky.

17 days ago

One simple point – if/when one of our enemies detonates one of those bombs that fries electronics, those who writes/reads cursive will posses a code that the rest cannot decipher!!!!

24 days ago

As one who loves history and genealogy, they will never be able to figure out what we’ve done in the past. They will need a Rosetta Stone to decipher what we’ve written. And, the computer does not do an adequate job figuring it out, at least so far.

1 month ago

There is a bigger problem here than just learning to write in cursive. Anyone who reads comments online already knows that obviously spelling, grammar, and punctuation are not being taught in the school systems, either. Online comments are keyed and even then some of them make no sense without the three attributes above. Throw in no spelling, grammar, and punctuation with cursive text and you literally will have nothing but dribble to decipher. To make any sense, all four parts are necessary; that is the definition of English writing. Without them, all you essentially have is the crayon scribbling of a baby.

1 month ago

I know kids who go to get their driver’s license and pass the written (computer) and driving test but then cannot sign their name to be imprinted on the actual unit. Good grief!

1 month ago

on a computer, (as old fashioned as they are) you can pick fonts that will give you the semblance of cursive. But the uniqueness is gone. Using a cursive font to sign documents makes the document rife for theft. Cursive is not only a historical art form, which has been used in the past as a means of communication and documentation, but used on important forms, to document your signature. Lest we go back to signing documents with an X … we need cursive … and to abandon it, is as brainless as going with ‘trends’ and getting rid of cash.

1 month ago

It’s time has past and gone. And any Left hand person can double or triple that opinion. True – you can spot a Lefty’s cursive from the slant in struggling with pushing ink and the smudging (getting on the hand too).
I went to my own distinctive hand printing (still unique) instead of cursive. You can pick up and put down each letter without the hand and pen glued to the paper.(Still some smudging but way less).
It (hand letter printing) is still a talent and brain to hand motor skill.
Why aren’t Books printed in cursive? Or on a digital display?
They (Schools) still Teach how to Print letters – well I hope so and will have to ask about that.
And by the way… IT (Cursive) should be of free Will and not a One Size Fits All proposition.

1 month ago

Cursive is censor proof. Despite being subjected to outside intervention,I.e., being destroyed or distributed. It can have a life beyond digital text. If history has taught us anything, there are those who wish to control what we read, see and hear. The written word threatens those who wish to control us.

1 month ago

The Biden administration is deliberately trying to increase ignorance by dumbing down the school children’s curriculum of reading, writing, and arithmetic. They have replaced a traditional education with political subjects, racism and sexual perversion.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jane

This was started LONG before Biden and his administration. Don’t blame just one person and administration for this. Doing away with cursive writing is part of Common Core curriculum and the indoctrination process.

24 days ago
Reply to  Lori

Common Core originated in 2010 during the Obama administration, so Biden may have had plenty to do with it. Government “Race to the Top” competitive grants became available as an incentive for states to adopt it. We all know that if common core had proper substance, we wouldn’t need to dangle cash incentives like carrots in front of horses.

1 month ago

I didn’t normally watch the Ellen show but one day I didn’t feel like reading so I turned on a show and listened while playing a game on my computer. When that show was over, Ellen came on and I didn’t change the channel because I was barely listening and was playing my game.Just before a commercial, they said upcoming a child singer. When she started singing, her voice was beautiful so watched her and then Ellen started interviewing her. I believe she said she was 9 years old and Ellen asked if she gets a lot of autograph requests and she said, “I can’t sign autographs because I don’t know cursive, my school doesn’t teach it”, she looked like she was going to cry. She said someone heard about it and someone was going to teach her.

1 month ago
Reply to  dee

This is crazy. Everyone should at least be able to sign their name. If not, they cannot sign a legal document, get a driver’s license (in my state), or even write a check to someone. My question here is this: Where are her parents? Aren’t they literate? Can’t they teach their daughter how to sign her name? My gosh, the school shouldn’t have to do everything for a child.

1 month ago

The original documents fromthe founders are in cursive, people need to be able to read the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.

24 days ago
Reply to  Antonio

It seems that there’s a significant problem with around half of our population who don’t seem to care what the original documents say. Perhaps interpretation, or lack thereof, is crafted to continue indoctrinating our young and add force to the “change history” movement that we’ve been experiencing.

1 month ago

My wife and I believe cursive should be taught in all schools and English should be the National language.

1 month ago
Reply to  Rick

The law already states that people who want to immigrate to the US must agree to learn English and assimilate into our culture. (Not the other way around).

1 month ago

The three “R’s” still should be taught among other subjects that doesn’t include woke indoctrination!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Eric

Well said & when is Congress going to make English our National language.

L. J.
1 month ago

If you follow the majority of votes here you can see most of the population thinks wike is BS!

1 month ago

As a former elementary school teacher, I can vouch for the importance of teaching and learning cursive writing. It is an essential skill, not only to be able to read and write in cursive, but as the poll suggests it fosters brain development and fine motor skills.

1 month ago

As a former homeschooling parent of 15 years, I have always been a strong proponent of teaching print & cursive writing. That said, I don’t believe we’ll need to concern ourselves about such a matter with the advancement of AI. Even Elon Musk says “We are not far from dangerously strong AI.”

24 days ago
Reply to  Moxie

What I think I just read was;

I’ve always loved peanut butter and own stock in peanut farms, but now we have cheese, so we don’t need peanut butter anymore.

1 month ago

easy to fool a fool who cannot read. lets go back in history where the everyday/poor did not know how to read or write. the upper class were horrified at even the thought of teaching these type of everyday/poor anything. the less educated were their slaves. now these upper class are trying to bring it back.

Rob citizenship
1 month ago

The topic of this poll is the importance of handwriting, and the significance of what it means in the education system. So, I have been thinking about the significance of what Christ did when he calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee, it could be said what Christ did by that act was a victory for an appreciation of having Faith. This handwriting issue is a significant indicator of what needs to be done to restore good sense in the education system . And it involves having an appreciation for Truth, and Faith , because when people do things that are respectful, and responsible it is pleasing to God. Let all of us who care about Faith, Family and Freedom understand that the positive comments expressed in this poll are a great indicator of being on a road to victory to reestablish ethical standards in the education system . This issue is vital because it is far more than a form of communication in the picture, it is about what is being communicated as well . Truth and ethical standards need to be reestablished in the education system. It is all about the honorable defense of Faith, Family and Freedom.

1 month ago

Rob, I would love to see truth and ethical, moral standards returned to the American classroom. Perhaps I tend to overthink things, but let’s say ethical standards are returned to the classroom, who will be the ethical teachers, certainly not the same teachers, as they are not ethical, how will the children ever trust their teachers who told them one thing and then will be telling them the exact opposite. They will be so confused and possibly never be able to trust anyone. We can’t undo the lies and evil thoughts and images that they have been subjected to. Perhaps I’m over tired and not feeling very hopeful of any success in such an evil world we live in. I know God is all powerful and can if he wills it. Then on the other hand I realize that our time may be up and He has given us every opportunity to turn to him, many have, but as a nation we have not. I will continue to pray for this nation and the world. So many are lost and will be eternally separated from God unless they turn their heart to Him who died to save us. Peace to you all in Jesus’ name.

Rob citizenship
1 month ago
Reply to  Donna

To Donna, Thanks for your comment. The reference I have been making to ethics and standards has to do with the rules that new teachers in a new education system would follow. About the present teachers in the present education system who are involved with indoctrination, with promoting leftist ideas — there would be no place for them in a new education system. The matter of teaching ethics in the schools, that would be great, but that is another matter . That would be something that would I suppose vary from school to school , from one area to another. So, the new education system would have new teachers, who respect the idea of freedom, respect American ideals and believe in God. I believe that would be a great improvement over what has been going on recently, when a new education system could be established, that would depend on many factors , but it is probably good to have discussions about it , maybe it could be an AMAC poll topic in the near future. Thanks again for your comment, I appreciate it.

24 days ago

About the present teachers in the present education system who are involved with indoctrination, with promoting leftist ideas — there would be no place for them in a new education system.”

I’m sure a lot of the teachers are excellent at what they do, and are simply following the curriculum they are REQUIRED to teach. The curriculums are created by politicians with an agenda that have more to do about power and money, rather than American families and a quality education.

Perhaps when presented with a different curriculum, these same teachers can be just as effective at bringing truth and ethical standards back into the classroom. Most, if not all of the teachers I know have issues with what they’re required to teach. The only flexibility they have is not with curriculum, only with methodology.

1 month ago

Bravo! Well versed in the art of communication

Linda Schultz
1 month ago

When your own child cannot read a birthday card in cursive it makes you sad!???? I fought years in the early 2000’s to have my kids learn cursive. Actually cursive to me, seems easier to learn since kids start writing with loops & scribbles. The teachers would say that they won’t be writing but using a computer!

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