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Long time Actor and director Clint Eastwood gave a surprise speech at the Republican National Convention which aired from Tampa recently.  His use of satire was interesting as he addressed an “invisible” President Obama.  There were mixed feelings about his speech but one thing is inarguable: he was able to build a successful life in America.  He wants to protect that freedom and he wants the same opportunity to exist for everyone under an industrious President.  Eastwood is a “tradesman” by his own definition; he also established one of the finest restaurants in California.  He joins a long list of celebrities to become restaurateurs. In addition to lending names and providing financial backings to their establishments, many place their personal stamp on aspects of the restaurant, including the menu and décor.  Some celebrity owned eateries offer casual dining at affordable prices, while others are quite upscale in design and price.  The atmospheres reflect the mood, style and personal taste of the owners.  Let’s take a culinary glance at three popular restaurants owned by rich and famous stars.  Perhaps, you may have the fortune to dine in one of these great places. Be sure to book reservations for your culinary adventure in advance, as these are quite popular “attractions”.  For your interest, I am including a political note on each of these celebrity owners.

*Mission Ranch Hotel & Restaurant – Carmel, California – This historic 1800’s ranch was restored and preserved by a very famous resident who also served as former Mayor of Caramel, actor and director Clint Eastwood.  With lovely views and in a quiet and rather romantic location, the ranch serves as a getaway hotel, wedding and vacation destination and can accommodate corporate dinners.  The restaurant is well known for its wonderful American Cuisine and boasts a piano bar with live music.  Offering a wide array of foods from filet and lobster to roasted half maple leaf duck, dinner is a veritable feast.  Meals may be eaten indoors or outside on a heated patio.  On Sundays, a buffet brunch is available featuring live jazz.  Guests are invited to bring their appetites along but are encouraged to leave their cellphones behind in order to fully enjoy their culinary experience.

Political Note:  Clint Eastwood registered as a Republican to vote for Dwight D. Eisenhower.  In recent years, he suggested he is “a moderate”, neither left nor right-wing.  While some of his political views may have seemed to steer toward the left at times, he endorsed and campaigned for John McCain during the 2008 Presidential elections.  While he wishes Obama well, he expresses disappointment in Obama’s leadership as a President and wishes for all Americans to grow and prosper under decent government.  He fully lends his support to Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

*Zoom, Park City, Utah – Opened in 1995, this vibrant restaurant is owned by the famous American actor, director, producer and businessman, Robert Redford.  Located at the foot of Main Street and at the historical site of Park City’s former Union Pacific Depot, Zoom features a warm, yet casual ambiance.  The comfortable interior features rustic wood floors which pay homage to Park City’s pioneering roots.  Offering hearty and sophisticated menu of American Continental cuisine and a selected list of fine wine, this restaurant continually receives great accolades. As part of the Sundance Resort experience, it is open for lunch and dinner daily.  The menu is diverse and displays the talents of the kitchen staff who combine regional influences to create memorable and unforgettable dishes.  I urge you to take a look at the mouth-watering menu.

Political Note:  Though politically a liberal, Robert Redford supports environmentalism, Native American rights, and the arts.  While most of his federal political contributions have been to Democrats, he has on occasion supported Republicans, namely Brent Cornell Morris and Gary R. Herbert.  Interestingly, he has been a noted vocal critic of Barack Obama for a lack of follow-through on environmental policies.

*Bongos Cuban Café – Miami, Florida – This is one of many businesses owned by Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio and features a Cuban theme.  It is described as “where Miami meets Old Havana’s tropical ambiance, cuisine and style.” The intimate seating, natural elements and awakening atmosphere combine to make dining in this restaurant a unique experience.  Opened in 2000, the restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown Miami with breathtaking views of the port of Miami, Biscayne Bay, and Downtown Miami.  Cuban cuisine takes center stage at this authentic restaurant which features home-style entrees such as Cuban style steak and their famous Creole seafood combo.  This exciting place boasts a nightclub featuring Latin Rhythms for those who like to dance.

Political Note:  Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Gloria Estefan is a Cuban-born American whose family fled Cuba when she was young.  Her father was once a personal bodyguard to the first lady of Cuba (the wife of Fulgencio Batista).  After Castro’s Revolution, her father was captured in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and was held prisoner until an exchange was arranged by President John F. Kennedy.  Her father also served in Vietnam.  Gloria’s mother was a teacher.  In addition to her talents, Estefan is the author of children’s’ books and a cookbook.  She is described as a devoted wife, mother and grandmother.  Gloria proudly holds an Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor, a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Medallion of Excellence for Community Service, and has served as a member of the U.S. Delegation to the 47th Assembly of the United Nations.

Celebrity establishments are held to the highest standards and reflect elements of the owners’ personalities.  Travelers go out of their way to dine in celebrity owned restaurants, often making reservations far in advance and spending quite a bit for the privilege of doing so.  I’ll bet if you dine at Clint Eastwood’s elegant restaurant, you’ll make his day!  You’re bound to remember the way you were at Robert Redford’s rustic-charmed eatery.  Or maybe you’ll let the rhythm get you at Gloria Estefan’s Latin- themed establishment.  No matter which you choose, you’re certain to have an entertaining experience!

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8 years ago

A third grader with any common sense can see where Obama it taking us. Wake up America, the Lord is calling, and thanks Clint.

JB from Jacktown
8 years ago

Clint’s always been one of my favorites. As an American Patriot and as a role model through examples set by his life and career. In listening to his question and answer session with the “Pres. in the chair”, a saying I’ve heard before ocurred to me:
‘Not all questions are answerable, but all answers are questionable’ I hope the American public will take heed and see who’s there now should not be in office after the election.
GOD shed HIS grace on thee. May HE bless this country again. We DO so need it now.

Donald Lawhon
8 years ago

But, before you vote, make sure that you are registered properly,…just check to be sure,…then vote for RR!

Roberta Baum
8 years ago

I would like to point out that God placed Obama in the White House. And since He does nothing without a purpose, I believe that God is calling us back to Himself, using Mr. Obama to show us how good we had it when He was in charge. We have lost our first love and God wants to renew our vows.

8 years ago

I just LOVED the Clint Eastwood bit…..Very much to the point ….creative & original ……Bless him Thanks!!!

8 years ago

Everyone MUST get out and vote for RR. This country cannot take four more years of the illegal alien now serving as president and his chicago sewer rats. May GOD help deliver us from this traitor!

Edward St John
8 years ago

Loved the Clint Eastwood bit. Very creative and to the point. The metaphor of the empty chair and the empty suit masquerading around the White House was not lost on me. We need more Clints. He’s my age as well, so I guess our values are similar. Thanks for the good web site and interesting mail………….Ed

8 years ago

Clint Eastwood appeared at the convention as a “regular” American: no prepared lines, no polish, no glamor. And in a later interview, referring to President Obama as a hoax fostered upon the American people, he established himself as a man of insight. It’s too bad that there aren’t more Hollywood types like him!

john Galanoudis (Yiannis )
8 years ago

“Dirty Harry ” was great. He is an American Legend and seems to be all there, which is remarkable considering his age.I hope he should always be remembered for the great line…..”We, the people, own this Country and the politicians/government are our employees ”
He used no teleprompter, ( like you know who ), that’s why he really …..” made my day ” !

8 years ago

Mr. Eastwood has again proven he is a firebrand innovator. He not only provided an informative entertaining review of the past 4 years, but he did so without a script. The convenstions being so staunchly scripted it is a breath of fresh air ts see someone off script doing it right – and better than the scripted drones of the campaigns.

Thank You Clint!

8 years ago

Make our day – vote for Romney-Ryan!

8 years ago

Loved Clint Eastwood – got the point across without being mean – of course I think mean is sometime due.

8 years ago

On Clint Eastwood speech at RNC.
“about his speech but one thing is inarguable” It was a great speech done off the cuff and hitting many important
points and considerations about obama and his almost 4 year record.
Thank You Professor Eastwood.
No mixed feelings at my house, but there are with the democrats and the AMAC.

8 years ago

WHY doesn’t anyone care?? Where are all the posts??

8 years ago
Reply to  VirgoVince

People are still somewhat comfortable and that makes them complacent. It’s so sad that the hurt has to come before they realize (too late) that they should have paid more attention. Even more sad is that we who have been trying to warn will have to suffer with them! I wish everyone would read Obama’s books before they vote. He makes no bones that he hates the white man and had little respect for his own mother because she was white. The welfare recipients and the illegals made legal by Obama so they would vote for him won’t care what he does as long as they have their handout. There’s lots of them and that’s why we cannot sit back and not vote. Every senior and every business person must get out and vote if we have any hope of defeating socialism. I treasure freedom and it’s fast disappearing under King Obama’s reign. And it wouldn’t hurt to invite our God back into this country!

8 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

Too bad we didn’t have the options of communication at our founding then we have today – this inverse relationship means we can say less in more modes of communication then we ever could.
Ironic also that while much of the time this Muslim is lying especially as he “streams to center” with his “pseudo-American” rhetoric, he’s true to his intent of Islamization of our Christian nation; ruling, operating with a shadow government of czars and omnipresent “executive orders”.
Responsibly, we need to begin “getting away from the federal trough”, as the Bible puts it, “putting a knife to our throat when we dine with royality” realizing that it’s Obama’s targetted “wealthy” which fuels the economy, begins small business, employs and begins other small business, and which are those who “pledged their wealth, the lives and their sacred honor” at our founding.
How many poor do you know able to begin a small business and how many of you women want to see what’s it like to live under the hot house of a burkha??

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