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Politically Frustrated! What Can I do?

whatFrustrations mount – around that 2020 election, state-level mismanagement of COVID and vaccines, crippling lockdowns, governors who are hypocritical and incompetent, mayors who permit lawlessness, city councils that cut police, and many Americans ask, “What can I do?”

The answer is:  More than you think.  Even with COVID afoot, conservatives are unifying and becoming stronger.  AMAC members, delegates, and leadership constantly press ideas forward, vet legislation, circulate petitions, talk with policy leaders, coordinate with delegates, conduct interviews and analysis on issues from Social Security and veterans’ benefits to national priorities, utilizing social media, writing, reinforcing the possible – in a world of worry.

Let us get concrete.  While AMAC is a conservative leader, citizens are rising across the United States to demand integrity in the election process, accountability for federal and state dollars, competence in gubernatorial and mayoral decisions on the economy, jobs, taxes, health, education, crime, police. They are saying “enough is enough,” and demanding action.

Famously, the old philosopher Plato wrote, in The Republic: “Beginning is the most important part of the work.” So, we must treat this, for all our frustration, as the beginning. America needs conservative activism – now and indefinitely.

Examples are illustrative, offering ways to get involved – beyond helping AMAC fight for America’s core values, constitutional liberties, fiscal responsibility, moral compass, and security.  A leading example comes out of California, where millions are pushing recall of a rogue Democrat governor, who destroyed the state’s economy, upended constitutional rights, and dines mask-less at $1200 a plate, while his state’s citizens struggle to stay above water.

The petition for removal of California’s Gavin Newsom is gaining steam.  What catches the eye is how his heavy-handedness shows up in many Democrat-led states and cities, with few recalls.

California’s recall petition starts: “Unaffordable housing. Record homelessness. Rising crime. Failing schools. Independent contractors thrown out of work. Exploding pension debt. And now, a locked down population while the prisons are emptied. Hold Gavin Newsom accountable. Gavin Newsom must go.”

While that focuses on Newsom, like complaints might be leveled at all 24 Democrat governors, and some Republicans.  Add impairment of constitutional and economic rights, loss of businesses, livelihood, schooling, insurance, jobs, church, social interaction, and numbers rise.

Likewise, 13 of Americas’ largest 15 cities are Democrat-led – and a growing disgrace.  Suffering huge economic loss, high crime, drug trafficking and abuse, homelessness, sanctuary for illegal aliens, educational failure, and solvency problems from unfunded public pensions to unbalanced bloated budgets.  Where are recall petitions?

The answer, in part, is that many states have no recall process – but could create one. Only 19 states have this option, and eight – Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Rhode Island, Washington, and Illinois – require specific grounds for recall.

Main point is that citizens in those states, and virtually every city – whether run by a mayor or city council – have a recall right and could exercise it.  Interestingly, states like Illinois established recall only when circumstances overran them.  Why not get ahead?  Like now.

In places where governors and mayors overstep constitutional rights – corrected by the US Supreme Court, for example on church attendance – citizens could establish referendums that allow recall when specific constitutional rights or economic liberty rights are being violated.

The risk, of course, is recall overuse.  But the threat of recall based on violation of constitutional and economic liberty rights might give pause to power-grabbing governors, mayors, and city councils. Absent that, many unleash wild interpretations of executive power, killing small businesses, putting families out of work, restricting speech, worship, assembly, travel, and self-defense, criminalizing public dialogue, cutting police, mandating social behaviors.

So, one form of citizen action is to demand accountability, yes in the electoral process – for example, insisting no more mail-in ballots – but another is restricting executive action. Ultimately, those elected – at any level – need to remember that they work for The People.

Other citizen reactions might include moving state legislatures to investigate electoral abuse, exercise their constitutional right over elector selection, legislatively block open-ended mail-ins, demand faster distribution of small business aid, vaccines, veteran benefits, and ways to get ahead of mounting the health effects – across all demographics – caused by lockdowns.

Small businesses, humble in operation, employ most of America.  They have much to teach non-business legislators, mayors, city councils, governors, and members of Congress.  Small businesses can go with spreadsheets, perishable inventory logs, patron turnover numbers, indications of very small margins – what they need to survive – and educate.  Plato wryly noted: “Those who do not know must learn from those who know.”  If ever true, it is now.

Similarly, AMAC has begun working with veteran groups to create synergies, access to information, sound legislation, promoting linkages among key groups, and understanding of key benefits – from Social Security to Veterans’ Administration, while working to preserve them.

In short, the best antidote to a government run amuck, frustratingly unaccountable, is to shine piercing light, educate, act as a citizenry – that is, insist on real openness, accountability, transparency, and the rock-hard truth.  We are American citizens. We have that right.

One impulse in the moment is to give up, throw in the towel.  Do not abide that impulse.  The future of our Republic depends on you and groups like AMAC, pushing real answers, holding bad leaders accountable, fixing what is patently broken – and staying engaged.  A last bit from the sage.  He said, it is “sacrilegious to stand by while morality is being denigrated … and not try to assist as long as one has breath in one’s body and a voice to protest with.”  As we do, we must.

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2 years ago

Oregon has tried 3 times to recall the governor, and 3 times failed. Then we tried to win the election with Conservatives, but, since all of the population centers, you know, the ones that make or break the elections, are all liberals, so, once again…failure. Even if at this point we could recall the governor, the secretary of state that just got sworn in (she was hand-picked by the governor) is worse than the governor now, so you’d go from the frying pan into the fire. The only thing we can do at this point in Oregon is move to a red state…and don’t think I’m not thinking about it!

Mary Odom
2 years ago

Honestly, I am with the rest of the people who posted here… we have actually done ALL of the things listed in this article and we were ridiculed, called violent haters, ignored and dismissed and they still stole elections in plain sight. Moving forward, what can American citizens do personally and as a cohesive body? With the blatant stealing of the elections (plural) in 2020 and the people (notice I didn’t say party) in control who have been engineering this for decades and the people who could stand up to the criminals in congress were and are too cowardly and the people in congress who do stand up are called Natzi and marginalized and dismissed. The solution in part still rests with our vote (in my opinion). In my opinion.. if we continue to let the parties control who we vote for by voting for only one of the two candidates they put forward that would be the ultimate in voter fraud as we are willing participants. I will not give up my vote… I plan on writing in candidates who I think will be honest and courageous and constitutionalist (I will be using the list of people who stood up against the fraud in congress on Jan 6, 2020). I am trying to come up with a community/state/national cohesive plan for this… if we all wrote down the same names this would make an impact. I don’t think we would necessarily win but at least we will have honorably exercised our right to vote, a right so many have sacrificed mightily for. If anyone has ideas to move forward with a plan such as this please reply

H L Howell
2 years ago

third world countries have people who vote to put their finger on an ink pad to show they voted.maybe they are 1st world countries and we are the backward country.race has nothing to do with it.

2 years ago

I think that things will continue to get worse and worse until this country ceases to be a nation. A complete separation between the Godless heathen Communists and the Bible believing Christians will occur.

John A. Fallon
2 years ago

I am amazed! Capitol polce are out in force against a PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION FOR TRUMP, using Tear gas, why did they NOT come out in force for the socialist riots? Yet another demonstration of seperate rules for SOCIALIST

John A. Fallon
2 years ago

State officials ILLEGALLY changed voting rules, milloins of illegal ballots cast, videos of illegal votes being cast, mcconnell just spoke to the senate and said we should stop trying to overthrow the election fraud because it will hurt the country,
Just the states that illegally changed the voting laws will DESTROY our voting process, millions of illegal votes will destroy
Our freedoms, if this voter fraud is allowed to stand “WE THE PEOPLE” will never have a choice in who runs our country,
Our elected CIVIL SERVANTS are elected to SERVE US! mcconnell is reelected, thats ALL he cares about, this will be his last term, so he plans to just ride the gravy train all the way to “HELL” because that is where he belongs, everything that has happened has violated the constitution, by not defending the constitution and disallowing this illegal election everyone in congress is supporting the OVERTHROW OF NATION, if they do not stand up for AMERICA our only option is civil war!
Is this what is best for AMERICA? I HOPE NOT!!!!!

Victoria Johnson
2 years ago
Reply to  John A. Fallon

We are NOT “trying to overthrow an election”. We are trying to eliminate the illegal, fraudulant votes that were counted to ‘overthrow’ the will of legitimate, American citizens’ votes.

2 years ago

With results of the Georgia run off. I’m afraid the the only thing that can save the USA is a civil war.

Kim Ferrell
2 years ago

I am fast losing hope and sinking into a dark dark place. Short of a civil war.. I don’t see anything changing without violence. The left is cheating and winning, its terribly depressing. I pray something will happen to change the course of this country. Our President Trump did wonderful things and I was so looking forward to 4 more years of prosperity and hope in this country but if Biden becomes our President we are doomed.

Victoria Johnson
2 years ago
Reply to  Kim Ferrell

As Biden has promised under his administration; “Our darkest days are ahead of us”. The Communists have been plotting and planning this takeover for over 60 years and they’re NOT going to let this opportunity slip through their grasp. The Weather Underground Manifesto, written in the ’60s or ’70s, documents all their intentions. Bill Ayres told an FBI agent who had infitrated the organization that they expected up to 20 MILLION Americans would have to die to complete their mission. Just as has occurred in EVERY other Communist Revolution in the entire world throughout history. (Russia, Cuba, China, Venezuela,….

David P Nelson
2 years ago

I’m afraid it’s not lookin’ good for the Home Team. I’m quite disappointed in the conservative Americans for not being able to squelch the Liberal-Left.
Where do we go from here? ☹

John Karkalis
2 years ago

Take your “stimulus ” check, make a generous contribution to a local food bank and to a veterans organization.
Actions are more important than jeremiads and hand wringing.
We, each of us, are a single thread in a large garment called the USA. It is a very resilient garment as our history has shown.
We will will get through these times, with God’s help.
Meanwhile stay engaged, informed, hopeful.

Dan Strouth
2 years ago

We are severely in trouble and our freedoms are being challenged by evil!! How can we fight Socialism and Communism with Democratic criminals and thieves stealing and creating criminal acts in a rampant and non-challenged rate???

Sandra James
2 years ago

This is the first article I have agreed with in months. It actually sounded like someone has come up with sentiments and actions I could agree with (depending on the way they are presented).

I personally feel that we are all American first of all.

God bless America and the Constitution!

Nel Johnson
2 years ago

Always enjoy articles, informative and inspiring.

2 years ago

This has happened not overnight, but overtime, filling the swamp deeper and deeper with our politicians wallowing in a swamp of money provided by those who would take our country, morals, and freedoms away. Overtime and with limited action from the republicans to stop this change we have the democrats and republican greed to continue to elect these do-nothings. I am fed up with career politicians who have no backbone or principals. Term limits, and a requirement to not be involved with any lobbyists ever except for the voters. To hell with politicians bring us our leaders. The people that know who they owe allegiance to.

Joanne Donnelly
2 years ago

Amac I have been a member a long time and enjoy your magazine and newsletters but as a 71 year old woman, I am frustrated, scared, angry and despondent over what is happening to our nation. Everyday is another lonely, sad and worrisome day because I try to stay informed and it’s a grim outlook. Your article was nice and somewhat uplifting but I’m afraid I agree with a lot of the other readers who think we are preparing for another Civil War. We did the only thing we thought we had to do to vote our President Trump back in office. We sent money, wrote letters, wrote our legislators, etc. but the Left Mob had it already well planned out. Starting with Covid-19, they schemed a way to keep us and our children locked up and when we do go out we are like communist soldiers wearing masks, walking with our heads down. When was the last time someone in the supermarket, or other store, actually spoke to you? We are being lead into the fire like the zombies in the Holocaust. Our only hope was President Trump and it’s looking grim that he will be inaugurated. They badgered our president daily and brought charges against him that were untrue and then their plan to steal the election was the last straw. Why anyone would want communism is unknown to me from all we learned. The elite legislatures will have their mansions and wealth and we will be the servants. I have never been politically involved in my young life and it’s only been the last 10 years I even started paying attention but I am willing to do something but just don’t know what.

Victoria Johnson
2 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly with EVERY word you wrote.

Louie Pastor
2 years ago

We need to fight back by using the system. More of us need to become candidates and/or support candidates who will return to traditional American values. AMAC needs get its members involved in groups who will support the aforementioned values and be a thorn in the side of the so called “progressives”. I am in. I hope others are too. AMAC you have my membership number. Contact me and let’s go. Charge!!!!

Danny Estridge
2 years ago

#1 is no violence, if you do violence, you defeat the effort. Let the Dems do all the violence, they’re very good at it. Only issue is, if I’m threatened I’m really too old to fight, which means, maybe lethal force. I was a doc for 20 years so I know how to play with brains, but if your old to hurt me, well I’m old enough to get killed by one hit. I have to protect myself. But the Dems will say it’s not self defence, it’s using a handgun. Sad, but true.
#2 is I kinda need to absentee vote, I was forced to retire due to injuries. I don’t like people seeing me the way I am now, however, if I have to vote in person, I’m the guy laying o the ground because the pain is so great. And I will vote one way or the other. And I think I’ll end this now. Be Strong, If somebody wants you to sign a petition, read it first (I kinda remember days when you didn’t have to). AND VOTE. Just sayin’.

Victoria Johnson
2 years ago
Reply to  Danny Estridge

I know just how you feel both emotionally and physically. I,too, am old and injured and would fall with even a mild push. It will be up to the young and/or able to defeat these enemies of our Constitution. I’m afraid so few of them know the truth or care about saving our Nation, that any resistance will be quickly eliminated by those who will now be in control of our military and law enforcement agencies.

2 years ago

What is a “RECALL” and how would it pause the leaders foolish executive calls?
Can it be used in the house of representatives as well? ie: Democratic House Speaker Pelosi’s latest proposed legislation of the gender pronouns exchange? What would the benefit be?

Doug C
2 years ago

This is NOT the ‘beginning’, as presented in this piece. THIS IS WAR!!!

Ruth Pierce
2 years ago

Good article, AMAC.

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