illegal immigrants crossing the border of mexico
3 hours ago

Biden Has ‘Completely Abandoned’ Border Patrol, Texas Lawmaker Says After Crossings Reach Record High

Customs and Border Protection encountered more illegal aliens on America’s borders and at U.S. ports of entry in August than any...

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
4 hours ago

AMAC Members Sound Off on New Senate Dress Code

AMAC members are familiar with the weekly poll on our website where we ask their take on an issue or...

Donald Trump waving while walking away
5 hours ago

New Poll Shocks Democrats: Americans Turning to Trump

The talk of the town this weekend was something that actually woke the Democrats up out of their coma of...

barbie logo on box for a doll
6 hours ago

Barbie Returns: Is Math Class Too Tough? Or Are Schools Failing at Their Task?

AMAC Exclusive – By David Lewis Schaefer The summer blockbuster Barbie, which has now grossed more than $1.4 billion worldwide...

Trump sitting and smiling, ahead of Reagan library republican debate
7 hours ago

Reagan Library Declares War on Trump, GOP Base on Eve of Presidential Debate

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott On Wednesday, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will host the second Republican Presidential Primary...

Attorney General Merrick Garland speaking next to Biden.
7 hours ago

Impeach Merrick Garland?

After Attorney General Merrick Garland’s stunning testimony before the House last week, facts are clear. They argue for considering his...

Senator John Fetterman's campaign bus
1 day ago

Senate Dress Code – Extreme Mediocrity

The Senate is debasing itself. Standards still matter, especially among those elected to serve. Senate leadership seems to have forgotten...

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris react while high school senior and youth leader DuWayne Portis Jr. delivers remarks at a Black History Month reception
1 day ago

Blundering Biden Now More of a Dem Liability than Cringy Kamala

AMAC Exclusive – By Aaron Flanigan Throughout Joe Biden’s presidency, his greatest insurance policy has been his choice of Kamala...

Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures
1 day ago

Is Biden Bringing the U.S. A Nightmare Winter?

AMAC Exclusive – By Ben Solis With winter fast approaching, the United States may be headed toward a nightmare scenario...

American flag with we the people writing layered over it, represent war on america
2 days ago

Keep Up the War Effort—We’re Winning Battles

AMAC Exclusive – By David P. Deavel It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the bad news around. The snowballing border...

radical definition surrounded by shadow
3 days ago

Is the Tide Turning?

AMAC Exclusive – By Herald Boas Waves of political correctness, pseudo-socialism, and wokeism have washed the U.S. political shores in...

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