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Pledging to Break Leftists’ Grip on Schools, Republican Candidates for Virginia Governor Enter Home Stretch on Offense in Culture War

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VirginiaJust days before Virginia Republicans will choose their nominee for governor on May 8, every major candidate in the race has signed onto a pledge in which they commit to “save our schools” from anti-American indoctrination–foreshadowing how the battle against “woke” education could play a major and perhaps decisive role in the fall campaign.

The pledge, organized by a new group dedicated to fighting against left-wing radicalism in schools, 1776 Action, asks candidates to promise to restore “patriotic education” and to prevent schools from teaching concepts that divide students by race and gender, such as “Critical Race Theory.”

Not just in Virginia but in the culture war currently raging throughout the nation, K-12 classrooms have become a central battleground. As AMAC Newsline has reported, the Biden Department of Education recently released a rule that would direct federal taxpayer dollars to support teaching a radical version of American history and to promote the idea that America is a fundamentally racist country.

Shortly after taking office, President Biden rescinded President Trump’s Executive Order establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission. Created in response to attacks on American history by efforts such as the New York Times’ 1619 Project, the 1776 Commission sought to “better enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding.”

Inspired by this effort, 1776 Action and others are picking up where the Trump Administration left off. They aim to push back on left-wing indoctrination at the state and local level–seeking to hold school board members, state legislators, and gubernatorial candidates accountable for brainwashing America’s youth.

1776 Action’s “Save Our Schools,” Pledge asks candidates to take “concrete steps” to “[promote] a curriculum that teaches that all children are created equal, have equal moral value under God, our Constitution and the law, and are members of a national community united by our founding principles.”

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, a rising star within the Republican Party, became the first candidate to sign the Pledge earlier this week. Along with Dr. Ben Carson, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban, she penned a joint op-ed citing concerns that “there are far too many classrooms where our children and grandchildren are not learning about the positive revolution in human affairs set in motion by our Founders.”

While Governor Noem is not up for reelection until 2022, Virginia is one of three states with Governors races this year (including the California recall). It could prove to be a testing ground for how candidates talk and organize around the issue of patriotic education.

The major candidates for the Virginia Republican nomination who signed the Pledge this week include businessmen Glenn Youngkin and Pete Snyder, former Trump administration official Sergio de la Pena, former Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates Kirk Cox, and state Senator Amanda Chase.

As 1776 Action President Adam Waldeck said in a statement, “It’s wonderful to know that at least one of the major parties will have a nominee on the ballot who is committed to proudly defending the legacy of great Virginians such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.”

At a campaign event earlier this year, Snyder derided “this nutty critical race theory stuff that they’re trying to get in our schools” and suggested “a 1776 Project” as an alternative to the 1619 Project. At an event last week, Youngkin similarly said that “critical race theory in our schools is actually a political agenda.” He also promised that a potential Youngkin administration would use “1776” as a model for teaching history, along with committing to installing a conservative state superintendent of schools and replacing the “entire school board of education.”

In a statement after signing the Pledge, Kirk Cox said, “our children should be taught to take pride in our nation and know that American Exceptionalism lives on despite the left’s best efforts to poison it. As Governor, I will end the use of Critical Race Theory in our schools and curriculum. We will teach the full Virginia story and the full American story, and we’ll do it in a way that brings people together, not divides us.”

As the Republican Party gears up for a must-win midterm cycle to halt the advance of Biden’s radical agenda, it seems all but certain that the issue of patriotic education will be front and center–and all eyes will be on Virginia to see what happens.

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Earl P Chantrill
1 year ago

The creation of the Department of Education as a cabinet position and the subsequent federalization of education has led to the near monopoly of the teachers’ unions over curriculum in our schools in every state. And the requirement that colleges of education be accredited by organizations that lean left in their sympathies has led to traditional history being devalued. I say this as a long-time teacher and speech pathologist.

1 year ago

The answer to many problems is to make teachers unions illegal. For that matter all public service unions, who ate technically organized against “The People”, should be brought into question.

Brigitte Youngblood
1 year ago

Silly to think that teachers willing to teach such drivel are redeemable. We are seeing both moral and intellectual in these teachers and it is not going to change just because you change the published book/curriculum. The problem can only be solved by privatizing the school system with vouchers.

Mitzi Golden
1 year ago

You guys are doing great job reporting what really going on accurately. Great job !

1 year ago

A Voucher system will solve all the problems. Give parents the money via a Voucher so they can send their kids to any school they want. The teachers unions will wither and die if they don’t change.

David P Nelson
1 year ago

I would like to know why the Left, continually, is hell-bent on destroying our GREAT Country. What do ‘they’ have to gain?

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  David P Nelson

Power. Their goal for over one hundred years has been to destroy rhe Republic as currently constituted and ‘re-make’ it into a socialist (totalitarian) “utopia” (hellhole) with them at the helm. They don’t want to just ‘tweak’ the rough edges. In Barack Obama’s own words, they want a “fundamental transformation”. Fundamental means the entire foundation on which it is built.

1 year ago
Reply to  David P Nelson

The LEFT is striving to destroy our values and teachings A huge power struggle is in effect AMERICANS NEED TO WAKE UP AND STOP THIS TRAVESTY????

1 year ago

I’m a retired teacher and coach with 37 years of service. I wouldn’t even think about this profession this day and time. Many youngsters are not getting educated. They are getting indoctrinated. Administrators are turning into politicians. They are overpaid and doing a lot of sitting on their duff {a common trait of a politician}. A good cure for the “sickness” in education is for the U S government to mind its own business. DEFEND OUR COUNTRY!! PROTECT OUR CITIZENS!!! The most dangerous words in America = “WE ARE HERE FROM THE GOVERMENT. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU OUT

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago

Any VA Democrat who is a true American MUST vote against the “punk” McAuliffe and all who support him. They are all haters–of the US and GOD!

Ed J
1 year ago

The issue is really very simple. Our schools should be teaching “facts” and not “fiction” regarding our Founding Fathers, our Republic, and why and what makes America the greatest nation in all history.
Has there been racism in our nation in the past? Well, yes, of course. Nobody denies that we had slavery. Nobody denies that there was segregation after slavery was abolished. Nobody denies that blacks (and other minorities) faced discrimination of various kinds down through the years.
But to ascribe that America is fundamentally a racist society is ludicrous and absurd in this day and age, and flies in the face of reality today. Regardless of race, everyone has the opportunity to better himself or herself in our society. By working hard, the American Dream is very much attainable to a significant extent by the majority of Americans.
Will some people fail to reach their desired goals? Of course! There is NO guarantee that everyone will be equal at the FINIASH LINE. What is guaranteed is that everyone is more or less equal at the STARTING LINE! What happens between the starting line and the finish line is pretty much up to the individual and what they do and accomplish to move ahead in life.
Those who play the “race card” are either slime-ball politicians who seek some political advantage or power to which they are not entitled, or their minions among the electorate who view themselves as “victims.”   And this self-anointment as a victim serves to elevate that person to becoming a “professional victim” with a distorted view of entitlements to everything that they failed to earn for themselves! All this leads to divisiveness in our society and a false narrative in the mindset of those who are disaffected by their current circumstances. Victimhood is a life choice, not something imposed on any individual!
I am all for giving everyone a hand up, but NOT a hand out!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ed J

Very well said and all completely accurate.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ed J

Ed J,
I agree 1000%.
We are no longer teaching responsibility, honestly and self reliance and the proof is far too many entitled, rude and distespectful young people with no pride or gratitude for America.
A large part of the missing education is from parents.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ed J

The problem with all this race stuff is that no one is pointing out, wich can easily be done by bringing out some of the many documented hard facts in history, as to who the real racists are in this country. It is not the nation as a whole that has been racist, it has been one particular political group. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND ITS LEADERS. All of the anti slavery amendments as well as all laws passed to end slavery, advace and uplift the black race as well as any other minority group have been accomplished by the REPUBLICAN PARTY, the democrats allways pushed against any of that. Even though Lyndon Johnson was the one who signed into law the 1964 and 1965 civil rights and voting rights, it was actualy the REPUBLICANS that made it possible to put that legislation on his desk. Most democrats voted against it.
Look up the congressional records and other historical records to see who voted for what.
The Democrats want to erace history and rewrite it because the all too well know what is writen in history shines a brite lite on WHO THE REAL racists have been in this country and they want to point that light at every one else and try to make themselves look like they are the little angels and saviors.
We the people of America as a whole are tired of getting blamed for what a small group is responsible for and is trying to hide the facts and put the blame on everyone else.

Ron Howard
1 year ago
Reply to  J.R.

Right, J. R. And not enough has been said about the fact that the Democrat Party is historically racist, anti black, including the Democrat group Ku Klux Klan, and supporters of slavery in America. Every time there is a rally or speech by the Democrats about slavery or racism it should be interrupted, or followed with facts about who the KU KLUX Klan was, how the Democrats consistently voted against blacks, while now lying and claiming the Democrat Party is the friend and protector of the blacks.

Sharon Harrigan
1 year ago

Psalm 119:126 “It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have mmade void thy law.”

1 year ago

We need far more than simply a pledge. We need the following, if you actually want to change the direction of public education in this country:

1) Decertification of all the teachers’ unions in this country. This can only be done at the federal level, as the unions cross multiple state lines. Virtually all these teachers’ unions are now nothing but political advocacy organizations holding the nation’s children and their parents hostage to the will of the left. They are deciding when and how schools are allowed to open and what is allowed to be taught in the classrooms. The local school boards have been reduced to essentially useless rubber stamps of what comes down from Washington and the teachers’ unions. The teachers’ unions have even bullied the CDC and to re-write their recommendations on Covid-19 to correspond to what the unions what them to be.

2) As the article correctly points out, the Biden administration is moving forward with pushing critical race theory onto the public education system of this country. Thus expanding the indoctrination process even further. Unfortunately, elections have consequences. Even those that were “modified” (happy AMAC?) to ensure Biden won. So you won’t stop this short of replacing the Democrat occupants of the WH with an administration committed to constitutional values. To date, the establishment GOP has been all over the map with respect to what they will actually commit to doing in regards to this issue. Many seem content to simply use this issue as a fund raising exercise for 2022 and beyond. The GOP needs to actually take a much harder stand on this issue and many others.

So while a pledge may sound good, what is needed is concrete actions to stop the growing trend towards the public education system being nothing more than political indoctrination system funded by the American taxpayer.

Last edited 1 year ago by PaulE
Old Silk
1 year ago

So sad that children are not getting proper education with a curriculum that is fraught with divisiveness. We learned all about our good history as well as the bad in our history that we learned from. We learned and had homework to take home. Everything was open for our parents and not hidden so that they did not know what we were being taught.

Nicki K
1 year ago

The Teachers Unions need to be abolished! They are running the country under cover of darkness by influencing and strong-arming congressional representatives. They are writing the law with regard to the future of Education in this country and that has to stop!! The thought of my grand daughter being forced to sit and listen to a political agenda makes me cringe. These people are evil. But this is what happens when you take God out of any equation.

James Kelly
1 year ago

Everyone is pledging is there anyone doing?

1 year ago
Reply to  James Kelly

Excellent question

edgar fletcher
1 year ago

There is an excellent article in this issue of Imprimis vie Hillsdale College. It spells out exactly what the Marxist Critical Race Theory is and how we can stop it. Thanks for this article, AMAC.

1 year ago
Reply to  edgar fletcher

Yes, the Imprimis articles are usually extremely well written and grounded in sound logic and Constitutional law. An excellent source of information for everyone.

Ron Howard
1 year ago
Reply to  edgar fletcher

Thank God for Hillsdale College. They are on school of higher learning that does not accept funding from the Federal Government to stay independent, they teach the Constitution, and have online courses you can take to learn more about the Constitution (some free). They depend on donations. Check them out, take the courses to become more Constitution knowledgeable, and DONATE! America needs Professor Arn and Hillsdale College.

1 year ago

Critical race theory indoctrination in our schools must be stopped. I have heard horror stories and fear for our youth. Hold your school boards and elected officials responsible.

1 year ago

and in my Texas town, all the conservative candidates were defeated. Leftists are clogging the town with apartments, inviting all the leftists from other states to come change theb state blue. and rino house members, that won the majority & control the house, senate, & governorship, put DEMOCRATS IN CHARGE OF IMPORTANT HOUSE COMMITTEES! We didn’t vote for democrats, but thanks to rinos in the house leadership, the democrats are in charge of the house!

Ron Howard
1 year ago
Reply to  Momcat

As a Conservative and Texan myself, I put the blame on the lazy and naïve Conservative voters and non voters, who were too busy to be aware of what is happening in government to do something about it.

1 year ago

Now that the schools will have easier access to marijuana, maybe the kids will be too stoned to learn this garbage. I’m outraged! So much so that I’m out of here just as soon as I can pack up and find greener pastures. Hell, I’m 60! I’m old enough to move to Florida! Virginia is a lost cause.

1 year ago
Reply to  Allen

Virginia will be lost cause if freedom loving patriots give up and leave without a fight. Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison wouldn’t have given up. They were Virginians. Virginia has a proud legacy in this nation’s founding.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Chuck

They can get out while they still can or go down with the ship. I hope Virginia isn’t past the point of no return but …. My son lives there but I’m afraid he’s part of the problem and will reap what he sows with his vote. He doesn’t have children and won’t care what happens in the schools even though it will affect him by the rising crime and quality of life.
I left California, my lifelong home, in 1991 because I saw the writing on the wall to its ultimate direction. I wasn’t wrong. You can see the fruits of their endeavors today with the hundreds of thousands of homeless lining the streets throughout the state. A few uber rich at the top and millions of peasants to serve them at the bottom. The old feudal system is on full display in the cities of California.
I fled to Nevada and had a few years of respite until, unfortunately, the others who also subsequently escaped to Nevada brought their destructive politics with them and Californiated Nevada to blue.
I wish they understood the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.”

The Rebel
1 year ago

America took a real nosedive when the undocumented racist muslim was placed in the WH in ’09!
He currently is serving his third term using the DUMMY as his mouthpiece————————–

Geraldine McGann
1 year ago

Yes, the 1619, CRT is very regressive. Teaching American History can acknowledge deficiencies of the past while espousing that the country, like an individual, is a work in progress; striving to work toward the ideals of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Amendments.

edgar fletcher
1 year ago

It’s more than regressive, it is Marxist indoctrination.

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