Planned Parenthood Just Defunded Itself – A Victory for the Unborn

planned parenthood donations lavishAs of Monday, Planned Parenthood is falsely claiming that it was “forced out” of the federal Title X family planning program. This program offers birth control and other various health services to low-income women.

Planned Parenthood has announced the decision of rejecting federal funds for family planning for low-income women. This comes on the bases of the Trump administration’s rule that does not allow for referrals on abortion.

By doing this, Planned Parenthood is rejecting an estimated $60 million in annual federal funds that go towards reproductive-health care, which prioritizes low-income individuals.

This is a substantial double victory for pro-lifers. Not only are federal funds being stripped away from abortion services, but it is also shining a light on the fact that Planned Parenthood is more interested in providing abortion rather than helping women with other health care needs.

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson stated, “They don’t really care if they don’t receive Title 10 money because their primary focus is not women’s healthcare. Their primary focus is abortion.”

Instead of changing its system, Planned Parenthood choosing to take an enormous financial hit and take a stand against the president and his administrative rule. The bottom line is that the administration did not force this “health service” organization to withdraw. Planned Parenthood has to simply comply with not having taxpayer dollars funding abortions, but it adamantly refused.

But if you make billions of dollars dismembering unborn babies in the womb, it makes sense that keeping that service would be a top priority.

Technically, the federal government is not legally allowed to pay for abortions. Since 1970, Congress prohibited federal funds from going towards abortion in terms of promoting or performing such an act. However, millions still went to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood in the name of reproductive-health services.

In an effort to limit taxpayers’ money going towards abortions, the Trump administration has cracked down on the decades-old Title X program. The Trump rule wants to keep the option of birth control, breast exams, cancer screening, and other services available to low-income women. Under the new law, those who utilize Title X are not to be referred to doctors who provide abortions.

Planned Parenthood is now claiming it will use “emergency funds” to cover abortion services that used to be covered under Title X. Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood applied for grants knowing that the new Trump administration rule was imminent since it was announced as a possibility in February. This, in turn, means that they will keep funding abortions through the use of its self-claimed emergency fund.

This organization is also significantly pushing fundraising. Campaigns and fundraising opportunities are being driven heavily by the media since the announcement of Title X.

The acting president and CEO, Alexis McGill Johnson has called this act a “gag rule” and says it is “unnecessary and dangerous.” The gag rule label is entirely inaccurate since health care providers can still discuss abortions. They are not allowed to refer people for abortion services directly.

Planned Parenthood’s decision to reject this act so strongly shows the American people where its priorities lie. Pro-life Americans are delighted that President Trump and his administration are demanding that Planned Parenthood finally abides by federal law after disregarding the rules for so long.

Last year alone, taxpayers were forced to give half a billion dollars to abortion service providers. As the country’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood was responsible for taking $543 million of American taxpayer dollars. That is about $1.5 million in tax dollars every day.

This organization’s founding is just as dark as its modern-day practices. It was founded by Margaret Sanger, who was a racial eugenicist and utilized abortions to reduce black population births. A vast majority of Planned Parenthood organizations reside in minority neighborhoods.

After working for Planned Parenthood for 17 years, Mayra Rodriguez sued the organization for wrongful termination and was awarded $3 million in damages this August. This was after she stated that Planned Parenthood was endangering the health and safety of patients. She also claimed that their views towards immigrants were not accurate to what they present. “Planned Parenthood publicly states they want to help and stand up for immigrants, that they care about these women, but it’s not true. They shamed me for my immigration status,” said Mayra.

It is not just ethnicity that Planned Parenthood seems to have an affinity for; gender is also a factor when it comes to some abortion pushes. Undercover videos by the pro-life Live Action organization showed a counselor urging patients to wait until the fetus was far enough along to determine the gender before deciding whether to terminate or not.

Planned Parenthood is responsible for murdering/aborting about 900 unborn lives every single day. Not only is Planned Parenthood greatly profiting monetarily from abortions, but it has also been proven that it sells baby parts illegally and continues to brag about taking taxpayer dollars. A series of undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress caught official employees admitting to harvesting unborn babies’ organs and selling them for massive amounts of money.

When Planned Parenthood isn’t trashing President Trump and his pro-life supporters, they are spending millions of dollars on promoting Democrats. Data retrieved by Open Secrets unveiled that employees and affiliates of Planned Parenthood gave $33.9 million concerning electing Democrats from 2012 to 2016. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were top recipients of this shady money contributions.

Pro-life Americans are not out to stop health care for women. Pro-life Americans just do not want millions of their tax dollars to fund infanticide. By the actions that have taken place, it is clear that Planned Parenthood cares more about money than helping women with their overall health. Its biggest moneymaker is abortion, which takes precedence over women’s’ health.

This just showed the American people that when Planned Parenthood was forced to choose between health care and abortions, it wanted abortions. It just proved the point most already knew, that Planned Parenthood’s number one priority was and will continue to be taxpayer-funded abortions.

Originally published at Patriots Of The Lord. 

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Amalia White

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Regarding abortion funding. I often wonder how “Open Border” hypocrites (primarily Democrats) constantly complain about treatment of migrant children at our southern border, but then advocate and support the abortion process to end the life of defenseless babies. The word “hypocrite” is likely too mild a description.


Great tax payers money should never be used for abortions! If a woman wants to KILL her baby she should have to pay for it out of her money NOT MINE! I am pro-life 100%. Babies are a blessing from God and should be treated as such.
I think planned parenthood should be forced to close and repay the government all of the tax payers money they have stolen from the tax payers.

Suzanne Koenig

Women can get services at the local health department. PP is in the business of abortions, not healthcare.


US tax payers shouldn’t pay anything to planned parenthood.


Finally a president that is really doing all he can to stop the murder of innocent babies !!!!


We have no need for organizations like PP in this country. Women’s reproductive health should be between herself and her healthcare provider.

Sharon Harrigan

This is a direct answer to prayer!!! James 5:16 “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” Thank God for this victory.

Glenn Lego

Could I have my money back? I never wanted my money to go to murdering children.

Diana Erbio

I keep saying President Trump should embrace that huge baby balloon his opponents like to fly. He can use it as the symbol that “Yes, I am the champion for babies. I am pro-life!”

Phil Hammersley

Murder Inc. (aka Planned Parenthood) should give up the 500 million dollars they get from taxpayers for “health services” as well. Let George Soros and the Hollywood loons pay for their butchering services.


Seems that if PP was really doing their job there wouldn’t be any NEED to abort 900 babies a day. Why aren’t they getting birth control to these women? Could it be there is just too much money in selling fetuses? There is just no excuse in this day and age to feel the need to do any abortions…birth control is so easy to come by and so universally accepted. Shame on PP. They shouldn’t be getting one dime of public money if they can’t help women any better than this. Seems as if they take Margaret Sanger’s philosophy to heart…

James LeValley

Praise the Lord! PP is finally off the gov’t dole that it never needed anyway. Now, it is clear they are not concerned for women’s health, just about killing innocent babies who cannot defend themselves from these monsters.

Stephen Russell

PP is Genocide machine to the black race since they get the most abortions.Deny them more Fed funds


I oppose any tax dollars going to support baby killing.

Oren Player

“This organization’s founding is just as dark as its modern-day practices. It was founded by Margaret Sanger, who was a racial eugenicist and utilized abortions to reduce black population births. A vast majority of Planned Parenthood organizations reside in minority neighborhoods.”
Planned Parenthood is an organization championed by the Democrats. The Democrats want to control votes from the Black population in this country. They are the party that gave you the KKK, Jim Crow laws and a plantation approach for government subsistence. And they gave you Planned Parenthood which is nothing more than population control of the Black citizens of our country. Here is a definition I think applies to this organization: “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.” The word is GENOCIDE. Think about it.


I don’t buy it. If these godless heathens aren’t getting our tax dollars for their abortions (murders) the usual way, then they’ll get it via a different means. I mean, taking away tax subsidies from leftists? Especially for abortion? or welfare for illegal aliens and sanctuary cities? Pres. Trump is the best thing to hit the White House since Reagan and I trust him on this issue, but the corrupt leftist lobbyists and their congressional lackeys will get around this somehow. Different name, differnt bill, whatever. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Phillip Pence

All PP had to do was stop killing babies and refer soon-to-be mothers to one of the many other options available. The resulting action by PP indicates their love of killing the unborn, the most innocent of all.

Joseph Kiesznopski

good by to murder incorporated, it was wrong from the start, The Father rights were denied 100 % and the murdering women got away with it.


I’m glad this has happened, I am definitely a non believer in infaticide, I don’t believe in killing babies to begin with, but killing them after a heart beat is detected and just after birth, in my opinion is murder, and should be treated as such, and the father ought to have a say in an abortion, I know the woman has to carry the baby, and because of that, she thinks that an abortion is at her soul discretion, but I as a man, am sorry for her plight, but that is Gods doing, if she doesn’t want a baby, then it is her right to say no to sex, or keep her legs closed, and if she is raped, that is a whole different story, I still don’t believe in abortion, because it is not fair to the aborted baby, but I will make an exception in this… Read more »


I think we know who will be contributing massive dollars to the program now.