Planned Parenthood: Can’t Bribe Me Love

medicaid abortion Planned ParenthoodIt’s bad enough that Planned Parenthood is in our wallets — we don’t need them in our schools! That was the message from a community of Washington State parents, who were horrified to learn that the abortion giant had pushed its way into the health classes of its kids under the guise of sex education!

More than 50 moms and dads crammed into the Grandview school district board meeting, demanding the district drop the controversial curriculum called “Get Real.” “They give students the message that abortion is okay,” said one parent. “It’s totally against my belief,” argued another. Before the dialogue even began, members of the board raced to reassure angry families that they had reconsidered the decision and were pulling the lessons from classrooms.

“Like I said,” one member interrupted, “the ‘Get Real’ curriculum is gone. We’re not going to have it in the school system.” Unfortunately, what’s not gone is Planned Parenthood’s influence. According to Granview Superintendent Henry Strom, Cecile Richards’s group was more than happy to buy its way into the district, sending a $25,000 check for the schools to “get better technology for health classes.” And while Strom rushed to reassure parents that the money wasn’t a payoff for, say, access to students, not everyone is so sure. “There is not a requirement that you utilize Planned Parenthood’s curriculum when you accept the money.”

But it’s not just anyone’s money — it’s taxpayer money. Planned Parenthood has done a pile of criminal things in the last few years, but using federal dollars as an educational bribe? That’s a new low, even for them.

Why would they bother? Well, let’s not forget: Planned Parenthood doesn’t make any money encouraging abstinence. Its strategy is to make sex appealing enough to young people so that they’ll be the next wave of contraception users. Then, when the birth control it provides fails (as the group expects it will), those same teenagers become the next generation of abortion consumers. Right now, their monopoly on liberal sex ed isn’t just profitable — it’s also a down payment on future business.

There were already plenty of reasons for Congress to stop funding the nation’s largest abortion business. Granview has another 25,000 more.

From - Family Research Council - by Tony Perkins

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