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AMAC Lobbying for You – Plan 1- Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Capitol Building ObamacareOne of AMAC’s founding principles has been to repeal every line of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.  President Trump, and nearly every Republican, ran on the platform of repealing and replacing Obamacare.  Since the inauguration, AMAC has had meetings with Vice President Pence, Speaker Ryan, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price, M.D., and Senate Leadership to coordinate a plan to repeal and replace the flawed legislation.

Realizing that Obamacare has had more than seven, long years to fundamentally change the health care system in our country, AMAC has supported the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare in multi-step process.  AMAC has been actively involved in promoting our three priorities in health care reform: 1) removing arbitrary restrictions on Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to allow more people to use them as they see fit; 2) Returning control of health care back to state and patient control; and 3) driving down the costs of health care.  As healthcare reform is now in the Senate’s hands, AMAC will continue to work with Senate Leadership and the Administration to make seniors’ voices heard and to hold Republicans accountable to deliver on their promises to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Plan One: Key Points

Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Nearly 70% of Americans use at least one prescription medication.  When it comes to people over the age of 60, that number jumps to nearly 90% of Americans using a prescription medication.  Americans need and rely on prescription medications to meet their basic health needs.  As medical costs have continued to spiral out of control, so too have prescription drug costs.

In early May, AMAC was invited to participate in a senior-focused, policy roundtable to discuss plans to lower prescription medications with Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Tom Price, M.D.  In that meeting, Dan Weber emphasized the need to lower drug prices through price transparency, reducing market exclusivity for biologic drugs, and changing current legislation to help bring the cost of prescriptions down.  As the conversation around pharmaceutical pricing leads to legislation, Dr. Price assured AMAC and the other senior groups, that he and the Administration would work to help seniors better afford their medications.

Tax Reform

As if health reform alone weren’t enough, President Trump has made it clear that tax reform needs to happen during his first term.  The current tax code is cumbersome, outdated, and expensive to everyday Americans.  The status quo is keeping businesses outside of the U.S. from coming home, overtaxing middle-income families, and stifling small business from realizing their full potential.  AMAC has been deeply involved in the conversations around tax reform to prioritize the needs of seniors and to focus our legislators on getting government out of the day-to-day lives of Americans.

In a recent roundtable, AMAC, and other conservative groups, presented our wish list on tax reform to the Speaker and his staff.  AMAC emphasized the need to lower individual tax rates as much as possible, lower the corporate tax rate to bring businesses back to the U.S., and to completely eliminate the Death Tax.  Speaker Ryan assured all the groups there that these provisions are the highest priority to the Republican conference, and that the House wants to pass a bill that alleviates burdens on families, individuals, and families.  AMAC supports this approach, and is eager to work with Republican leadership to give all Americans a tax break.

Promoting Faith, Family, and Freedom

AMAC has long-advocated for a return to the traditional values that make America great.  Protecting the right of religious expression, honoring the family, and fighting for liberty have been the marching orders our members have made loud and clear to us.  AMAC is working in lockstep with the Administration and members of Congress to minimize Washington’s involvement in our daily lives and ensure people have faith are treated fairly in the public sphere.  As legislation and executive orders protecting these traditional values emerge, AMAC is ready and willing to support such measures in any way we can.


Dan Weber urges you to contact your Senators and ask them to listen to AMAC’s Health Care Plan!

Contact Your Senators

AMAC’s founder, Dan Weber, will be meeting with your Senator this week in Washington. In this meeting, Dan Weber will be representing AMAC’s 1.3 million members. We need your help! Tell your Senator that AMAC will continue to work with Senate Leadership and the Administration to make seniors’ voices heard and to hold Republicans accountable to deliver on their promises to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Read about AMAC’s B.E.S.T. Plan (Bipartisan Easy Simple Timely) to replace Obamacare:

View Plan

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dave b.
5 years ago

The comments are all interesting to read and most make great points. IMO… When it comes to Free-Market health care, we must be able to buy prescriptions across any border, all medical providers must be required to Publish all prices, we must be able to buy coverage across any state line and any border, we must be able as individuals to join a group for better prices on plans, we must have the use of cannabis for any medical issue we see fit without ANY government interference whatsoever, AND we need to continue some form of Medicare for people that are unable to afford coverage.
I have not heard anything about pre-existing conditions, but we have to do something on this issue that will work. The insurance companies must have some rules to play by or they will dump on people.

5 years ago

The simple plan that will work best for all Americans is to get Government out of Health Care. The reality is that almost everything the government touches turns to crap. Let people buy free market insurance. Let Doctors and Hospitals compete for patients in a free an open market. HSA’s are fine, but get rid of all the rules and regulations. Before Obama Care I was enrolled in a community based health care plan offered by the Sisters of Mercy. It cost me $35.00 to see a doctor. Specialist treatments were capped. It was based upon my income and it worked great. No government rules or bureaucrat involvement necessary. Once Obama Care became law the only ones the program could accept were Illegal Aliens!
It is time we all stand up and say we are mad as hell and we are not going to take government interference in our daily lives anymore. Let the people who want a nanny state move to Venezuela.

J Dexter Smith
5 years ago

Re: Women’s Health Clinics…why is it that when confronted by reporters that spokespeople for these clinics constantly state that abortion is NOT their main concern; but when appealing for more money before Congressional Committees state that abortion is their mainstay and if Congress does not approve more more money OR cut funds for abortion that will close all of these Women’s Health Clinics. So, which is it, do through abortions they get most of their revenue stream by providing services for this main stay of their programs or is the main stay of their purpose or mission statement to provide mostly all other aspects of women’s health? You can’t argue both ends of the spectrum as your mission statement or purpose. As they say in the country: “That dawg don’t hunt!”

Fred Mack
5 years ago

The zAMAC BUSTED PLAN is nothing more than TrumpCare without Trumpcare meager tax credits. Pie in the sky out patient discounts. HSA deductibility is another unproven method of paying for healthcare for low income seniors

Bobby Myers
5 years ago

I have read your BEST health plan. I am very impressed. Surely if you can come up with something this good, our legislators should be able to come up with something worth having. Keep the pressure on. Maybe you can up with a good plan to pay for it. I think the answer is cutting the budget by eliminating unnecessary spending and we all know there is a lot of that|

5 years ago

Besides the mandates, the other reason premiums are going up is the young had to subsidize the aged where medical costs increase significantly. This was another key feature of Obamacare.

My self I would like the option of seeing a holistic doctor as so many aliments are poor diet or stress related. I know that many aliments can be cured through proper diet and herbology. Probiotics could very well also be a significant factor. Too many doctors got their education funded by big pharma so their remedies are key to what products big pharma comes up with.

5 years ago

Dan weber is the guy that said “most all journalist play by the rules” I cant get over that. Hes no different than the rest of the dim wit dems.

Ken Fox
5 years ago

Isn’t it time to scrap REPEAL and try REPAIR like Joe Manchion suggests?? Maybe get a few Dems on board? Maybe open the secret committee to more than old white guys. We have had 8 years to come up with a plan and nothing but crap so far. We are in trouble!!

5 years ago

To read about AMAC’s B.E.S.T. Plan (Bipartisan Easy Simple Timely) to replace Obamacare I’m told to push the button on the web page. When I do only an empty page is presented. Do I have to pass the plan in order to read the plan?

Quentin L. Ledford, ChFC, CASL
5 years ago

For the past 30 years, as a benefits analyst and a financial planner, I’ve worked through every facet of the health care financial system. If you want to know what’s been going on as they say… “Just follow the money!” and, yes, I’ve been following the money for 30 years.

Ask yourself… “Why is it that if I am scheduling surgery and I call to find out what the cost will be, I am ALWAYS told, we can’t tell you!!!”

This is totally by design. The AMA controls the ENTIRE medical system (and the finance thereof) from start to finish. Everything from reducing the number of medical schools and limiting the number of physician candidates and new physicians entering the field, to physician licensing, what constitutes medical care and the PPO arrangements.

Yes the AMA controls EVERYTHING with a goal of benefiting solely its constituents, namely Medical Schools, the Mega-Hospital Conglomerates, and the Pharmaceutical manufacturers. Everything has been designed so that these three elements can operate on as much of a monopolistic basis as is possible. Monopolies are ALWAYS bad for the public interests.

To be clear though, the AMA does NOT represent independent physicians. The AMA actually wants to put YOUR doctor, as well as ALL naturopathic practitioners OUT of BUSINESS!!! The AMA is doing a bang up job of it too. Physicians have NO say whatsoever as to how they are paid via PPO contracts as a ‘network’ provider. Only the hospitals are allowed to ‘negotiate’. PPOs are really demands to meet contracts. The hospitals DEMAND and insurers MUST meet and pass the annual increases of 30% or more demanded year after year to their insureds (as has been the case for most of the past 10 years).

The AMA has had laws passed in ALL 50 states prohibiting physicians from collective bargaining, or so much as discussing their charges with other physicians. The penalty for violating these laws is not light. It means the forfeiture of their hard earned medical license!

Unless regulations requiring the medical services sector to operate under truly free market enterprise principles, whereby ALL costs, fees and charges, are totally transparent to BOTH the public and insurers, things will continue to escalate from bad to worse with medical expenses skyrocketing and the quality of care diminishing.
That’s right, I said INSURERS. Insurance companies too, are bond by contractual ‘confidentiality’ and ‘non-disclosure’ gag orders as well. Most markets only have one insurance company dominating because the dominant insurer typically gets a 30% to 35% break on rates and fees for the hospital expenses in their market, so other insurers CANNOT compete! This way the AMA and its medical industrial complex can raise their charges with little or no impediment. After all, if there is only one insurance company in a market, the can continue to raise the costs of medical care and beguile the public into believing that its the ‘greedy insurance company’ making a killing on the ridiculous premiums being charged.

Here’s why NOTHING changes though…
– There are a total of 7,918 legislators on ALL combined levels (both Federal and State).
– The Gross Domestic Product of the U.S. is $18 Trillion per year.
– The Health Care Sector CONTROLS fully 1/6 of the GDP, or $3 Trillion each year.
NOTE: If the Health Care Sector (controlled by the AMA, an organization CONVICTED of racketeering at 3 times over the years despite the enormous resources at their disposal) paid just 3/10 of 1% of the revenue it controls to the legislators to maintain their ‘status quo’, ALL 7,918 legislators would receive nearly $1.4 million each, EVERY year (and most can be bought for a whole lot less!).

5 years ago

Well no duh, that’s what we all want, an end to obama care. Myself, I average $300,000- $400,000 a year in health care cost. No kidding. I’m a very sick guy. I’m with United Health Care, Sharp Health care in the San Diego area. Now I don’t know squat about nothing, I have medicare plan a and b (i guess) and my out of pocket will be, well not sure, figures are still comong in, but around 3-4 grand. Now only a fool would complain about that!! And the only reason its so high is because of a hospital stay. Other then that, it would only be a couple grand. So whats the big wow?? In my layman way of thinking, my cost are less than one% My God people, nothings free.

Milt Fletcher
5 years ago

I’ve sent an email to our two Senator’s from GA David Perdue & Johnny Isakson along with the download link to AMAC’s healthcare replacement plan for Obamacare and ask them to review the plan. Hopefully, they will do so as the Senate writes their version of a health care bill that will replace Obamacare in its entirety and that will benefit at least the majority of America’s young & old alike.

5 years ago

I kept clicking on the “view plan” and it wouldn’t let me. What gives? How am I supposed to know what is in the plan to contact my senator about? Or is this a “pass it so we can see what’s in it” deal?

5 years ago

: Hillary could not make it happen. Obamacare was passed like a “shotgun wedding” as the Senate was given the 3,000 page document to read and comment on only hours prior to the vote. Giving the Dem’s credit, Obama kept them at bay requiring them to vote for the bill. We knew nothing of the bill that was shoved down our throats to the tune of the Government requiring the public to subscribe or be penalized. Given the choice, I would like Government to roll health insurance to the private sector with maybe an oversight role to insure that an inflated bubble is not created at the expense of the public. Lastly, the prescription drug industry is way out of hand. Granted, it takes a lot of research and dedication to create a life saving drug – BUT – the CEO’s making billions in salary are adding to the cost of health care. So much more to say :(

Douglas Smith # 167770-1
5 years ago


Douglas Smith 16770-15
5 years ago

AMAC. Edited 3 more lines I submitted in my above reply. Is AMAC. turning into AARP ? I said get govt OUT of the medical business totally.. start a/FDA. And more. Thanks AMAC

5 years ago

I have opposed Obamacare from the beginning. I was chomping at the bit to see it repealed. I am retired and on Medicare. My wife and I live on a subsistence fixed income. We were unable to afford insurance for my wife, so we gambled that she would be fine until 2018 when she can retire with benefits. In March she was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. I was gutted by the fact we would need Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions clause. The Transplant Institute will not even consider accepting uninsured patients. Stuck between a rock and a hard place (watching my wife die) I purchased a policy through the exchange.
Suddenly I found myself praying that after the repeal the Republican version would honor her coverage. I feel like a turncoat and am embarrassed. The very worse part is that you fine folks are having to pitch in your hard won earnings to help pay.
If it is any consolation to you folks my wife is a wonderful woman and we deeply appreciate your help.

5 years ago
Reply to  Kris

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing your wife a full recovery. Sometimes we have options available to us that are not perfect, but they do the job. Please don’t be so hard on yourself, and instead concentrate your efforts on helping your wife. The US is a very charitable nation, and someday perhaps you can help someone else. My thoughts to you and your family…

5 years ago

Before obamacare , emergency rooms took care of those without insurance while the working class was able to buy their own insurance. It worked for 100 years and we need to go back to that process.
Let’s keep government completely out of it!

Bill C
5 years ago

Mr Weber,
I see nothing regarding the reports that the new proposed Healthcare Plan from the House has provisions within it that will dramatically increase premiums for Americans 60 years old and up! What did President Trump and HHS Director Price forget about making care affordable? Dump high costs on the people who got the President elected? Estimates show insurance companies will be able to charge on average $3,000+ on monthly premiums for citizens 60+ in age! Tell them to get right or we will find enough Constitutional representatives to elect in 2018 & 2020!
I hope you will send them all a strong message on this line!

Bruce L. Main
5 years ago

People need some form of health care, so consider using the VA system for all of the people who don’t want to pay for normal health ins. and let our veterans used private doctors and health care systems. I think it is simply wrong to expect Ins. companies to issue policy’s after someone becomes sick and then be able to cancel the ins after racking thousands in treatment cost. These are the same people who won’t take responsibility for following procedures that will reduce or eliminate their health issues, (diet & exercise). The cost of this one part of Obama Care is born by all of us who take responsibility for our health and is included in our premiums.

5 years ago

new topic: repeal of the Gov’t Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision. I’m with most of you re Obamacare. We also need to repeal the two above mentioned laws which penalize some of us who have earned 45 credits but do not receive full Soc. Sec. benefits due to a public pension (teachers, police officers, etc.)

Rick Cramer
5 years ago
Reply to  Ernie

Wow, how exciting to see someone else out there who has a problem with this provision. My wife has a tiny $400 pension from working at a library. If I die and she inherits my social security payment this provision will completely take away her pension in social security reductions.

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